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  1. Did I miss the link to the no comply patches?
  2. BY the time I was able to see the email alerts, the meeting was already done. Just got to love that government transparency.
  3. I disagree, the State/government should not require any training/special requirements to exercise a RIGHT. Yes, knowledge use to be based down, but there are simply four rules that have to be followed for safe gun handling: 1) Treat all firearms as if they are loaded 2) Know you target and what is beyond your target 3) Never point a firearm at anything you don't want to destroy 4) Keep your finger off the trigger till you are ready to fire Those rules are covered in every firearm manual that comes with a firearm that I have purchased. As adults, you need to take responsibility for your level of training. If you don't have enough knowledge, then you need to get further training. It isn't up to the government to tell you what training to get to exercise your RIGHT. Realizing, that if you improperly exercise your RIGHT, you will be held accountable.
  4. Not sure what it means, but you can find it referenced here. https://isp.illinois.gov/FoidCardReviewBoard My FOID Card was revoked or my application was denied. How do I appeal this decision? To begin the process of obtaining relief from firearm prohibitions, you must first contact the Illinois State Police to determine which venue has jurisdiction over your denial or revocation. Please contact the ISP at ISP.FRCU@illinois.gov to start the process. They will review your FOID Card Account to determine who has jurisdiction to assist you. If the FOID Card Review Board has jurisdiction over your petition, a member of the Board’s staff will contact you to explain what documentation is needed.
  5. The statement made by the elderly man, which was not a direct quote in the article I read, stated that he had informed police he was in his bedroom sleeping, heard someone at the door. He retrieved his firearm and went to the door and observed an individual trying to break into the house by forcing the door open. That is different than just standing on the front porch knocking on the door waiting for the door to be open. Yet, without it being a direct quote, hard to say is it one side or the other trying to guide the discussion.
  6. Just curious if one of the incidents you are referring to is the elderly gentleman that shot the black teenager trying to enter his home? The reason I ask, there appears to be more to that story than just a black/white issue. It will be curious to see how it plays out in court.
  7. Oh okay, I thought something happened in the case, but right now it is everyone dealing with the connection issues. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Since they are making the argument that weapons of the 1700s are the only thing legal, then why did they outlaw calibers of .50 and greater?
  9. After looking at their list of exhibits, I made a new list of firearms that I want to go purchase. Thanks State of Illinois for giving me new purchase ideas once this law is struck down.
  10. It was nice to see two IL Representatives on the brief.
  11. bmyers

    Ear protection

    As others have noted, indoors I always double protect. I use ear plugs and the electronic muffs. I have Howards and Walkers, and indoors I can't tell much difference between the two.
  12. I was able to get one proponent slip to go through the system, everything else keeps timing out.
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  14. I just tried to file this morning and all my slips timed out. Switched browsers, some issue.
  15. I understand what the sheriff is saying, but just because the legislative body states it is legal, doesn't make it so. The Nuremberg trials showed that the defense of 'just following orders' was not a valid defense unless you were directly under duress of physical harm. Knowing that the law/order you are given and following is illegal, you are responsible for your choice to follow them. By no means am I saying that we have reached the level of the awful genocide that was committed during that time frame leading to the Nuremberg trial, but the principal of knowingly doing something wrong just because those in charge says it is okay, can apply here.
  16. My guess, is none of these moves take the various legal teams by surprise. Just listening to Todd in his videos and reading articles, I would say that this was not unexpected move by the State and that the pro-2nd teams are prepared for the long haul even though us commoners would like to have seen this done and over with last week.
  17. It looks to me like Rhino pistol that has had hardware added to it.
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