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  1. "implies" is sucker bait. the law is as the law is written, not what some poor mook is misled to believe. structure definition would include an open framework, definitely not a dwelling. An antenna tower would qualify. a dwelling : a building or portion thereof, a tent, a vehicle, or other enclosed space which is used or intended for use as a human habitation, home or residence.
  2. as a perspective, IIAC there are a bunch of them up for reelection... about the only time they will listen TO MY CROSS WORDS. They're gonna get an earful........
  3. Maybe Proft will put some teeth into the anti-JB commercials, while Bailey can stay the nice guy that didn't go negative like all this ODIOUS OFFAL and TRIPE JB is flooding the commercials with. Youtube is getting really disgusting. I had been avoiding OTA TV for a while because of the upcoming election. Now that d..a..m..n. turd is intruding on me again.
  4. I suspect he interpreted "darren" as a 3rd party candidate instead of "Darren Bailey" the GOP candidate. That's the only way the logic works.
  5. I smell: desperation Crowd? Not when the only picture published showed a speaker and 3 ?supporters? in a very tight shot. Not a crowd to be proud of. Not when the muckety mucks appear to outnumber them.
  6. Empty headed reporter. Does the FBI data distinguish between background checks for sales, and the nightly background checks Illinois does on all FOID card holders?
  7. I'm doing my part, A BUNCH of polling organizations have been bothering me, almost 2 weeks now. I tell them all (my ONLY response ) "DO NOT CALL AGAIN". keep dem durn dems guessing.....
  8. It appears to me that the ISRA is sending the email to at least DuPage county members. I get them too, and I'm up by O'Hare airport.
  9. That is one P*** Poor reporter. It would be too far to call him a journalist.
  10. The Illinois Fuel and Retail Association is responsible for the sticker. 112 West Cook Street Springfield, IL 62704. Telephone: (217) 544-4609. Fax: (217) 789-0222 They have it at a dropbox download of a PDF file. The sign can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/.../IPI_2022_08_gas%20tax%20sign... They have a facebook page. I've done a download, gonna print a few on half page Avery adhesive labels, cover them with plastic. I strongly suspect they're encouraging DIY with that image.
  11. It would be even more scary if this swiss cheese for brains old fart didn't HAVE a "puppetmaster" but rather the whole administration being a bunch of "weekend at Bernie's " types propping him up with no one in overall control.
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