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  1. Not sure how anyone can collect data on a possible DGU where the gun was not fired! If not fired and therefore not reported as simply showing a handgun to deter a crime there would be no record. DGU’s yes, none DGU’s no. Just my opinion.
  2. Several liquor stores around here, I get lottery tickets no booze. They have armed guys inside the stores. Would seem to me that if you own the business and run the business that you could then defend that same business! No? just asking for a friend of course.
  3. If it’s a private business and you’re conceal carrying why would you need a letter? Does everyone assume that the carry police are lurking everywhere? Who is going to think twice if an employee or anyone is carrying. Wait they don’t know you are carrying. Unless you tell them, so don’t tell them!
  4. At this point you’re not going to speed the process. And it could possibly slow things down! It is Illinois you know. save the cash now and just wait it out. Time consuming for sure but the time will fly by. Sit back have a cold one or five and boom it’s here!
  5. When they actually grab a gang member who has a checking or savings account! When they find a gang member who isn’t residing in a house in their mothers or girlfriends name! And wait till Lori try’s to run a credit check on a gang member to see what they might have! The only thing they need to Grab from these wastes of human flesh is the cars they are caught in and the handguns they have when caught! And then put them in jail and that will stop their cash flow or at the very least slow it down!
  6. Hard to argue with someone who believes one thing and can’t read the other thing. It’s a art form don’t cha know!
  7. The answer lies somewhere in between here and....... While he was legal in handling the situation, soooo they didn’t think he was a criminal and therefore was legal. Annnnd since they wanted to charge him but didn’t Annnd they didn’t take his mags, there is no law which he broke! im not sure but iirc there hasn’t been anyone actually charged with a mag issue that wasn’t attached to a already other event which triggered the mag question. Annnnd then, the charges for the mag were dropped! It’s the thought around the water cooler that they would NOT want to charge for a mag issue only to have it go to court and they lose. So it’s word of mouth and those that believe one way do this, and those that think another way do that. Good Luck and Welcome to the Forums
  8. Is this the same as this If so you haven’t been back there to post any updates. Two threads are not better than one in this case!
  9. Yeah I saw those counter top holders which said it’s a federal crime to straw purchase. I saw these back in the day (back when I was young). And I thought to myself then, wow these guys take this handgun stuff seriously. I thought to myself that I wanted to make sure when buying a handgun back then that I didn’t say anything wrong or make any statements wrong! Haven't seen those on the gun counters of late. Not that a counter top display will stop people but the no advertising the laws? And if the state/city of Illinois and Chicago are so serious about straw purchases.......why did they plead down the 47 straw purchases they did a few years back on that lady I believe? Wound up with iirc one charge and one year in jail. Talking about all the issues with illegal guns flooding Illinois and Chicago would seem completely moot when they never charge these people. Slap slap and get on back.
  10. Intense provocation? https://apple.news/Ap6jjgGfYQYykWgLyLei3Bw
  11. Great to hear you still have time to return. I was thinking of that while reading as was hoping you hadn't held on too long. Shame about it being SIG too. But let's be real. China buys their stuff from Amazon so that THEY can sell it to others because it's fake or knockoffs. Amazon has the largest amount of fakes in the universe. Imagine selling more fake crap than China!
  12. Everyone’s place to hate on has what I think is the largest selection of holsters in this area. Yes, MegaSports in Plainfield.
  13. Few groups here on the subject of prints. first no one wants their prints out there (even tho they already are) also there are those who will not spend any additional cash getting what many believe is a right which should be free there are those who say the card will arrive just as fast without prints so why hassle and of course you can save the cash to NOT get prints and then turn around and buy ammo or equipment with the savings this last one is kin to the one where your wife comes home telling you how much money she saved on a new dress. It was half of the original price of $500.00. Wanting to save you even more she bought a second one and now has a total savings of $500.00. spend don’t spend it’s a personal preference issue. There is no correct answer.
  14. PROVOCATION 1. :the act of provoking : INCITEMENT 2. :something that provokes, arouses, or stimulates He struck her shoulder.....I’m aroused He hit her chest.....I’m stimulated Now I have reason to shoot his @$$ with intensity!
  15. Might have contacted MollyB first. She may have been able to reach out for you and resolve.
  16. /PURPLE/ I agree whole heartily here. Why wait to get the permission slip any longer. Government right? Right! At day 11 login and report that card lost or stolen, ( they lost it and your rights were stolen)! never mind that right after you click report lost or stolen the original card will become invalid (wouldn’t want a felon or mentally deranged person) to get that card some day! now that you’ve done the right thing (wink wink) you can wait as the process to get a new card will start the process all over again. Yeah yeah, 30 days blah blah, we know that’s not happening! So sit back strap in and get ready for another 120 days for the card to go active again. And if it doesn’t get here in 10 days, drop a few F-Bombs under your breath and login in again and report it lost or stolen. All while resting peaceful in knowing you’ve done the right thing. Don’t let the government get you, you make them get that card to you in 10 days or else. Stick it to the man and one day you’ll have that card in your hand. Good Luck! Oh and remember, It will get here soon and by soon I mean it WILL show up less than 10 days after you report it lost or stolen! Invalid but it will show up! /PURPLE/
  17. not expired there. others have already attested to this. when checked the ccl will state covid 19 and not expired!
  18. So not a concealed carry prohibited sign? So then they are ok with us! Go WallyWorld Go
  19. The ISP actually called you to tell you that you were approved? WOW
  20. So your FOID and CCL were suspended and revoked yes? Did you ever get those back? Is the appeal still ongoing as appeal under review still? If the answer to any of those are yes, then you'd have a hard time getting a firearm back or even buying one without a FOID! If you got both of those back or even just the FOID, why not just buy a new firearm ($500.00) and be done with the whole mess? I've read all the previous posts and it sounds like you are still fighting an uphill battle for sure. Good Luck.
  21. Yes those who according to the state already have the right to carry AND due to the NOT expired cards would seem about right. And those who are getting a new right to carry they are trying to get to them to possibly stay off any more possible lawsuits. So to summarize: you can carry now and your next door neighbor wants to. He gets processed first. and the disclaimer is yes it’s a right we don’t need a card for and a right denied blah blah blah etc
  22. Based upon the reading and reporting of the new foid fix blah blah blah. Effective January the CCL and FOID will be combined for those who have a CCL. It would seem they are making an attempt to relieve so of the time it takes them to do the FOIDs all the time. If I remember correctly there are close to 500k CCL now. If that’s the case it would mean those numbers need not be renewed as before. as always take this with a grain of salt, it’s a right, it’s freedom, if denied it’s wrong etc etc etc.
  23. The new and improved sub-Reddit for carry. No answers here folks, move along!
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