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  1. Well it is the SCOTUS, they can do whatever they want. The question is, is the Caulkins case enough of an FU to the high court for them to take it up? I don't think so. The federal cases are the bigger FU to the high court precedents. Is it enough to grant an injunction? I'm still leaning no, but.... combined with the Caulkins case it could be.
  2. Back in Feb I said Illinois would do the same thing. Illinois is essentially thumbing its nose at the TROs by saying banned guns purchased during those windows will be illegal on Jan 1st. The next step will be IL openly saying F THE COURT. A dem senator said something to the effect that there would be states that refuse to obey the court orders.
  3. I posted about this like a month ago when I was at the Gurnee store. They had a guy standing in the blocked off ammo aisle who would hand you want you wanted. It made it a pain to browse and compare prices. Seemed like the guy at the gun counter was doing a lot of mouse clicking just to verify my FOID. I haven't purchased from there since.
  4. Okay, I do not own any DPPs, but I've shot guns with 2 different DPPs in the past and that is not what you are supposed to get. There should just be a dot, no box outline to your dot. A quick google search shows that other people have had your issue when I looked at related searches, but I didn't see any Leupold solutions to it. Looking around more I found someone who had your issue with a box surrounding the dot: The person above used a qtip to clean the emitter window. Apparently DPPs have a secondary lens to protect the emitter and for that person it was dirty. Of course if the dirt is on the inside then cleaning it won't work and you'd have to send it back. I would try carefully cleaning it myself. If you don't want to do that, contact Leupold and send them that picture. They'd probably tell you to clean the emitter window and if it doesn't clear up to send it back.
  5. You know, I hadn't thought of that. I can just see it on the nightly news... A man with a lightsaber was swinging it around wildly and making the whooom whooom sounds. That's when the officers ended the threat.
  6. Register it like it is a real lightsaber. Manufacturer: Blastech Model: OH-BE-1 When the ISP comes and does a knock n talk and starts asking questions about it, insist that it is a real operational lightsaber. Then pull the lightsaber out, hit the button, and swing it around while making the whoooom whooooom noises. Make sure to record the interaction.
  7. That isn't right. It should look like Dave's crisp dot. Massive reflection. Aim at a wall and take another photo. No camera flash with moderate room lighting. Don't give a closeup either. I want to be able to see around the optic like I was looking through it.
  8. I have to repeat it again. The vagueness is by design. It is one of the ways that tyrannical regimes use to go after people that they don't like. There is no play nice nice political debate anymore. This law was designed by people with very sinister intentions.
  9. If SCOTUS takes the case, they can do whatever they want. The most desirable outcome would be a complete smack down of the law on 2a and equal protection. I'm still leaning that they won't grant cert, but if they do, I have a feeling we'll get a much more favorable outcome rather than less.
  10. A few years ago I was talking to someone who moved to florida. They wrote the IL election office telling them to remove them from the IL voter registration and that they were now registered to vote in Florida. IL started sending them absentee ballots to their new florida address.
  11. Now that FFL's are required to do checks on ammo and handle private transfers, why even have the FOID? They made it redundant and now it is just another 90 day legal hurdle and fee to jump through to exercise a constitutional right.
  12. Yeah, I'm not buying that their attempt is to introduce a time stamp to our rights just to go after semi-autos because PICA bans way more than just modern semi-auto rifles. I think it is evident that the new military test will be used to go after all guns. Democrats have been saying that the 2nd only covers muskets, yet here comes Easterbrook.. he introduced a test that will ban them all.
  13. The new military test that Easterbrook and the 3 judge panel is trying to introduce would allow all guns to be banned. Just about every type of mechanical action has been used by the .mil at one point or another.
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