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  1. I take this as a good sign that SCOTUS might be getting tired of all the playing games with people's rights.
  2. Whatever it takes to keep my firearms from having to be registered.
  3. I have already made arrangements to have my 'registerable' items moved across the State line and stored for me. The only thing I haven't figured out yet, is how to get my wife moved across the State line so this would become a non-issue.
  4. It is nice and they are former Illinois residents so they understand the madness over here.
  5. So reading the post, the magic item is the fingerprints. Doesn't ISP already run daily checks on FOID card holders to make sure they are still eligible? If they have a daily check ran on you and your fingerprints are on file, why is there a need to buy a firearm to have the FOID date extended? IF they aren't obtaining all the information they need with the daily check and fingerprints then why do they do them if they need the FTIP to figure out if you are eligible or not? “The automatic renewal of a FOID card will expedite the process for many card holders while still ensuring people who are prohibited under the FOID Act do not have legal access to a card,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly. “Automatic renewal will also allow staff to focus on Clear and Present Danger reports, Firearm Restraining Orders, as well as FOID correlations and enforcement.” ISP will check the fingerprints against all available State and local criminal history record information files. https://www.commercial-news.com/news/state_news/isp-to-renew-foid-cards-automatically-for-some/article_247a05e6-8880-11ed-88d7-734e81597100.html
  6. My understanding, if you purchase a firearm, your FOID is renewed/extended at no cost to the individual? My second question is how does this not qualify for unequal treatment for those that have to renew the FOID card and pay to have it renewed because they didn't purchase a firearm? No fee was added to the gun purchase, yet the individual was given a renewal at no charge. The individual that hasn't purchased a firearm is being charged a fee for the same service.
  7. Having a plan is a good thing. I know I have family and friends that are just across the State line that have volunteered space in their gun safes until this whole mess passes. Still not giving up hope that this is resolved before anything else goes into effect.
  8. You make choices every day on what is right and what is wrong and how much risk you will assume. If you study the Nuremberg trials the common defense was I was doing what I was told/ordered (became known as the Nuremberg defense/Superior Orders defense)to do. Just because you are ordered to do something, if it isn't legal, then you don't have to follow it. Does it mean that you will be free from consequences? Nope, as argued in the trial those soldiers/officers/defendants would of faced penalties by their superiors/government at the time if they hadn't followed the orders. Yet, the court still ruled the defendants were wrong for following the orders. We all make choices and each person will have to decide.
  9. Why would the key issue be waived by the plaintiff? I thought that was the whole reason this was going through court?
  10. So they didn't rule if it was a violation of the 2nd Amendment?
  11. Why the original cert? Why not just the cert showing you had taken the refresher? I don't even know where my original cert is at. Sure it is filed somewhere. Last time I renewed it was just the refresher cert.
  12. I find it interesting that Congress, one of the most unethical groups we know, likes to talk about ethics.
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