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  1. Someone should ask the authors what group of people the target for this proposal is geared towards.
  2. "Free" Who's paying for all this? Too little, too late..
  3. Normally I would agree but HIPAA is something that no longer seems like law.
  4. Normally an administration would be pretty vocal about something like this. They are awfully quiet, go figure.
  5. So I'll have to chose who the lucky 4 out of 6 of us get to be swabbed. Fortunately for the 6 of us, we'll be happy to pass them along to someone who wants/needs them more. Just like the shot.
  6. No one in their right mind thought this program would actually function. Just look at the last rollout Brandon was a part of. Obummer care is still a bummer.
  7. And to think a single city inside it could also have the most homicides against black people by over double to any other city/state combined in the entire country. The plan must be working because nobody is talking about making changes.
  8. A great friend of mine who had been living the last 15 years in Hawaii recently picked up and moved to Idaho. His wife and 2 young kids seem to really love it there. Their sole reasoning for leaving the tropical island was the politics.
  9. A good friend recently moved to Somerville, SC. Spelling might be off FYI. He was an Illinois lifer and recently told me its the best thing he ever did.
  10. You better have a good question related to something utopian demorat dreams are made of if you think you'll get through the hotline. Unless you're as cool as that guy who got Brandon to say he agree's Lets' go Brandon..
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