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  1. Reolink is amazing, Lorex is good too, both have 4k systems I have 2 Reolink POE systems each has 4 cameras and DVR which gives me 360 coverage of my property You can watch live video from anywhere and they record on HDD/DVR
  2. 'I'll never understand why someone would carry a weapon, CC or open carry without being loaded, One in the chamber, your not ready, you could be setting your self up for failure and could cost you your life. (same for in your console) I would never use a holster made from fabric, Only firm leather or carbon fiber some type of hard cover over the trigger. For me my other requirement is no manual safety that's another fail point...
  3. OP should get out more Commies took over long time ago...
  4. ScopeEye

    Gun prices

    The high cost of ammo is a factor I think gun sales have been tanking for a while I just bought a S&W that had a rebate, I got the rebate in 6 days.
  5. Everyone here at IL carry has a better chance of getting Aids and Struck by Lightning in the same day...
  6. Local Wally by me, only check's my birth date on my FOID They have to type it in on the register.
  7. Funny, I don't look for signs but I don't see them either... If I were to see one, no business from me
  8. I thought renew wasn't allowed till 3 months before expire. My renew button wasn't active till 3 months to the day. My fee's were charged right away with email conformation
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