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Dogs shot, SWAT search, school lockdown, no charges


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CWBChicago said:

No charges are expected to be filed against a man who shot two dogs in Lakeview, prompting a large Chicago police response on Tuesday afternoon. In a statement issued tonight, CPD said the 53-year-old man shot the dogs after they "continued to advance toward him in an aggressive manner" while off their leashes.


Police said a 45-year-old woman was walking the dogs in the 1000 block of West Oakdale around 1:45 p.m. when they rushed toward the man as he entered the alley from a nearby residence. He stepped back, but they continued to advance, prompting the man to shoot them "in fear for his safety."


Officers locked down the neighborhood after witnesses reported that a man shot two dogs and ran into a nearby apartment building.


A SWAT team searched the building, and officers contacted the man around 6 p.m. They determined that he was properly licensed to own and carry concealed firearms, the source said.


Harriet Tubman Elementary School, 2851 North Seminary, went on a soft lockdown as the incident began, but students were released after class.

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A SWAT response? Seriously? Reminds me of the time where SWAT responded to reports of gunshots on the CTA, which turned out to be a door loudly slamming.

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On 2/9/2023 at 8:56 AM, Bitter Clinger said:

Pitbulls that are raised right seem to be OK.


I have a family member who had three pitbulls.  One they raised as a puppy and he was as sweet as could be.

The other two were rescues and were vicious.  One of them attacked a jogger in front of their house, the other one killed both their cats.



Goes to show that there is a variety of temperament in all breeds. 

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Many pits are "raised right", loved by their owners and treated as members of the family.

They are great dogs...

until they are not.


I remember this case since it was on the local news.



Not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer.

However, most people with lung cancer were smokers.

Obviously not every pitbull attacks but most people who get killed by dogs get killed by pits.


Pits kill more people in the US every year than all other breeds of dogs combined.

Here is the breakdown for 2019.



Pits came in at number 1 with 33 kills.

Number 2 is mixed breeds with 6 kills. (Keep in mind this include pit mixes.)

Rottweilers came in 3rd with 4 kills.



I am glad the man in lakeview was able to defend himself and wont face charges.

It is a shame the dog owner wont be charged and will be allowed to buy another pit or 2.


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Pits are super high energy dogs and if they don’t get it out the right way they’ll find ways to get their pent up energy out and it’s usually bad. I’m on my third pitbull and have never had aggression problems.  (Yet). The male I have now (his name is Tater) goes to doggie daycare twice a week to socialize and blow off steam, I take him to Farm-and-Fleet every weekend and took him through 20 obedience sessions.  The problem is, there are too many pitbulls and backyard breeders, too much inbreeding, and way too many stupid humans on the planet. 

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