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  1. My card expired 8/1/2021 and, while I got the letter ahead of that, I didn't try to renew because of the "emergency orders". Well, I just spent a fruitless 30 minutes filling out that form on their website and FINALLY got as far as "Step 3" when it told me I had to call the "call center" with 3 pieces of information. With that automated system they have (and I tried multiple menus), there seemed to be no avenue to get to a live person to give them the 3 items they wanted (Login ID, email addy, and DL#). And that wasted almost 40 minutes. I tried to login anyway and it just went back to "Step 3". 🤪
  2. Of course not ! The politicians have to keep the F.U.D. going so their allies (the gangs) can work with impunity.
  3. Unfortunately, if they are successful at that, the rest of the BoR will follow rather quickly.
  4. 😡 There is a word to describe the "speed" with which the ISP moves - GLACIAL. 😄
  5. Based on that premise, perhaps banks should not support businesses that make feminine hygiene products. Look at all the women that got sick or died from Toxic Shock Syndrome years ago. Or maybe the ovarian cancer cases "caused" by contaminated powders. Or the opioid addiction problems. Where does the blaming end?
  6. What a CROCK !! Sounds like IL-ANNOY politicians in not placing BLAME where it belongs !! 🤢
  7. It would be interesting to know the number of DGUs where the firearm was NOT fired vs. those where it WAS fired.
  8. But, but, but, that is the Lefties BASE !! They would want to hurt their "minions" !! 🤪 😵
  9. One of the St. Louis TV stations had a story about this a day or two ago. Apparently, some soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood southwest of St. Louis have been arrested as "straw purchasers" for supplying guns to "prohibited persons" in Chicago.
  10. As a youngster at my grandparent's house, my GF would always get the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Trib on Sundays. He would frequently read portions of articles to me (I was older than my brother and almost a teen) and explain what it meant and how to look for the "meat" of the article for myself. He, in essence, taught me to use "critical thinking" and how to make up my own mind.
  11. If you are using HP ammo, there is something you can do that might help IF there is exposed lead. Take a very sharp knife, put the blade's edge across the top of the cavity and gently tap with a small hammer to create between 4 and 6 notches around the rim. It is like cutting a pie into either quarters (1/4th) or sixths (1/6th). If the jacket material below the exposed lead is also grooved, line up your cuts with those grooves. You would only need to do this to maybe 3-8 bullets total. Just don't tap too hard. You don't want the bullet to be pushed deeper into the case.
  12. Kendll - instead of just trying to get your firearm back, maybe an attorney would be amenable to that combined with a suit against CPD for failure to abide by the first court order to return said gun. Claim it as "fraud" or "theft" and maybe include that judge that refused the CO as well. For the sheer aggravation factor, they may settle just to be rid of you and this situation. You might even get enough to partially or wholly pay for the lawyer. Good luck !
  13. It is actions, or rather, "inaction", by the state that means I won't renew my recently expired FOID until the ISP starts doing a better job. I am willing to bet that those of you who have been waiting for an interminable time and finally get your replacement cards are finding out that the new expiration dates are retroactive (or nearly so) to when they processed your credit cards. If this is correct, you are getting "short-changed" and cheated by the ISP. They take your money than hold on to your cards for 8-18 months and only give you 9 years or less until this new card expires.
  14. One of these emails came in at 9:02 p.m. last night and another at 4:08 p.m. this afternoon, both indicating the same city (not accurate). This is the same computer (Win. 7) I have been using for the last 12+ years. Yes, Firefox is set to delete cookies when I shut down PLUS I use AT&T DSL and the modem also gets turned off after turning the tower off. I have noticed in "My Yahoo" that it frequently lists a different town as my "current location" nearly every time. Could a change in the IP address because of turning off the modem cause these emails to be sent as well?
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