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  1. This program will work just as well as the others in the past...
  2. Looks like the show starts at 1900. Link to the agenda. Note the last pieces of business: https://naperville.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=978298&GUID=8B77F80B-BB06-4C05-A7F4-BFBAE9A4D0AB&Options=info|&Search=
  3. I'll be there. Would be helpful if possible at all to get an email out to anyone we'd want to know about it? ISRA perhaps? Even a "sticky" thread at the top of the list for all to see. Start time?
  4. Not sure who I recently heard say it but, you will find some Republicans that are actually demorats but you won't find demorats that are actually Republicans.
  5. Hilarious. I put videos like this on par with the old episodes of cops' K9 editions.
  6. That's where my head was going. The Bruen case needs to be held high to all these municipalities attempting to unconstitutionally revoke our rights. They need to get nervous over the idea they could be sued later.
  7. How can we hold them accountable and get the case in front of a court willing to answer?
  8. I don't know a soul that is going to go back to what we were last year. Every business owner that actually survived should be giving that fat idiot the finger. Everything the government did and has done over the last 2 1/2 years was total BS and did little to stop a virus from circulating.
  9. The hetero in me says an island with those fun bags could be a good time although I easily get where Desantis is coming from. He needs to run in '24 if DJT doesn't
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