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  1. 4 total days from click/renewal to approved? And 36 days in the mail? We need to start focusing on the USPS! How do you come up with 36 days in the mail? According to my calendar, April 30 (04/30) to May 6 (05/06) is 6 days from issue date to receipt.
  2. My FOID was set to expire 07/01 The renewal portal became available on 04/01. I applied for renewal on 04/26. New card was issued 04/30. I received it in the mail today. It's dated 04/30/2021. I thought they were dating them at the expiration of the previous cards so people didn't lose (in my case (2) months) of the time they paid for on the expiring cards. (I know, I know...I should be happy to have the new card and go buy a lottery ticket.) I am, however, at a 10+ months wait time for my CCL renewal. I renewed it on 06/27/2020. Still waiting...
  3. Sent in my renewal on 6/27/20. Still show as under review this evening. Ten months and waiting...
  4. Oh so anyone who disagrees with her. So, anyone who has an opinion that's not in lockstep with her is a right wing radical. Got it.
  5. Renewed my CCL on 6/27. Still waiting. Still show as "under review". They had no problem processing my credit card payment in a timely manner.
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