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  1. This is just the beginning..................................lots of boating accidents going to happen real soon.
  2. This should be good news yet don't hold your breath.........there are lots more like this out there just waiting.
  3. True.........this is the opening salvo. There is no way Pizza the Hut and Swami Kwame are going to let this one lie.
  4. Is the devil you know better than the devil you don't? She was/is a waste of a powerful office.
  5. Not a big fan of McConnell but he did the country right by not allowing this hack know as Merrick Garland onto the bench in SCOTUS. This guy is really a full blown leftocrat bordering on extremist.
  6. Junk Brain and the Constitution? They don't occupy the same space. This state is more and more quickly becoming Commiefornia.............
  7. Sheriffs know the US Constitution better than the ding-a-lings who pass the laws? Hooray and kudos to these LEO's who are carrying the water for the rights of all of us.
  8. Didn't say anything about the vic being arrested for anything. Wonder who will be back on the street first?
  9. As much as things like this left to the courts can be tenuous let's get ready to rumble!
  10. Jelly Belly is a real big short piece of work. His edicts, mannerisms and attitude reek of severe Napoleonic syndrome. The cops will enforce or be fired? How can anyone respect a spoiled rotten, never been told no trust fund ding-a-ling?
  11. Going to start carrying revolvers with some speed strips.
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