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  1. I have been required to wear body armor a couple of times. It sucks! No normal person would ever wear it…
  2. If it is a collectible firearm, it's value lies in it's original and pristine condition. A Nazi made Browning High Power stripped, polished and beautifully re-blued to pre-war or post-war standards would have little historical value. Unless you are a known gunsmith improving on the original design and it's finish, adding beauty to a pistol may limit it's desirability. I have an unfired Springfield SA-35. I kinda want to have all the stupid sharp edges removed and the entire pistol polished and have it rust blued. It would be cool, but just for me. I don't think it adds any value. And unless some future owner thought it was cool, a one of a kind thing, it may lower the value. But it's just something i want to do, if possible. Likewise with a moderately beat up FEG that shows a patina of age and use it probably has not earned. I kind of want to have it case color hardened. This would certainly lower it's value while costing a fair amount. It would be a functioning pistol with a different look. Just for me and whomever gets it when I'm gone... If you are "making art" for yourself... go for it. These days, with the Internet, I do not think the Blue Book value is reliable. People are paying far too much.
  3. soundguy


    Just checked mine... Application dated and mailed 1/5 CC charged 1/13 C&R License dated 2/1 Received shortly thereafter. There was no phone call. Hope your send to receive time is equally short.
  4. As I have said here for quite some time... separating Chicagoland from the rest of Illinois would be worse than breaking up Czechoslovakia. Slovakia lost on that brilliant move.
  5. If you live in one of the five collar counties, you are probably getting the short shrift, but it isn't going to Chicago/Cook. Your state tax dollars, and some of those dollars from Chicago/Cook, are likely going downstate... If you are outside of the five collar counties, you likely benefit from state taxes paid in Cook and the five collar counties. Pantagraph article - August 21, 2021
  6. Meeting the requirements of Illinois law as written may be different than what the legislature intended? I have presumed the qualifying license must be from your home state, but I do not have to deal with it. Fees are non-refundable. It is expensive. It's a risk... let us know what happens!
  7. And yet, he did bash Republicans he was running against. The thought was nice, but he was not true to it.
  8. Not Reagan's original thought. Apparently didn't work so well for Reagan. Reagan followed this "commandment" during the first five primaries during the 1976 Republican primary against incumbent Gerald Ford, all of which he lost. He abandoned this approach in the North Carolina Primary and beat Ford 52–46, regaining momentum and winning a majority of delegates chosen after that date. Former Texas governor John Connally speculated that Reagan's attacks weakened Ford in the general election against his opponent and eventual successor, Jimmy Carter.
  9. I don't know if he's a RINO... but his tough on crime boast is opportunistic? “In my first year in office, Aurora homicides went down by 40%. While crime is exploding under anti-police politicians, I have suppressed crime in Aurora. Send me to Springfield and I’ll do the same thing across all Illinois.” If Aurora murders decreased by 40% in his first year as Mayor, they increased by 200% in his second year. With such low numbers, neither claim is valid.
  10. I don't think this is the "laser sight and "high-capacity" magazines" case we have feared would pop up one day. Perhaps I am raising the bar, or just keeping it high. A guy in line at Shake Shack notices an officer behind him and takes the satchel containing his gun back to the car. The officer notices this... is that enough justification for a search? It looked like the guy had a gun and then it looked like he hid it which seems suspicious. The suspect was profiled by his behavior and it turns out there were two loaded guns plus huge mags, laser sights, evil ammo and a fun switch. Then they give him the option to post bond and return to Wisconsin.
  11. I am fairly certain I can make a gift of a firearm to my eligible nephew, brother, etc. They could also reciprocate later by returning the gift. The gift could be an understanding that it is a gift for a certain time period. The gift of a gun to use for a month or a day is still a gift. If it was a permanent gift and my brother moves out of state the following week... at that point it was his gun, not mine. I sometimes imagine gifting my guns before my death, as my Uncle Don did for me. He had planned to give them to me months before my last visit. He did check my FOID. I would do the same... you don't want someone getting into trouble. At This point... I decided to gift these guns to a nephew several years ago when it is time. I think that satisfies any waiting period if there is one for gifts to family members. I don't think it matters that he will know nothing of this gift before it is in his hands. *It's gonna be a long time before this happens... I will choose someone else when I outlive the kid. Use your own judgement after reading the statute. I am not qualified to give such advice. (430 ILCS 65/3) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-3) (Text of Section from P.A. 102-237) Sec. 3. (a) Except as provided in Section 3a, no person may knowingly transfer, or cause to be transferred, any firearm, firearm ammunition... [more] The text below is also part of Sec. 3 (a) above: (a-15) The provisions of subsection (a-10) of this Section do not apply to: (2) transfers as a bona fide gift to the transferor's husband, wife, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, brother, sister, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, or daughter-in-law;
  12. Local sources... CWB published 16 hours before Daily Mail. Daily Mail is a news aggregator. They picked this story up from CWB Chicago... it is noted in the Daily News article. CWB Chicago
  13. Years before we had concealed carry in Illinois, I took the NRA Instructor Course after I took whatever prerequisites there were at the time (Basic Pistol, perhaps). It was a three day course, mostly classroom. Had a blast. When CC passed here, I purchased the ISP approved CLIC curriculum here at IC and have kept my NRA credentials up to date. It's all pretty easy after you are certified as an instructor by a recognized entity. The USCCA Instructor course reelpro is doing sounds a bit shorter than the NRA course I took... but I got to spend two nights away from home!
  14. That's exactly what a whole bunch of folks were saying about Illinois Concealed Carry right up to the moment we got Concealed Carry. I'm guessing some of them are still here! I think it's all about the work you want to do. Complaining about the state of our State using cute derogatory names accomplishes absolutely nothing.
  15. If it was a Glock... There's a cure for that. *System Modifies Disassembly for Cleaning no longer requiring trigger to be pulled
  16. I have never broken a slide stop, but have had a few old ones that were worn out on my High Powers. I have three CZs, but I don't shoot them a lot, preferring the High Powers. Are you using really hot ammo? What sort of breakage is it? Pictures, please!
  17. I don’t think anyone thinks Biden is the most popular President of all time. He did get more votes than Trump in more states Trump previously carried… that’s kind of all that matters. And, to more than half of the country, Biden is a needed breath of cool fresh air. Attendance at rallies and viewership numbers, etc, are not a good measure of a capable leader. Many of “us” tuned into Trump events just to see what he was gonna say next.
  18. I'm thinking it's more likely Gaetz loses his seat for sex trafficking and Trump is indicted on one or more legitimate charges... DeSantis is a possibility if Republicans really wanna stay on the Trump Train. More and more I don't see that happening.
  19. In consolation... it won't matter when all of the other states go Constitutional Carry.
  20. I plan my gas purchases based on travel... I get to know where the lower prices are and rarely buy gas near home. Watching TV right now, it looks possible prices will come down shortly and last well thru the summer.
  21. I saved half a dollar a gallon ( $7.50) filling up at $3.89 in downtown St Louis rather than in Illinois. I saw a $3.65 at a Mobile on Kings Hwy traveling from St Charles to The Hill, my tank was already full. On the ride home last night it looks like Illinois prices were lower than on Tuesday... more so up north. Got to visit Salt + Smoke, Grandma's Cookies and Charlie Gitto's. Ate great BBQ for lunch, brought home a bunch of very tasty cookies and Charlie Gitto made some Original Toasted Ravioli for us. I've always wondered how hand made ravioli was made. It will be on Good Morning America tomorrow, April 1, along with some other favorite Missouri spots.
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