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    Guns, fast cars & world travel. I'm a life member of the Aurora Sportsman's Club, 2AF and the NRA.

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  1. Thanks all for the info, greatly appreciate it.
  2. Sorry AFigment, don't know of any.
  3. Looking for recommendations on holster makers that do custom work. I need a Kydex holster OWB for a CZ 75 SP 01 Tactical that has a O Light Baldr Mini Tactical Light mounted on it. Tried searching on line but didn't find any, TIA
  4. Mags, clips, it bugs me too! But that was some nice shooting Cruehead!
  5. It's not an additional 1%, it's 1% instead of the current 6.25%. Ahhh, OK. thanks for clearing that up for me. I did noticed that Jeff Evilsizer marked Opponent with us on the first 3 Witness Slips but marked Opponent instead of Proponent on the last slip. please be careful when marking your slips. If anyone knows him, maybe reach out and have him amend the slip for HB316. I suppose it's a possiblity that he may not agree on HB316.
  6. Done X 2, info sent out to the rest of my family. Reference HB316 can anyone explain why we would support an additional 1% tax on gun safes?
  7. Done X 2, message out to the rest of my family.
  8. Mine went "Active" on 7/16 applied for the renewal on 4/07. Not received yet. So right at 100 days.
  9. Applied for renewal on 4-7-19 (prints on file with my original application} Expires on 7-1-19 Just checked ISP and it's still "under review" So 75 days so far!
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