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  1. Of course he is. That sounds like a "scoff"??? He may not be employed by them, but then he sure is their "useful idiot". Which is worse? Does it matter?
  2. Ever fire a gun in a small closed space ? huh??? I SAID DID YOU EVER FIRE A GUN IN A SMALL CLOSED SPACE????? enhhh???? Never mind, you did.......
  3. there's the reason.... fyi, soros funded others in different areas as well, all of whom are execrable too
  4. Mark Jones is given mention in that report. ANOTHER trouble indicator. (his only buddy?) There is an devastating, anonymous submission by a BATFE employee who has known Chipman25 years, that with Chipman's "wokeness" monomania, irreparable harm would be done to the agency. Chipman had earned a placement into a dead end career track in the agency, such that he saw the writing on the wall and left in 2012. WHAT the heck did he do that so alarmed the agency that while they couldn't get rid of him, they put him where he could do the least amount of harm. Nobody outside knows, he's suppressing his employee records.
  5. Instead, he will be ignored. If only he was black, committing a felony, on a fatal dose of narcotics and resisting arrest. His family would be set for life. Nope, I doubt Floyd's kin have the financial discipline. Couple of years, back to zip...
  6. I expect to see shenanigans with the hb562 reconsideration.
  7. I've got this cold feeling in my gut, and I hate having it. from 60 to 71, will it fly?
  8. Same old BS. bovineexcrement-meter-0_zps862445b8.gif Well, politicians have their consciences removed upon entering office, so maybe we try to see if the writers of stories in newspapers have any pride left after their professions leap from nonpartisan to rabidly partisan. Not "slanted".but outright glaring propagandizing.
  9. a REAL reporter would have said that the Democrats, in the tradition of grabbing a mile when given an inch, kept on loading in poison pills into the proposed legislation, making it easy to vote against and handicapping their ability to get even 50 yes votes, and now, should the legislation be brought up for vote again, it will require 60 yes votes to pass. WHO is the impediment here, the steadfast gun rights crowd or the over reaching gun "safety" legislators? Remember, this is essentially (in large) the same crowd of legislators that closed about half of the gun dealers in the state, and are now proposing the requirement that every gun transfer go through this reduced population, at a ruinous mandated cost and responsibility. Talk about UNFUNDED MANDATES !!!!.
  10. I learned as a kid how sausage was made. As a butcher's kid I learned a LOT. And I made a lot of sausage. Ate it too. As an adult I started getting an education on how laws are made - at least in Illinois....
  11. Politics are based on long term relationships, and these define the parameters of what is possible. Pearson MIGHT have been confronted with a (MANUFACTURED??) situation where it was akin to "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". It sure sounds like one of those "damned if you do, damned if you don't " traps, and since our enemies are now systematically attacking organized gunowners in toto through our organizations and their leaders, I find it plausable. Especially when they are targeting the effective ones. I'd say that Pearson is #2 to Todd's #1 as far as hated gun people go in Illinois. Look at the results - Pearson is either cut off from someone in the ISP, or some of the members of the ISRA take offense. Some grabber is probably hugging themselves in glee right now, giggling hysterically reading this thread. edit 6-15-2021: This was based on the benefit of the doubt. That doubt is rapidly evaporating. the silence is deafening. Plus a LOT of ISRA members are taking offense. If those two abominations called law pass and shackle us, Pearson or the ISRA or both are toast. Where the h E double pitchforks were the other lobbyists? We're gonna have to tie those bills / laws up in lawsuits pronto.
  12. I'd love to be a fly up on that wall. Wonder what he's "holding them up" for? hope it gets him in hot water, hot enough for new senate leadership.
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