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  1. The judges are equally to blame. They are supposed to be well versed in law last time I checked. They should be able to read a case prior to trial and see the forest for the trees.
  2. Pigs will fly before we find an actual conservative to lead the republican party of Illinois. After the last election was handed to the party of killing babies and lethal/legal drug dealers my faith continues to dwindle. Illinois is being written off like liberals to Florida. Woke goes to die in FL but spawns in Illinois.
  3. Hoping for 2008, I dont see happening in my lifetime.
  4. Who besides the court is going to stop them? They'll push for it all and take whatever they get then sell it as a win for their side.
  5. No experience with Wyoming other than a buddy who recently left Hawaii due to the liberal policies on the island. He was there for nearly 20 years and couldn't take it any longer. All my in laws are NH. Tough to find conservatives there in most area's. No shortage of Fudd's however.
  6. Watch our population continue to decline after this. Florida is just too fricken hot for my interest but looking better and better every day over high tax, high crime, high people. I don't want to be the one responsible for turning the lights off any longer.
  7. a lot of good that did... It definitely wasn't the red wave across the country like most of us hoped. At least we are chipping away some of the power from dems. Let's hope the last few races in the senate work to our favor.
  8. Sadly it would take a real conservative capable of communicating that to the other half the state. No such person exists that is willing to take the top seat away from the Illinoisian Big Guy. In the meantime, dems will continue to lie and tell us what ever they want. I actually heard them saying that abortion is on the line for the state. They will say and do anything to maintain their power. Adolf would approve.
  9. Dem's will maintain control of the city so don't expect those numbers to go away any time soon.
  10. Agreed however, one move will end much better than the other.
  11. They should just change the definitions around like they did with wu-flu then they can make up any fantasy law they could muster to paper.
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