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  1. Was it legal in New Mexico to carry in parks and playgrounds before the new order form the governor?
  2. ISRA just sent out an email calling for witness slips in opposition to HB 1404 dealing with amendments to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 regarding the surrender of firearms under the act. Is this one that we are watching?
  3. There are only two reasons the Dems want to register firearms, to tax or to take.
  4. Here's something something that I haven't seen mentioned yet. How many more FFLs will go out of business if this law is upheld? This state caused over half of the FFLs in the state to shut down with the passing of the Gun Dealer Licensing law. Can we afford to lose half of the remaining ones?
  5. Scotty425

    Ear protection

    I like the Walker's Razor slim electronic ear muffs, usually run around $60 give or take. I find that I have to double up my ear protection at an indoor range, plugs and muffs.
  6. I'm sure we'll get an update about what the ISRA is doing in tomorrow's newsletter. <purple on>
  7. And where I hunt, my model 94 .30-30 would be perfect.
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