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  1. I'm sure we'll get an update about what the ISRA is doing in tomorrow's newsletter. <purple on>
  2. I just don't understand what their lawyers are thinking. I'll tell you exactly what they're thinking and what they are hoping happens, two untimely vacancies before the next session that Biden can fill.
  3. Wait until California's Handgun Roster gets challenged and struck down under this ruling and the guidelines set forth.That will be a monumental meltdown!
  4. My prediction is that NYSRPA v Bruen and Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization will be the last two decisions announced, with Dobbs being the last. These two decisions have the potential to have the greatest impact of all the decisions and create the most controversy.
  5. So just where are these serial numbers coming from, how are they generated? Is the number that is on an AR lower going to be inscribed on the upper?
  6. And where I hunt, my model 94 .30-30 would be perfect.
  7. Salem Wal-Mart was posted as of today, will check Centralia tomorrow. I will be calling corporate and politely asking that they remove the signs.
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