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  1. Yes but why can’t they step up and finish this once and for all. They have that power. Drop the hammer on the 2A issues all at once, no more piece meal drip drip drip! What constitutional for one is constitutional for all. Period. Done.
  2. The firearm manufacturers need to take a stand WITH the 2A groups this time. Effective immediately they should raise the prices for any and all firearms sold to LEO departments. ALL departments. What good for the goose is good for the gander. Start pushing back. And if they go the local FFL store route, double the tax on duty buys.
  3. Trevon Bosley has a seat at the table now in DC. Photo OP with Mayor Johnson throwing gang sign! LOL March for Our Lives Advocate.
  4. Isn't she over looking or heading the space service program, the gun violence program, the border crisis program, the AI program and one other that I can't remember now. Has she done anything for any of these positions yet?
  5. By the time it gets into Federal courts and ANY movement at all 20% of us will be dead and gone. Then by the time it winds it's way to SCOTUS and the year to three they look at it another 20% will be gone. And if you are left alive God Bless as you outlived their madness to possibly win. Why am I p*****? Well I finally got the 3 purchases I wanted in my time and now they lay around useless as a broom handle and no one can buy my broom handles! SO I'd like to stick these very expensive handles up some Democrats nostrils before I leave.
  6. I'm not sure but file another lawsuit like you did in Oct '22 and she should be good to go. Good Luck.
  7. As a future Felon will I then be eligible for Snap and WIC? Do they still have three strikes on the books?
  8. Shame we can't be someone's pawns. Seems we are in a pit and always punching up at the air! Where are these groups that say they are fighting for us? I know my posts are ignored but everyone is talking about how we get it in the *** and no one is talking about who we have to bend over any of these people. Seems to me the only answer we have in here anymore is jump ship and move. So run away?
  9. One small step for now. Take out larger bites later. Then move to take the entire state. And all the while they already know that the Pro Gun groups are NOT going to spend money on this stuff anymore. As an example most of us here will be dead and gone by the time they get around to solving the current lawsuits in Illinois! Soros doesn't need a GoFundMe page or have a raffle to raise funds. Our deep pockets have zippers at the tops!
  10. Great now they are taking your information AND the serial numbers along with the fact YOU have a safe and therefore own weapons and when clicking submit one copy goes into their data base and the second copy goes straight to the FBI data base! Too late mf's.
  11. Occupation: Retired Reason for purchase: Self Protection Been the same answer for 10 years never an issue.
  12. Shh Top Secret. How else would a bullet hit ankles/led area after coming from outside the park?
  13. New Seal Team 6 technology. Bullet travels over high walls/buildings, drops to just above ground level and then 90 degree turns and hits in enemy ankles/legs. Brilliant.
  14. There are many out there who really and completely get the 2nd. But there aren’t any who can or will be getting into a position to help anywhere in the near future!
  15. Just FYI I’m not a lawyer. Wish MollyB had news from the ISP inquiry. But then they are slow right? MollyB are we hoping for an official response soon?
  16. Bubbacs

    What happens

    If, Could, Should, Might, Maybe, Possible, What. None of these make believe things will be of concern if we are carrying our "Concealed Weapon" in the manor we are expected to. Having been stop a few times since getting licensed I have informed and all times the reply was "Well please leave it where it is and don't reach for it". No one ever asked to look at it. Now Cook County may be different as that's a completely different sub world! But when we start to think about all the possibilities in the bizzaro world then we should leave them at home again and problem solved!
  17. Think about this. I'm an instructor and teach the renewal class each week (not me right now). And I need to renew, why would I need to take a class that I'm teaching already? Redundant? When I renewed it popped me over to questions and the pay button and it never asked for nor did I submit and cert. Got my renewed CCL AND the extend FOID in 3 months.
  18. Wait till they announce the numbers say 30 days after October 1st. It's going to be amazing, tremendous, outrageous. Bet they report astronomical numbers just to chest thump.
  19. If you can’t (or won’t) hold those who commit crimes with firearms then this is an option. Why not blame the makers right? Any beer makers getting sued for drunks killing people? Nah I didn’t think so. Hey any auto makers getting sued for not making their cars safer? They could install blow tubes for every car made and then no drunks on the road, hold them accountable! Are they suing Bog Pharma for killing all those people on opiates? Yes, but where does that money go? Humm. And where will the firearms money go? State cash grabs plan and simple. How about we come out and have that press conference stating that ALL current firearm laws will now be fully enforced? Nah? Yeah they can’t piss off the voter base.
  20. Are we discussing the up coming registration concerns or the political climate disease? Do we have a thread explaining everything to know about the when, who, why, and what if's? Asking for a friend who got lost here in this thread! Thanks.
  21. I thought I remembered that correctly. Yay the pills are working!
  22. Am I not remembering correctly but instructors self recertify? I think I did that. I think I remember that. But I cant find the place i read it at before! Anyone?
  23. me thinks this is going to be a bit harder for him very soon!
  24. +1000 correct. I'm not going in 7-11 for sure. Not even for Free Slurpee Day! LOL
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