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  1. So most of the State is represented by four districts.
  2. We will give it a try tonight and see how the system is working, thanks.
  3. She tried twice last week. I told her when I get off work and she gets home we can try again tonight.
  4. My daughter is having the same issue. She is trying to renew, it is telling her she has to call in. She calls waits on hold and no one ever answers. I guess the next step it to contact our local rep and senator and see if they can accomplish anything.
  5. I have not gotten any email notifications.
  6. What will I do, I better hurry and get my forum fix this morning.
  7. My Dillion 750XL is wonderful. Easy to setup, easy to use, and cranks out the rounds. As others have pointed out, good luck on finding reloading supplies, especially primers. If you don't already have a stach of them, you will be hard press to find them and be paying top dollar.
  8. So, if I read that correctly, if the State of Illinois would follow the 2nd Amendment, the State could save a lot of money.
  9. Local Men File Suit in Second Amendment Case | RiverBender.com EDWARDSVILLE – Three men have filed suit in an effort to have their firearm identification cards restored. Plaintiffs Danny Rauschkolb, Jeffrey B. Bridges, and Timothy Hartweger have named Gregory Hacker, chief of the Illinois State Police firearms services. Also named is State’s Attorney Thomas, only in his official capacity and not accused of wrongdoing.
  10. One interesting thing about Illinois law, if a person is under 21 and their parents aren't qualified to have a gun, it disqualifies the individual. It is also interesting how the parents can be held liable for their adult child's actions for granting the ADULT (18 or older, but under 21) the right to posse a firearm. Just another reason to get rid of the FOID Act.
  11. How is it that they can hear case like this so quickly, yet others take years to be heard?
  12. The nice thing is we live in a Republic so the wishes of the majority can't trample on the rights of the minority (in theory at least). If we lived in a Democracy, then the minority would be screwed.
  13. OK, I have been slammed at work and not been able to follow. Yet reading the last post it looks like I have to go get a tattoo of 666 on my forehead for buy a gun? Does the mark replace the FOID card? Am i able to carry with mark and not have to have a CCL anymore? Just trying to figure out what passed.
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