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  1. My FOID and CCL were renewed before the pandemic hit so I didn't get caught up in all the delays renewing or new app processing. I read additional time was granted for renewals, keeping expired permits valid during the process. Looking at the ISP portal I see my expiration dates show "COVID19". Once all the dust settles on the pandemic will I benefit from these pandemic grace periods / extensions by extending my expiration dates? Maybe the pandemic extensions will have no effect on anyone's expiration dates ... just curious ...
  2. I carry both. Use the FOID for purchases, as some retailers are not savvy enough to know to take the CCL. And nobody needs to know I have a CCL anyway ...
  3. My FOID renewal timeline: Renewed: 8/2/19 QC_Verfified: 10/2/19 Approved: 10/7/19 Card Received: 10/12/19
  4. I am in the midst of a FOID renewal as well. On 10/2, 60 days in, status changed to QC_Verified.
  5. Did you get a letter from the ISP to renew your FOID? Or did you check on the website? Mine is coming up fro renewal soon. My FOID came do a month ago. No letter. I have my FOID and CCL renewal on my calendar. Oh yeah, no renewal letter for my CCL either.
  6. Although your FOID is valid during the renewal process, the clerk at your ammo store will object when the card shows past its expiration date.
  7. My FOID expires 11/1/19. No renew button yet. I am anticipating the 90 days before expiration .... which would be 8/1.
  8. My real point is, without a valid FOID (renewal applied but expired), never-mind having or not having a CCL, you no longer can possess firearms. I think you're a criminal at that point. That's a problem. I see the new law for this year giving the ISP 60 days to process a renewal. Have any gone longer than 60 days for a FOID renewal?
  9. Your CCL remains valid after the printed expiration date if you applied for renewal before that date. I think he was talking about your FOID. If your FOID expires while you are waiting for the FOID to be renewed. Would your CCL be pulled for not having an active FOID. My first thought would be yes they would pull your CCL since you have no active FOID. As I understand, if your FOID expired, your CCL is now invalid, and you are now a criminal if you possess firearms. So my questions is, does your FOID remain valid past the expiration date if you've renewed and are eligible? I'll have to do some looking....
  10. Your CCL remains valid after the printed expiration date if you applied for renewal before that date.
  11. My CCL and FOID numbers are as Blackcat writes. This post made me curious, so I logged into the new ISP site and both my FOID and CCL (with the different numbers) show active.
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