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  1. If there is no ergent need I'd suggest waiting the 3 months and then have him take care of it fully on his own. Three months will pass fats enough. Good Luck.
  2. Keep the Glock. Stay in Texas and enjoy your freedoms. You can get post cards that say from Chicago on them online. Mail thse to friends and family.
  3. Is this the same as this? https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/83013-expiring-mmj-card-and-background-check/
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to ban the switches and go after those making these parts? And if it's Glocks only will there be a carve out for law enforcement?
  5. Humm. I was under the impresion that when buying a handgun legally there was a gun lock included? So are these gun locks for the illeagle handguns? And how mnay of these free (at tax payer expense) locks now hang on fence gates or foot locker etc to keep them closed? I'm all for safety but seems there are already FREE gun locks out there which came with the guns when purchased.
  6. looking for zero issues? Want the mag to last forever (or close)? Wilson Combat 47D. Have 6 each for 4 different Wilsons. Zero issues. Using the heavy steel plates (bottoms) from wilson also.
  7. Can't charge her yet if ever. Not until the Trump trial is over. Very suprised they even made this public info. Cause it might have damaged her rep if she was a convicted felon before the trial no? But just like HUnter this will all be a wash and last years news soon. Remember when you decide to nor register with Illinois that you can "Be Like Hunter" and just throw them in the garbage dumpsters!
  8. Before all the Hoopla Doopla with direct sales in Illinois, I'd have offered a nice 96FS (Used) to you. I can't help with the conversion but good luck. Dad loved the way this this shot (me too).
  9. Good Read. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/frankenglock-10mm-45-glock-21/
  10. Not his first rodeo. But then being not charged or released early is his MO. LOL
  11. This right here. Why would you need to draw attention to saying they were moved by removing them? IMHO that's just a free invitation!
  12. Arrested for carrying a firearm. After or while attempting to arrest for CARRYING a firearm, he was then slapped with resisting. BUT, if the original charge of carrying a firearm in dismissed due to right to bear arms, then it should follow that he did NOT resist that which was an illegal arrest! He wasn't doing anything the constitution allowed so therefore he would not have needed to be arrested? No? Yes?
  13. Please can we stop with the hypotheticals? He DID NOT murder anyone. Did you last weekend? You could have potentially right? Mans car was still on his property. I have the right, at least from all the posts here, to carry on MY property and to defend same! If I don't have that right then why are we fighting to keep it? You can't be swaying from left to right on whether you want the right or you don't. We stand together and we take our lumps together. If all this forums (or some guys) is going to do is second guess anyone and everyone who uses a gun and how they use it, we are already done, finished!
  14. Lot of "What if's " as usual. What IF he had shot and killed the guy? He didn't. "What if" he and others chased the guy down and cornered him? He didn't. Like everything in here anymore it's all what if and maybe or the best "well if they want to charge"! Read what happened and go with that just once. Jesus H. Christ maybe we should hand in our guns. We want them then we become P****s about everything. You know who did it wrong? The guy who we read about getting arrested and or getting shot and this guy did neither. Again SMFH
  15. So a gun to his face is ok but putting a gun to the attackers face is wrong? Was the car AND the attacker still on his property? Could the attacker have come to the house with his gun? When will we stop beating up our fellow gun owners and maybe start beating the criminals over the head? And please don't do that whole "Call the Police" that's what they are for crap! We sit here bemoaning the response times and how we need to help ourselves thousands of times. I'll call when I'm safe and toasty and warm inside! This is the problem with our side, we get every small item of information chewed and then spit out to make us as the bad ones, we did it wrong!!!!! And then there are those who wonder why we have our rights being stripped away daily and we have no, zero, nada, zilch for a support system like the Anti's have. At least the moms stick together no matter what even if they get it wrong! smfh
  16. Just curious, but when you say ‘visiting a local mall in the north most central area’ is this a top secret mall or is it one of those ‘Malls with no name’? Asking for a friend.
  17. We (the small people) don't have a deep pocket sugar daddy to back the Pro 2A agenda. The many small groups thrown together are NOT financially able to mount challenges. The Anti groups get air time not unlike a full blown commercial advertisement campaign. Our problems are spread out here and there and what help we do have is spread out putting out brush fires here and there. The anti group needs only be in one place and setting a single match which will ignite across America all at once. Our message is stable and clear. But the anti message it loud , annoying, well paid for, and in your face each and every day! We will politely discuss the ME shooting, but we will not be in the news along side any anti messaging in that arena. We are the old boxer who is getting punched too many times and we just don't have a new face to throw into the ring! Just one mans opinion sitting on the side looking in. They have all the house wives with time on their hands and financial support and we have all the men who work, have the majority of the guns and have zero financial support.
  18. So all those schools, colleges etc all across New York will be able to pass a nics check? And will they have to keep a list of authorized users on file? Total waste of time and man power once again.
  19. if a citizen perceives a danger that is why we carry yes? But if we walk into a situation where it is a danger knowing before hand, is this reasonable?
  20. Yes but why can’t they step up and finish this once and for all. They have that power. Drop the hammer on the 2A issues all at once, no more piece meal drip drip drip! What constitutional for one is constitutional for all. Period. Done.
  21. The firearm manufacturers need to take a stand WITH the 2A groups this time. Effective immediately they should raise the prices for any and all firearms sold to LEO departments. ALL departments. What good for the goose is good for the gander. Start pushing back. And if they go the local FFL store route, double the tax on duty buys.
  22. Trevon Bosley has a seat at the table now in DC. Photo OP with Mayor Johnson throwing gang sign! LOL March for Our Lives Advocate.
  23. Isn't she over looking or heading the space service program, the gun violence program, the border crisis program, the AI program and one other that I can't remember now. Has she done anything for any of these positions yet?
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