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  1. Maybe I am missing something here but why would you be uploading the old certification? You need to take a 4 hour refresher course and submit that certificate.
  2. A day I didn't think I would ever live to see. So thankful for all the hard work that got this passed.
  3. I have filed on all . It sure would be nice to see 2A supporters file on all of the bills instead od just a few.
  4. To be clear , I wasn't doubting anyone , I was just stating what was happening as I submitted my slips last night. Purple on ..... I know you would never think the opposing team would do anything to mess with our votes on the matter . ... purple off 🤣
  5. It timed out on me several times last night as I was filing . I assumed it was because of heavy traffic in filing. I just made another attempt each time and it then went through.
  6. Yep. Just parroting information someone else is feeding them. If they cared to learn they would search for the true information on this issue.
  7. Probably the wrong place to ask this however , has anyone noted anything concerning switchblade knives ? Especially OTF knives in this B. S. bill?
  8. ^^^ This is truth ! The ones who voted for this B. S. don't care about the constitution and certainly don't care about our rights . Not the 2A nor the 1A. They only care about being in power and keeping that power. As far as the gun owners with FOID cards , like has been said , many have their shotgun and maybe a .22 rifle and don't even like a semi automatic firearm. They don't care about anything else being taken away from people. I have family in that category and they think no one will be coming for their guns. The Anti gunners want them all.
  9. WSIL TV 3 has reported about the gun grab.
  10. All you have to do is wait for the state to notify you it is time to renew. 🤣 All joking aside that is how they plan to handle renewals J B .
  11. We may be spinning our wheels as you say but I for one like letting them know that I do not agree with their ideals of dictating what I can and cannot do.
  12. I just put in $25.00 . I wish I could make it more. Maybe again next month.
  13. To come in and change some info on a form is one thing . To say that an incorrect entry was made and I need to bring my firearm back for a day or two extra hold , when I have already had said firearm for a few days , isn't going to happen with me. I would go in to make a correction on the form though.
  14. Being on a fixed income , I will contribute the first of next month. It won't be a C note but I will be sending money.
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