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  1. I recived a call from a walmart manager at the Champaign store last night that recieved my complaint even though i sent it to corporate( had to pick a store ) and she was very cordial.I explained my concern that they had used the official sign and that would make them a prohibited place even though that was not their intent,I had sent them the quote from the ISP website FAQ saying they shouldnt post the sign etc. After several minutes of exlpaining my position she agreed to send my complaint to legal at corporate level. It's good to know they are at least aware of it and our words aren't falling on deaf ears as is the norm with most large companies. sorry to derail the coffee thread........and now back to your regular programing...
  2. email sent to link offered earlier in thread, copied and pasted the frequently asked questions response from ISP site about the employee restriction and to not post the sign. we'll see if I recieve a response or not.......not holding my breath on this one
  3. disclaimer IANAL how about an amendment stating all fines for non compliance must be paid for from the ISP budget!!! I know I know we all wish it could be that easy lol
  4. oneshot, find the comittee that the bill is in and click on the "square" to the far right , from there click on the witness slip icon on the right of the bill number
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