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  1. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/californias-san-jose-institute-first-nation-gun-ownership-requirements-rcna13579 The California city of San Jose is set to become the first in the United States to enforce an ordinance requiring most gun owners to pay a fee and carry liability insurance. Be interesting to watch the lawsuits with this one and how the courts respond. I wonder when they will be requiring the same for voting?
  2. I had to look up that word, never heard of it before. So, I learned something new today.
  3. Dad finally got through and paid his fee via phone to get his card renewed to have them send him paperwork. So, I guess we will wait now to see how long it takes to get the paperwork to complete and get it mailed back to them to get the process of approval of getting the FOID renewed.
  4. I have been using FrogLube and it has worked well. Glad to see it performed well.
  5. My guess, this is just a guess, with all the executive orders, your card was still considered valid after 4/14/19 by ISP (because no one can keep track of which order/rules we are playing by right now). So, they renewed your card based on your 2019 date.
  6. The saga continues. After dad was on hold for an hour, he finally got through. The lady took his information to get him the paperwork to have to sent to him. Yet, before they can send it, you have to pay which the lady said she would try to transfer him, but the system hasn't been working right. She also told him that they are having a bunch of issues with their online system. Sure enough he was disconnected. So now he has to callback and press option 4 to get to someone or something where he can pay to have his paper copy sent out to him so he can complete the form and sign it. What I don't understand, if the lady was there and could see all his info and verified it with him to get the paper form ready to go, why couldn't he just complete it on the phone with her? This is one of the most screwed up systems and the people operating are even saying it is broken and not working and basically good luck.
  7. Dad was finally able to get a hold of person at ISP. Unfortunately, the computer system was down so they couldn't validate his account. So, he asked them to send out a paper copy and he would just complete that. The lady said, sorry, the computer is down and we can't do that either, you will have to call back when the computers are up. This system is unbelievable.
  8. Well, dad has still been unsuccessful getting through to anyone at the ISP on the phone. So, I guess this weekend, will get a letter to the State Rep and Senator to see if they can help him.
  9. Dad is going to attempt again next week and if no luck then, this will be an option to consider. I told him to keep track of date and times he called so we can have a list of the attempts. We are also going to try the picture email that is noted in the one pop up notification. Although I'm not thrilled sending all his personal information to an unencrypted email with a picture of him holding his ID and all the information anyone would need to still his ID. I thought the whole purpose of having the secured ISP website to log into was to reduce the risk of having your ID stolen. Yet, then ISP wants you to send them all the data to an unsecured email.
  10. Considering they are so conveniently located for those in Southern Illinois. I guess the Springfield would be the closest at an hour and half drive. Just another barrier for a person attempting to exercise his 2nd amendment right.
  11. I probably should have switched computers and browser after the first error out. We did get to the end and finish the process to setup his account, but at the end it said that we had to contact ISP to validate or account and gave us a phone number or we could send in an email with all the info and a picture of my dad holding his ID to prove it was really him. So, after two hours on hold dad finally hung up because he had a funeral visitation to go to. Shame we can't send ISP a bill for all our time we waste on this unConstutional requirement.
  12. Well hour and half on hold and still not luck. Has anyone tried the picture email with you ID to ISP and did it work any better than setting on hold indefinitely?
  13. I was trying to help my dad out to get his card renewed. He is NOT skilled with computers and apparently neither am I. I don't know if it is Windows issue or an ISP issue, but the website kept erroring out on me while I was trying to setup his account. Finally got to the end and now it says he has to call them to make sure it is him. What is the purpose of entering all the data, setting up all the security passwords and then having to call them? It only took four times of trying to setup his account before we were finally able to make it to the end of the process only to get a a message to call to verify your ID. You can also email them a picture of you holding your ID and I think standing on your head wearing a pink toto and they would accept that also.
  14. IN the webinar, if I remember correctly, it didn't show an issue date or an expiration date. The examples they provided did not include an issue date.
  15. Well, you know how the crew of the S. S. Minnow only went on a three-hour tour that turned into multi-year stay on an island, plan accordingly for the wait for your FOID to be reinstated.
  16. So, I watched the video Molly posted of the webinar. Not much detail there, just the highlights and still didn't get the answer to my question. How am I supposed to know when my CCL expires? There is no issue date on the new card and no expiration date on the new card. ISP is horrible about sending out reminders and even if they send out a reminder is it going to be with enough time to allow a person to schedule and take the refresher class?
  17. So how will I know my date of my CCL expiration? I don't have an issue date nor do I have an expiration date on the new cards. Will they still send out just a CCL card? Are they doing away with the required renewal training for the CCL since I no longer have an expiration date?
  18. In my area many signs have come down and few places are posted. I can't think of the last store I went to that I actually encountered a sign. Many of the doctor/dentist/chiropractor offices in this area are not posted.
  19. My wife and daughter went to the Van Gogh Experience. Yet, they went to it in St. Louis, MO. They enjoyed the show.
  20. Congrats! It is great to see that you got your card and that Molly does another wonderful job. In addition, it is good to know that you got the help you needed at the time (2015) when you needed it. Yet, I'm sad that it took such effort for you to be able to exercise your right. I think the way the laws are written discourage people from getting the help they need because of fear of losing their rights. I'm very pleased that it all worked out for you and hopefully this will encourage others.
  21. Channel 2 News covered an article on it also State’s attorney argues required ID to own guns in Illinois is unconstitutional | FOX 2 (fox2now.com) I like our State Attorney.
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