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  1. The obese governor of ours would have national guard blocking every highway before dinner was ready. But I do like your fantasy!
  2. They were in the side room that some of those places have. It was separated from the main part of the store by a wall and double doors. Regardless it was all part of Panera and where I chose to sit and drink my sweet tea. They knew I wasn't part of THEIR group but were generous enough to allow me to stay.
  3. Nope. Moms. I got to play 21 questions from them as to my reasonings for being there.
  4. They claim to be open and warm to everyone. I won't forget the treatment I was handed when I went to their meeting years ago. Panera is open to the public until asked to leave FYI, Moms.
  5. in my best darth vader voice... ISP, I am your father! Join the dark side. I only assume we are the dark side in their eyes.
  6. Great work ISP. Are they avoiding Chicago though? Last I checked they still have a gang problem.
  7. Isn't an out of state resident allowed to purchase ammo while in our state? If yes, a non resident is given more rights than those of us who pay the taxes here.
  8. clear as mud, just like they want it. Now the hearings are done, what other options do we have to get further clarifications? Will ISP have a call in number we can use? I'm sure it would always have an attendant...
  9. I do. He might need it unless all his lawyers are paying off their debt.
  10. I wouldn't put it past some scum bag like Mike Madigan to start a company that would offer a small fee to do all the registrations for a customer.
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