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  1. +1 These kinds of press releases and articles never phase me. Their goal is abolition. As soon as they get semi-autos, the assault pump shotgun will be next. And the same people talking about how they are okay with shotguns will be demonstrating how much more deadly 00 buck is compared to a bullet from an AR15.
  2. If that article is accurate it means they do not currently have the votes. They are fearing a red wave becoming worse and possibly losing a chunk of state senate seats. They think Jabba will win (Chiraq vote), but they are unsure about the local races.
  3. The PDF states that reports must be filed within 72 hours of an incident. I'm willing to bet these aren't old reports that ISP has been sitting on.
  4. Is the personal information in witness slips public? anti-gun zealots could be using those to identify gun owners and fill out fraudulent clear and present danger reports. Do reporting officials have to provide their information/credentials, and does the state check those credentials and verify the person who submitted the report actually did so? Or do they just assume every report they get is authentic and take action? Leaving it up to the FOID holder to prove a negative with little or no provided information. I can think of a dozen ways this could be abused.
  5. If you prosecute criminals who are willing to commit gun crimes then gun crime will go down. That means the gun control advocates will have less political capital to pass gun control laws. If you practice anarcho-politics for violent crime (zero cash bail, no threat = no prison) then gun crime goes up. That means more cause to pass gun control. It is why Obama approved operation fast and furious in which the ATF flooded Mexico with assault weapons from the US which caused a spike in gun violence among the cartels. Obama then used that spike in crime violence in Mexico to call for a ban on weapons in the US.
  6. According to their Facebook page, Second Amendment Sports in McHenry accepts them. They have to be generated that day, on the day of pickup, and upon request.
  7. During that whole defund the police business, one of the cities (I think Minneapolis?) was going to replace officers with social workers. Violence interrupters = social workers
  8. Same sophomoric arguments they always make. We'll always have criminals and there is nothing we can do about that. The problem is the criminals have guns so lets just get rid of guns.
  9. Have to use cash and not enter any additional info (phone #, rewards #, email). Otherwise any store that uses digital inventory will have a record.
  10. Judge Benitez won't rule exactly the same way. The judge will likely issue a stronger opinion and cite many parts of the Bruen decision.
  11. I'm told by constituents of both GOP reps that they are not surprised, and expected it. Is it weird I kind of want this to pass because I think it would be a slam dunk slapdown? They got democrats on congressional record saying they want to ban common use and that common use is the problem. That violates Heller and Bruen. That certainly leads to lawmaker intent to violate those decisions.
  12. Sounds to me like this Obama appointed judge looked for ways to keep the ban, but because Bruen was such a solid well-written decision, the judge had no choice. IMO, the Bruen decision is going to be the most influential decision by the SCOTUS in the last 50 years or so. And I have a strange feeling that at least a couple of states are going to just declare they no longer recognize the US Supreme Court after their AWBs are declared null and void.
  13. If that is the case then OP should try the following: https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/nics/national-instant-criminal-background-check-system-nics-appeals-vaf
  14. The resident/homeowner did way to much talking. There is a fed there, you can't even make an honest misstatement to a fed without it being considered a lie. They are on a fishing expedition and hoping you say something that will allow them to come back with a warrant or charge you. I set up an intercom so I don't even have to crack my door open. Your best bet in that situation is to stay in your house and only tell them you are exercising your 4th and 5th amendment rights. If you are outside your house, you tell them you are exercising your 4th and 5th amendment rights and then go inside your house, and lock the door.
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