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  1. How many times does it have to be said "Never give an inch"
  2. Stonebeck wants HB1091 to further take away rights and more onerous hoops.
  3. did you still have the old style and recently renewed CCL? No, all numbers, address, etc are the same. My CCL renewed in 2018. Got me as to why.
  4. I received a new FOID card with an issue date of 3/26/2021 and expiry of 9/1/2022. I didn't lose or ask for a replacement and have not moved so perplexed. Nothing changed on the card same photo, number.address, orig expiry date. Too bad it wasn't for 10 years grrr. This state is bonkers
  5. kk5

    Update on federal ammo

    It is all the corporations buying each other out why does Federal, cci, speer, and remington under 1 CEO now? Same thing has happened with medical equipment and supplies. My bath benches and stool seats are junk these days and at one point on back order for months. hello duck tape. One company owns most uro care supplies, they don't last and complaints.. kinda like start your own company. Corporations only exist for bottom dollar they don't care about people anymore. Their timeline not ours.
  6. As they say, any DA can indict a ham sandwich. It's a completely one-sided case and the DA can withhold exculpatory evidence and present "facts" completely at odds with the evidence. Looks like this is going to be the new Dem norm Indict people who attempt to protect themselves. This isn't the first case like this lately.
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