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  1. There are things I would like to say in this situation as to what is likely to happen to me and how I would react (accordingly). Unfortunately, those opinions could be considered "premeditation". 🤬
  2. As I am not into gunsmithing, would you care to put that into plain English so I can understand it?
  3. Considering that they take an oath to support and defend the Constitution, perhaps they should tried for treason and treated accordingly.
  4. Not only more "money for cronies" but higher taxation to support it.
  5. Since when have dems (in general) and AGs (in particular) upheld laws they didn't agree with or like? 🤔
  6. At least they got the "rules" posted before the 1st. NOW the question is if the website will also work. 🤔
  7. Oh, I wouldn't be surprised if "Jabba" doesn't try something like that anyway. After all, doesn't he have the state SC in his back pocket already??
  8. That doesn't sound good. A judge that is willing to independently terminate a TRO isn't likely to allow "reconsideration".
  9. Nice idea but that might give them grounds for "illegal/improper storage". They might think I'm using the BP for "weapons of mass destruction".
  10. The safe I have is not a "gun safe" but a 3,000 lb. "laminate" of steel & concrete. It's external dimensions are about 6.5' tall, 30" wide, and about 28" deep. It stands on 4" legs and was bought used from a company that refurbishes old safes. All of the sides of the safe itself are 3-4" thick but the door is ~5" thick to allow for the 1" rods that lock it. It is a "mechanical" dial, set by the refurbisher to the trio of numbers I chose. Even thought the hinges are exposed as the door opens outwards, it is unlikely that cutting them off would get you in to this safe. There are 4 "studs" on the back of the door (hinge side) that go into the door frame when closed. Then there are 2 rods that go up & down when the wheel is turned that lock into the top, bottom, & non-hinge side of the frame. All 4 edges of the door is "pinned" into the frame and, w/o the hinges, it ain't opening. Getting through a half to 3/4" of steel on the outside, then about an inch of concrete behind that just to get to the dial's mechanism might make it more troublesome than it is worth. Inside are old 1040s, old utility bills (phone, water, sewer, etc.), bank statements, auto repair records, insurance papers, etc. They are welcome to "try" (IF they have a warrant) but I've already learned to never acquiesce and "give" them permission.
  11. That just gave an incredible idea ! Remember those "giant slingshots" where 2 people hold the straps and a 3rd loads and pulls back on the elastic? hehehehehe
  12. Just so long as everybody is "prepared" because these elitist dictators won't risk their own skin. They have "useful idiots" (mercenaries) to do that for them. And it has been done before.
  13. In the town where I grew up, the city park had shell of a Korean-era vintage jet. The turbine had been removed and the jet was "gutted" so it was just the aluminum skin but we could crawl through the entire body of the jet.
  14. There was a very interesting piece on the PBS Weekend News this evening about the number of shooting clubs for teens has exploded over the last few years. Oddly enough, for PBS, it was a fairly well-balanced story where they pointed out how these clubs are helping teens to not only handle firearms safely but to concentrate and focus on a specific task. This seems to carryover into their classwork as well, enabling them to be better students.
  15. A "standard form letter", about all that can be expected in IL-ANNOY.
  16. They are only a small percentage of the antis out there. Even more are in the general population having been misled/misinformed BY the "elitists" in the government.
  17. For those of you who seem to think so much of the "Hindu Hottie", this may change your minds. In some forum, I had posted that Vivek strikes me as a "chameleon" and not to be trusted. Here's some evidence to support that opinion. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/smoke-mirrors-ve-debating-vivek-153316722.html
  18. Actually, it would probably be more accurate to call him a chameleon. See above as that is an appropriate answer for both posts.
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