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  1. On and On and One we go and where we stop no body knows. If anyone thinks they will follow and respect the laws as laid out you too have been brain washed. After we are al gone this will still be a fight in the courts and the sides are now playing Pickleball and there will be NO winner!
  2. Why did he pull his weapon? What did the 30 year old man do? Thanks the Gods this guy cant shoot as evidenced by shooting himself and ONLY shooting the other man in the hand! GRab that tub of popcorn cause there is much more to this movie than just the trailer!
  3. Elizabeth Warren has a town in Illinois named after her? Wow.
  4. I haven’t been keeping up what with the multiple threads. But my understanding is you can NOT SELL it period. And as I read there is nothing to stop you from GIVING to someone! Giving vs selling are two separate different transactions. That being said those wishing to GIVE to a USAF veteran can stop by my garage for drop offs! Saturday’s 10-2
  5. Over used. And let them get the product they voted for. Why should we care? It's not like Illinois, Cook County or Chicago will do anything different. But the exodus may be a bit larger and faster this next year!
  6. ”If our work saves even one child’s life, it will be worth it.” Where have I heard this before?
  7. 10 years of past residency as I understand. Not 10 years straight at one place. You’ve got to be over 21 so did you not live somewhere? Maybe parents home, friend, college. I had 3 listed residency’s totaling 17 plus years. None were 10 year straight. Good Luck on the wait. Not worth getting upset over.
  8. When resubmitting did you update the residency lists? And on the first rejection it was ONLY due to signature? Nothing else?
  9. you looking new or just 45 or 40? Just checking before I throw in! LOL
  10. But. You have to admit that they pander better than anyone else in the US! That's why they are in a power position. The Great Panderer!
  11. Wow only 6 weeks. Unheard of. But we all know the USPS is the bottleneck. Don’t want to guess, but good luck. Wow
  12. I had this just last month. Went to se about renew for FOID and the dates had changed to match the CCL. Last week I got the new combo card with CCL indicator. Seems they are actually doing what they said they would do!
  13. I’m very interested here. If he doesn’t talk too much then he does talk? Dude you’re rich!
  14. Think this is the same one but a woman was comforting one of the dogs and it bite her in the nose and hand? She stated that it wasn’t the dogs fault as it was injured and scared and dogs respond this way!
  15. Puzzled and that’s why I don’t train anymore I guess. But how can you do a refresher course for a CCL you don’t have? Haven’t had for what ever period of time the OP was gone. Hope you got the ISP reps full name and I’d number before you repay for something you may not get a refund on once paid and denied. Do this at the very least. Content MollyB thru PM here and have her get the straight scoop! Not my $150.00 but it’s still $150.00 none of us want to throw away!
  16. Could the renewal avenue be hampered by the newly issued DL? Im assuming they got a DL from where they were and have now gotten a new Illinois DL. just a thought as a renewal from expired isn’t the same as a voided/non valid CCL and FOID.
  17. Would seem to me that IF you are going across the border instead of purchasing what you can locally to help fight against the new laws, maybe you just don't care enough. Paying an extra buck or 10 to try to get our god given rights back would seem reasonable to me. circumventing the laws isn't what we need, we need to keep businesses open until we get our rights back not help them close!
  18. I think the ID is for making sure you are not an Illinois resident. Not to be able to purchase.
  19. Wow. You need to stand for something or bend over and fall face first. Guess we know which way this one chose! So much for the chest thumping "OATH" takers we hear, read, see everyday of every year. They all like to state it. "I took a Oath to protect the Constitution" And then just like the politicians they do their best to ignore what ever part they want! I'm so sick of hearing people state this and then work against it.
  20. Air Rifles are cool to have but I’m not sure people are clamoring to have one as their weapon of choice for home/self defense. I’d rather focus on what I want to and have the right to have and use in my possession vs the Air Rifle. I being just a simple man attempting to live a simple life in America would like to address the highest issue/priority with vigor and the lower issues will simply follow suit.
  21. And so the slow agonizing swirl down the drain with our leaders begins! Yes, yes everyone send the mad man your hard earned cash and have him help you with your 2A. Muhahahaha
  22. If you know the time frame why would you apply early and hope it doesn’t get processed to fast to get denied again? Wait until after the timeframe.
  23. I know I'm the lone opinion on this but what the heck. I saving any and all donations to the ISRA until they actually do something. Like file, get injunctions, go to court, bust a move or two. Cause with their track record with many here (you know you posted before) I'm not interested in lining pockets and getting nothing back. Best way to win the hearts, minds, wallets is to provide the 2A community with results and then I'll (we maybe) will start to cash flow again! And yes they have funds, they have contacts, lead by example this time.
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