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  1. The shop I work at is buying and trading for them at the same prices we were pre-idiocy. If you're LE, IDOC, out of state, or a named plaintiff on one of the TRO's, you can buy, sell, trade, whatever you decide to do for the time being.
  2. The background check can be done as soon as you fill out the 4473. Go to your FFL and fill it out. They can add the serial number to the form when the firearm comes in. In the meantime, they can call it in and get the approval. I work in a gun store...this is common.
  3. This. They resemble them, but don't have the same capability.
  4. 4 total days from click/renewal to approved? And 36 days in the mail? We need to start focusing on the USPS! How do you come up with 36 days in the mail? According to my calendar, April 30 (04/30) to May 6 (05/06) is 6 days from issue date to receipt.
  5. My FOID was set to expire 07/01 The renewal portal became available on 04/01. I applied for renewal on 04/26. New card was issued 04/30. I received it in the mail today. It's dated 04/30/2021. I thought they were dating them at the expiration of the previous cards so people didn't lose (in my case (2) months) of the time they paid for on the expiring cards. (I know, I know...I should be happy to have the new card and go buy a lottery ticket.) I am, however, at a 10+ months wait time for my CCL renewal. I renewed it on 06/27/2020. Still waiting...
  6. Sent in my renewal on 6/27/20. Still show as under review this evening. Ten months and waiting...
  7. Just sent you a PM. I went through the renewal process on the ISPFSB site a few minutes ago and was allowed to upload my training certificate. I had no issues at all. I logged in, verified my info, entered everything, uploaded my certificate and picture, paid, printed the summary page, and logged out. Business as usual Took all of 10 minutes.
  8. Nope, simple, she can pick up the firearm at her convenience. All she has to do is show a valid FOID because, you know, an Illinois citizen transporting a firearm in Illinois without a FOID is illegal. No, we cannot release the firearm to anyone else, sorry. No, she doesnât need one to possess the firearm in her house. Catch 22 but hey, thatâs another issue for another court case.... What if someone with a FOID is with her when she goes to retrieve it? The rifle would be released to her. Couldn't the FOID holder then transport her and the rifle to her residence?
  9. Here's another holster maker to check out: http://www.jrcholsters.com/index.php I ran across Jim on another forum, took a look at his web site and ended up ordering a holster. All of his holsters are horsehide. Since they're all made to order, you can discuss what you would like with him and he'll make it (within reason) the way you want it.
  10. This is on the ISRA site: ISRA Headline News Illinois State Police System Printer is Temporarily Down 1/14/2016The ISRA received word that the Illinois State Police system printer (which handles FOID and CCL cards) is down for repairs and should be back in service on Monday, January 18, 2016.
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