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  1. You and I applied the same day, I also received mine yesterday
  2. Had just joined mewe, glad to see IC Carry on there.
  3. Received new Foid with matching numbers 3-2 . Same expiration as old card
  4. Would someone please check Bethesda Covenant Church in Rockford at 2101 East State St for posting? I'm from out of town. I have a funeral there this week and would like to know before hand. I did check the posted app. and didn't see it. Thanks Much Stu
  5. I don't think they let you drink beer there, no beer, what's the point of watching a football game?
  6. Citizens State Bank of Lena, signs on the front doors but none on the rear entrance. Have confirmed village police are handing them them out to local stores. Will be contacting the village board to see who authorized this. Found a pro-carry bank closer to home and will be moving my farm account shortly.
  7. Has anyone in Stephenson Co. been approved or recieved their license
  8. Recieved my cards, very well made and great service from cjurczak. Hopefully I won't need them in NW IL. but I'll share them with freinds and family that travel to the east. Stu
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