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  1. Same. Nothing from the ISRA about the special session and to be ready. Just sign up... give us money.
  2. This should be an interesting few days. The commies never stop.
  3. I was using 33db passive peltors back in the 90s. When suddenly in a crowded indoor range the plastic connectors that connect the headstrap to the cup broke on my right ear and my earpro came off. I was not doubling up. In the middle of the night all I hear is EeeeeEeeeeeoooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeee The Walkers Razors will work okay and I've used those, but if you have a bigger budget go with the Axil TRACKR electronic.
  4. I guess the voters want rampant crime, stagflation, 5 dollar gas, high taxes, and supply shortages.
  5. One of the things dems want to do is to tax retirement income and there is talk of applying an exit tax on public sector pensions. People who leave IL will have their state pensions reduced.
  6. I'm looking at South Carolina. Greenville/Spartanburg area. I'll get a weekend job at PSA for the employee discount.
  7. Oh and one more thing. Election Day is now election season. The GOP has to peak in late September and hold that until election day. Waiting until the final two weeks before spending a bunch of money is a mistake because so many people have already voted by that time. The debates need to happen sooner rather than after the early vote has begun. Right now the dem strategy is to go into hiding in October so they don't tick off a squishy moderate and then flood the zone with a harvested mountain of early votes that the GOP candidate has to overcome.
  8. Last night didn't go as expected. I have a few reasons why. The biggest is mail-in ballot harvesting. The GOP had 2 years to tighten things up like DeSantis did in Florida. Instead they did little to nothing and the democrats expanded their ballot harvesting operations into key congressional races. Before ballot harvesting had been centered around the state wide races - now the dems are bringing it to a local district near you. Second largest reason is that since Newt Gingrich the GOP has made every mid-term election a national referendum on the opposition president - a strategy that even Nancy Pelosi has adopted. The GOP didn't do that this time and so they failed to tie local democrats to failed national policies of Biden in ads, interviews, and debates. McCarthy thought he knew better, and kept things local. This allowed the democrats to grab momentum on Roe v Wade. Most of the pundits and operatives I've spoken with last night have told me that McCarthy and McConnell's prevent defense let the dems go on the attack and change the national focus. Bad prioritization of funds. McCarthy and McConnell clearly wanted Trump candidates to lose and pulled out of races they should have stayed in. Finally, there are some candidates that values voters in the south simply will not touch. Kemp and Walker's vote totals should be similar, but people didn't vote Walker because of his baby daddy past. Trump candidates tend to suffer from poor value voter support.
  9. We have a chance at some big upsets. Dem turnout is down all over the country.
  10. Gravitational lensing effect. The light coming from behind him is warping around his mass, so he looks squished.
  11. The attorney you know is an idiot. Democrats claim that the second amendment only applies to weapons that were available at the time the Constitution was ratified. That is the technology argument. The Bruen decision isn't worded that way. The Bruen decision doesn't cover types of guns. The Bruen decision asks whether or not a law that applies to the 2nd amendment was in place at the time the Constitution became law - not whether a type of technology was around at the signing of the Constitution. BTW, The RPG is a type of weapon that fires an explosive warhead that results in shrapnel. Grenades were around at the time. They were used in mortars.
  12. It was essentially mass non-compliance events that broke the democrat backs and ended segregation. If the dems go full George Wallace it will have to be mass non-compliance protests. Like a mass open carry protest in Times Square. That probably shouldn't happen until there is a new presidential administration willing to enforce pro-gun court decisions on resisting states.
  13. Not just SW, but Bud's Gun Shop that sold the gun, and Red Dot Arms - the IL FFL that did the transfer.
  14. Red Dot Arms on RT83 between Lake Villa and Antioch is the FFL that is getting sued. I'm going to have to stop in there and buy some of their overpriced ammo to show support.
  15. Disable any browser extensions when you are trying to use any of the state's websites.
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