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  1. Not just SW, but Bud's Gun Shop that sold the gun, and Red Dot Arms - the IL FFL that did the transfer.
  2. Red Dot Arms on RT83 between Lake Villa and Antioch is the FFL that is getting sued. I'm going to have to stop in there and buy some of their overpriced ammo to show support.
  3. Disable any browser extensions when you are trying to use any of the state's websites.
  4. YES! This is exactly what I was hoping Todd was going to do. Lay down the Bruen decision in front of them. Their strategy going forward is to pretend that it doesn't exist. The attorney who stated Bruen doesn't affect Illinois clearly didn't even know what Todd was referring to in the decision. I hope Todd continues the same strategy, attacking the current laws on the book as no longer constitutional under Bruen.
  5. The let them all out of prison act combined with the TV ad that shows some urban youths exiting a car and curb stomping a suburban woman is having some effect. That ad needs to run a lot more.
  6. I couldn't agree more. We should put forward our strongest candidates. Gun rights are a part of the culture war that so many squishy rinos want to abandon.
  7. As the ILGOP has moved farther and farther left, it has lost more and more seats.
  8. Bailey is the strongest 2nd amendment candidate we've had in a long time.
  9. Emily Miller wrote that Maxons is going to be installing an ATM. I don't see how that will work. Most ATMs only allow a few hundred max withdrawl per transaction and have a per day limit well under the price of a firearm.
  10. Trafalgar uses a different polling methodology than mainstream polls. Rasmussen uses a similar method. Both try to eliminate over sampling, but mainstream polling outfits disagree and claim oversampling of democrats is valid methodology because there are more democrats than republicans. That is accurate - there are more blue voters than red voters. The issue in the past was getting all those democrats to the polls. With mail in voting and ballot harvesting, they no longer had to bring the ghetto to the polls, they could bring the polls to the ghetto.
  11. The phone companies and google have been giving information to the DOJ for over a decade. Facebook and Twitter spent millions on the election in support of mail in voting in blue districts but not in red districts. Facebook and Twitter have been censoring at the request of the Biden admin.
  12. You have to focus on what the politicians are saying about this. Democrats don't do anything without a plan. You make a purchase, gun related or not, and then an alert is generated. They aren't telling us what threshold triggers that alert. At the least, law enforcement starts showing up at homes like they did in the first ATF porch video. They either know what you purchased or they start asking you what you purchased and if you still have it. Bought a case of 9mm and now only have half of it a few days later? The law enforcement accusation will be it was purchased for resale to prohibited persons. Don't want to answer their questions? They'll just file a C&PD report on you because you were uncooperative and *angry*. I also believe they'll tie these credit card purchase flags into the red flag laws. What are the politicians are saying: The mass shooters made these purchases on credit cards over a period of time. They they are trying to make the claim and set the stage that guns purchased on credit cards make you a possible mass shooter.
  13. Cabelas knows exactly what you purchased. A credit card company won't know exactly what was purchased, but that won't matter. They'll flag purchases over a certain dollar amount or a certain number of transactions. From that point, law enforcement can ask Cabelas to turn over your purchase information (many private companies would comply because the result in failing to comply with requests would be threats from the ATF), obtain a warrant to get that information, or just show up for a knock and talk and ask the customer what they purchased that resulted in the transaction getting flagged.
  14. They'll just report every transaction over a certain amount to law enforcement. Then law enforcement will show up at your door asking why you spent X amount of dollars on guns and ammo, and then they'll request you bring them out so they can verify you still have what you purchased.
  15. WSJ - Democrats are not up in the generic ballot +3 when +45 believe the current administration has us on the wrong track. Those are mutually exclusive results. There are a few polling outfits that poll the same block of people with the same questions throughout the election season. They have shown little to no movement. However, many of the other polling outfits have shown a huge swing. If I wanted to show a huge swing I'd poll urban zip codes and not correctly account for oversampling. Remember, according to ABC/WaPo Biden was going to win wisconsin by 17 points just days before the election and Biden won by less than 1%. Some of these polling places are run by party operatives seeking to start a narrative and demoralize the opposition.
  16. I had a local PD officer tell me one time that if I left my house - even sitting outside on the back deck, and police entered the house for some reason and my girlfriend was the only person present inside the house she could be arrested for possession of firearms without a FOID. She would be considered in possession of the firearms. If I read the order correctly, I agree with it, and it is just more proof that the FOID needs a void.
  17. You may still lose your FOID depending on what you may have told your family doctor. Being prescribed anti-depressants isn't what triggers a revocation. It takes me like a year to get over the loss of a pet cat that I knew was on the downward slide. I can't imagine how long it would take me to get over the rather sudden loss of a child, and I wouldn't expect myself to be anywhere remotely near normal after only one month's time.
  18. I was 16 in 1988. I remember watching Reagan that last year of his presidency and thinking, man, something isn't right about him. He would call on a reporter, listen to the question, and then seem to forget what the question was, lose his train of thought, and toss out a word salad. The press was more honest back then. No way they would have let Reagan have a list of reporters to call on with pre-approved scripted questions and answers written down.
  19. I fear there is abuse of the system going on, or possibly mistakes due to clerical or ID theft. I hope you folks don't have to spend a ton of cash on an attorney to clear up your issue.
  20. Watch Biden's debate against Paul Ryan. Biden was sharp. Compare that to now and there is no other explanation. You have to be a blind partisan to not see that Biden is vastly diminished, but we don't know if there are any other issues like dementia.
  21. +1 These kinds of press releases and articles never phase me. Their goal is abolition. As soon as they get semi-autos, the assault pump shotgun will be next. And the same people talking about how they are okay with shotguns will be demonstrating how much more deadly 00 buck is compared to a bullet from an AR15.
  22. If that article is accurate it means they do not currently have the votes. They are fearing a red wave becoming worse and possibly losing a chunk of state senate seats. They think Jabba will win (Chiraq vote), but they are unsure about the local races.
  23. The PDF states that reports must be filed within 72 hours of an incident. I'm willing to bet these aren't old reports that ISP has been sitting on.
  24. Is the personal information in witness slips public? anti-gun zealots could be using those to identify gun owners and fill out fraudulent clear and present danger reports. Do reporting officials have to provide their information/credentials, and does the state check those credentials and verify the person who submitted the report actually did so? Or do they just assume every report they get is authentic and take action? Leaving it up to the FOID holder to prove a negative with little or no provided information. I can think of a dozen ways this could be abused.
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