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  1. I thought renew wasn't allowed till 3 months before expire. My renew button wasn't active till 3 months to the day. My fee's were charged right away with email conformation
  2. Your father can let you borrow the rifle... Check with a Florida FFL, ask if they can transfer ownership to you if you bring in the rifle. Your father can ship long gun/rifle through USPS to a Florida FFL (some FFL will not accept firearm from average citizen) In your case an FFL in Florida has to complete the transfer to be legal
  3. How about put them in jail, repeat offenders death penalty.
  4. It's about Time... FOID renewal applied 5/6/21 ( would expire 8/1/21 ) It arrived yesterday 9/9/21 ( Issue date of 8/27/21 new expire date of 8/27/31 ) When checking last week on ISP web it listed as under review. Only took 127 days...
  5. I skipped prints when getting CCL for two reasons, Cost's and IMO shouldn't have to provide for what I consider a Constitutional Right. This thread got me thinking... In reality the State already has my finger prints, 2 times, one time I was falsely arrested and charges dropped and the second time I had a background check because I was manager of high school varsity hockey team, it was requirement of the school I guess. In addition I submitted my finger prints for Utah CCL these went to Utah and department of homeland security. One would think the State would have access to my prints for future CCL or FOID Why not?
  6. What about this My renewal still waiting it's been over 100 days (430 ILCS 65/5) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-5) (b] Renewal applications shall be approved or denied within 60 business days, provided the applicant submitted his or her renewal application prior to the expiration of his or her Firearm Owner's Identification Card
  7. It's been around 100 days since applied for FOID renewal No sign of it yet still under review
  8. Buy online Bulk is the answer... Misc rifle, Shot gun or 22 might get lucky at Wally world
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