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  1. I’m kind of busy right now but does anyone have a link for later with IWB holsters for a AR Pistol? Asking for a friend! Thanks BRB.
  2. Printed is not mailed! Several threads about that. And now looking at your other post right above this one, not here on the 13th but now in hand on the 14th. Happens this way all the time.
  3. It has been my experience that when buying from the same place it’s either free or 10 to 15 dollars. most have done while I wait if they’re not too busy. i use that place no one likes......
  4. It’s January 1st. By soon do you mean this year? Cause they ain’t doing squat fast.
  5. Foid expires....CCL invalid. me I’d renew somehow. Keep checking for that button to renew and don’t pass the deadline. i wouldn’t wait on a process to be getting free foods from Illinois. its your CCL which is the priority here, keep it!
  6. If you made the address change now before the CCL gets done it will now be longer. many posts about it here. Sad but true. You may be in for some longer wait times now.
  7. Well then there you go. The perps will have an out if they want. Non Compliant signage! Therefore the property wasn't a no carry area, cool.
  8. MollyB Your second bullet point on the OP states that the CCL indicator will be on the new FOIDS as it shows in that post. Will this mean we don't need a separate card for CCL once we receive these new FOIDS? If we still need a separate card why have that indicator on the FOID? So many ways to read this stuff and so many opinions it's a bit hard to keep track!
  9. Step back and think about that question. Chase “May” have a corporate anti 2a but they are not posted and allow carry here in Illinois and many other states, at least Indiana, Iowa, and here personally. Target corporation has a anti 2a policy within its core. But like many others they too are not posted and allow carry within the laws. In looking for where to spend your money, where to do your banking business, and possible with whom you actually do business with you may find that the very small window to avoid these corporations is near impossible. It’s better in my mind to not look for an excuse to avoid places and to accept them if not posted and some even state they will accept the local laws. Bottom line is many, many companies are anti2a. But understand the need to still conduct business with this group of citizens as it is a growing part of the population everywhere. In my own opinion we will never have a full acceptance of 2a. But you will hear less and less about those who are anti 2a. They need you!
  10. No answer sorry. But I do see/read 7 (if’s) mixed in. Its been my experience that such creatures (if’s) don’t have answers. Just guesses!
  11. Just my opinion as I’m not a lawyer or like other don’t know what the state of Illinois will or won’t do. get the renewal in as soon as the portal button allows. upload your new retraining cert and pay the fees. then sit back and see what happens. my guess that if unless you’ve done some dirty stuff since getting it, and they would have yanked it if too dirty. then you’ll get your renewed CCL as all of us have. Good Luck
  12. No to t-shirts Yes to undershirts I have one on all year long and very comfy You can then have a t-shirt for your outer garment is its loose. Unless you’re one of those guys who always wear a smedium! Cant remember the brand off hand, but cotton, ribbed, good length, no farmer tan lines if your just sitting around the yard. These used to or maybe still are called “wife beaters”. But mine are all black instead of the white of old years past. It gives good cover for the skin irritation AND adds a dark color to blend with holsters and handguns.
  13. Based solely upon the results......”Deadly Ammo”. The kind that can kill!
  14. Wait how in hades can it go from 650.00 to 0ver 1400.00? They must have a direct line to our classifieds! Mimics, mimics I tell ya!
  15. My eyes, my eyes. Punctuation, Paragraphs, Line Breaks Oh My! LOL
  16. Foxx has already spoken as I heard it two hours ago. Full felony charges are being filed. Children were in the area along with assorted humans.
  17. Up for sale are two (2) factory fresh leather holsters. Both are “Stinger Belt Holster” models. These we’re going to be a project, secret, but I’ve since changed my mind! Both are right hand, black leather. 1. Glock 23 Gen 2-5 CZ P10c Glock 19 Gen 1-5 19x, 32, 45 2. Glock 43 Glock 43x SCCY CPX-2 Springfield Hellcat Taurus GX4 Both are $50.00 each within close driving distance to Shorewood,Illinois. Both can be shipped by USPS to your address of choice for $60.00 each.
  18. She states the CPD in all her releases. But several officers have said different. BUT the only one she is getting to go along and agree with her is Brownie and a few select white shirts!
  19. Another stabbing on video Witnesses Victim picks out the assailant Foxx says police agree with her that there wasn’t enough evidence to support charges so Assailant released Seems her new excuse for all of these are not enough solid evidence to support their time and efforts to get a conviction Is she and or her prosecutors afraid of losing a case SHFH
  20. So they already have gun laws which carry the misdemeanor and risking felony charges. But we all know that they don’t ie “won’t” charge these folks with said charges and incarcerate them. They laugh at the idea of serving any time in cook county or the city! So instead of attempting to go after something that either is or would be rare, why not force these charges and stop the flow of ALL guns? sometimes as I post I start banging my head against the wall and wonder why I even post! They are surely wearing us down day by day!
  21. It’s a mild and rare illness. I too have this it’s called “Fat Finger” syndrome. No meds, just an occasional dream brew!
  22. Check out your title above. Then delete this post. But I did laugh in all honesty as I do it all the time. (Fat Fingers).
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