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  1. Through and through yes, but flesh and muscle don’t absorb the bullets kinetic energy very well so through and through can be pretty gnarly, especially at 3000 fps
  2. I voluntarily went to rehab over 2 years ago but Hellinois likes to punish law abiding citizens that do things to better themselves. I’m waiting until my 5 year sentence is up to apply. I don’t wanna lie on the app or give this state any more money than I have to only to be denied.
  3. YES. And I’m tired of several other buzz words as well, like disproportionate, transparency, the list goes on and on and on. I wanna here more words like Whack Jobs , Whack-a-Doodle Doo, Scum Bags, Rubber Heads, Dumb @@@es, etc…………Sorry I’m getting off topic.
  4. The same thing has happened to me. After about 3 weeks the guilt and shame subsided. The pain never goes away but it does get easier with time.
  5. An electrician friend of mine had to change some light bulbs at ISP headquarters because their light bulb replacement engineer called in sick. He sent me this picture that he took in the FOID room located in the basement while he was there. This is the only computer the ISP has for FOID processing. I inquired via email as to why my renewal is at 8 months now and they stated that by 2027 they should have enough money saved up for an upgrade. This is proof that there’s always hope.
  6. It’s just as stupid as me having to wait 3 more years to carry because I voluntarily got help to quit drinking.
  7. “Olson and a team of researchers found that nearly two thirds of convictions in Illinois for gun crimes are for simple possession of a firearm, not for actually shooting or wounding someone.” They forgot to add the word (yet) at the end. Oh, and the word (illegal) in front of possession.
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