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  1. Clearly a professor who was educated in what constitutes justified use of deadly force by hollywood movies. That entire article was written by someone intent on viewing everything through a leftist prism.
  2. Illinois has already stated they are going to ignore the injunction period of freedom week and pretend it didn't happen. I assume the DeVore cases will follow. One will have to file the same affidavit claiming the weapons were owned prior to the signing of PICA. A Democrat Senator already stated that SCOTUS is illegitimate and if the high court overturns the gun bans there will be a popular revolt. He didn't say that by accident.
  3. If one intends to file a complaint, don't send a bogus one. It will invalidate the rest of the claims and make the whole thing look partisan.
  4. This judge correctly applied N v B in her opinion. Completely refreshing to read.
  5. Liberal justices both fundamentally don't understand or accept the 2A being an individual right. They think guns are different than every other right. So the plaintiff attorney during his press conference ask the question what if the case was about equal protection and voting rights - they understand that. But 2A and EP aren't the same because guns are icky and bad and a separate right outside of the normal bill of rights. That is how they all think.
  6. In my not a lawyer opinion I think SCOTUS is playing Texas hold'em and waiting for the river to drop before making a move. If the SCOTUS was just going to say NO, then they would have done it today.
  7. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/05/14/gun-control-revolt-chris-murphy-00096827 So in other threads I've speculated that IL will say FU to the courts and continue to enforce PICA. IL has already declared freedom week guns to be illegal - ignoring a court order. Now a dem senatard is essentially saying the same thing.
  8. That is how they will ban all registered guns with the stroke of a governor's executive order.
  9. I predict the registration process is going to be a cluster bleep from the start. The idiots who wrote the bill and designing the system most likely have no idea the quantity some folks will need to register. They probably don't even have a clue that one AR15 lower can be paired with an infinite number of uppers making a different rifle. And if parts and components will need to be registered.. most have no serial number. I bet that hamster powered system running the FOID site will crash every time someone with a mega-collection hits the submit button.
  10. I found 5:50 to be interesting. Why make a move like this? Did IL get a tip that SCOTUS was going to rule against Easterbrook or give his one sided order a serious slap? Something tells me yes. Monday might be very good.
  11. I admire your detective work. Any other judges would have been forced to step aside.
  12. IIRC, they can sell stuff to out of state customers and MIL/LEO. BUT.. we have FFL members here who have stated they were informed they can't replenish their inventory of banned guns. They can only sell what they have in current inventory and then that is it.
  13. The north shore is where the huge campaign donor money comes from. The suburban karens got scared and threatened to stop funding campaigns. Even then.. they didn't have the votes for a period of time. Enforcement for the gang neighborhoods got removed. Carve-outs written in.
  14. I'll argue these cases were politics from the start. To many people on our side expect the game to be played fairly. The Dems have tried all kinds of lawfare tricks to turn this case sideways. They tried to judge shop twice now? 2A friendly Judge Gilbert has to recuse because he sits as a Trustee for a state university. Yet 2 state supreme court judges don't even consider it, even after blatant conflicts, and they ignore the state court rules for judges. And now the state gets to jump the line and get a stay from the circuit court and then the state draws an overtly hostile 2A judge. I look at Maag's brief as someone on our side making some noise, waving their arms around, and proclaiming HEY, we're being screwed over here!
  15. Maag knows that Easterbrook isn't going to rule in our favor. This was written for the Supreme Court Justices to take notice of. The lower courts are thumbing their noses and trying to rewrite NYSRPA v Bruen, citing bad law, and continuing to interest balance against Bruen's new test, and Maag really "points" (LOL) that out in his brief. Easterbrook doesn't want to accept his opinion is now bad law in light of Bruen. He wanted to know why his Friedman opinion isn't relevant to the case, he got his answer.
  16. "pointed" Wow is that an understatement. LOL... He starts pointing immediately. He even states that Easterbrook's Friedman opinion was thrown into the "dustbin of history" .
  17. I went through this recently when I tried to buy a Prodigy. Because I am an IL resident, The Outdoorsman in Winthrop Harbor wouldn't sell the gun because it had banned mags. They wouldn't even sell the gun without the mags. I think you should contact the seller and tell them the situation and ask them to take a return and ship it to a different FFL. Make sure that the new FFL knows the situation and will be willing to transfer the gun without the mags.
  18. I read it as each plaintiff is providing their own brief. FFL-IL looks to be focused on the court rule breaking and irreparable harms.
  19. There are 5th amendment issues. There are ex post facto issues. There is ignoring a court order. Heck, by approving the sales, and then declaring them to be illegal, the ISP lays the groundwork for entrapment. If there was ever going to be an avenue for a 1983 civil lawsuit, then this would be it.
  20. It isn't just getting rid of Gardiner. It is getting rid of all the hacks and cronies she hired. People are policy
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