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  1. It states the serial number needs to be on a steel plaque….. how’s that going to work on the polymer 80 lowers?
  2. He looks slimey as heck, but he really does have a decent hair cut….. sure beats mine
  3. You nailed it. The way I’ve seen it, a guy who starts by building guitars as a teenager, builds hotrods as a young adult, buys a house to remodel:… builds some 1911’s for fun…. Eventually builds some 80% deals, because heck, once you’ve done all the rest, how much more work can it be to go that one step further….. not that I’ve gone down that road. But I think you nailed it, idle curiosity vs legit using to skirt laws
  4. Got my renewal Friday!!! Applied 6-14-20, received 10-22-21!!!! That has to be some kind of record for efficiency
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