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  1. He’ll be back on the streets in a couple weeks
  2. How is the cop anti-gun. sounds to me like she made a deal with him. “ Bring me an illegal firearm and I’ll let you walk”. Pretty stupid on her part but I don’t see the anti gun angle. “The city’s Police Board finds Officer Rebecca Thuestad lied about detaining a man and then releasing him in exchange for a gun”.
  3. Don’t blame ALL the cops. Blame the inept LEADERSHIP. 😀
  4. Yep, but this time the usual price gougers can’t say it’s because the foreign mine workers that get paid 2$ a week can’t work to extract raw materials because of Covid.
  5. “Why did we ever get rid of asylums? Who's idea was it tolet the mentally Ill, homeless, and people too dangerous to hold a spoon to just be out and about only to ever to be delt with by overworked cops and emts?” Probably the same whack jobs that think we don’t need cops anymore
  6. Never gonna happen in Killinois. I’m 47 and if I make it to old age it still will not of happened. Then when I’m dead and gone Hellinois will still be the same cess pool, corrupt, tyrannical, polished turd like state that it is now and always has been, and without constitutional carry. Sad but true.
  7. I’m all for no knocks when they’re looking for a murderer like his cousin.
  8. What was the warrant for, was the cousin he lived with a “law abiding citizen” like him.
  9. I’d be willing to bet cash money that the dude that got ventilated isn’t the good little boy that the media has instantly portrayed him as.
  10. Through and through yes, but flesh and muscle don’t absorb the bullets kinetic energy very well so through and through can be pretty gnarly, especially at 3000 fps
  11. I voluntarily went to rehab over 2 years ago but Hellinois likes to punish law abiding citizens that do things to better themselves. I’m waiting until my 5 year sentence is up to apply. I don’t wanna lie on the app or give this state any more money than I have to only to be denied.
  12. YES. And I’m tired of several other buzz words as well, like disproportionate, transparency, the list goes on and on and on. I wanna here more words like Whack Jobs , Whack-a-Doodle Doo, Scum Bags, Rubber Heads, Dumb @@@es, etc…………Sorry I’m getting off topic.
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