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  1. So basically what they (NY) had pre SCOTUS is what they will have post SCOTUS?
  2. Us equal patience Them equal zeal Us need resources Them unlimited resources Us few attorneys who know the 2a Them again unlimited attorneys who know anti 2a (a speciality) Us we have no deep pocket donors supporters who care to openly speak about guns( especially the ones they have) Them they have outspoken deep deep pockets not afraid to spend Lastly our organizations are focused on keeping their positions and pay checks just long enough to pass along to the next windowlicker!
  3. The dealer had ghost firearms in his business name, stupid? But how will the determine IF a package has a ghost component inside?
  4. Heard one of the pro 2a comedians just a few days ago on this right here. People who think they can/will be able to lad one into the chamber are the same people that say they can seatbelt up just before a crash!
  5. Is it that time? Are we there yet? Do we STOP supporting the ISRA and NOT renew? Should we as individuals and a pro-2A org be sending out these signals to others? If they have stopped being of any use, then why care, support, attend them anymore? *****in case you don't know/have an answer, it's yes to the above!*****
  6. When did the percentage of booze to cigarettes' and lotto tickets get put into the statute? Liquor stores were never on the prohibited list no? Just like the local market and the movie houses they would need to post to be restricted! No sign = No restriction. The safe haven rules are important too. But they are relisted above and are pretty simple. We have been reading into what's not there for over 6 years now. Because it's Illinois and all, we should be re-reading the statute every 6 months. Seems some people tend to forget or get confused about what you can and can not do! Promoting carry into a listed restricted area is also a violation of the coc iirc.
  7. Ok I’ll go with that, different stores means differing ideals. Cool. But why have a eCard if it’s just a waste of time? I’m going to attempt to load the ISP firearms site and then get a screen grab? Has anyone tried to use the ISP site with a phone or tablet of late? Im not mad at the store, just disappointed that I didn’t think ahead and cover every base available to me for a smooth on the spot transaction!
  8. Went to purchase firearm two hours ago. They asked for my FOID but as we all know the CCL will do and we don’t have to carry both. He says it must be a valid FOID. I say ok they now have the official eCard FOID. Pull out my phone and show him my eCard which shows it was taken less than 24 earlier. He says we don’t accept them and no photos of actual cards either. Ok I’ll just grab some 9mm and come back tomorrow to purchase the firearm. He says since I’m having so much trouble showing a valid posed FOID he couldn’t sell me any ammo. So to summarize: rules say carry one card is sufficient common sense says my CCL is sufficient now we have what appears to be a useless eCard (no I have both cards not yet combined into one) Thank You Range USA aka Shoot Point Blank (Shorewood) One has to wonder how much money AND where it’s coming from they are wasting on this eCard BS. And why have a rule I force about carrying one card vs both if we stop not acceptable?
  9. I’ve been looking for a hidden compartment maker for my Mini Cooper since ‘14. Just can’t find the room for or a hidden space for my pew pew.
  10. No Sir. You can be under 21 and posses not one but two handguns. You can be a non resident with a loaded handgun. Said handgun can be set for full auto use. You can be a third states college player. You can be judged by your peers. You can also be in possession of armor piercing ammo which can blow lungs out of a body! You can THEN be charged with a misdemeanor AND walk away for a mere $1000.00 cash bail! Free at last, Free at last, Thank Fox above I’m Free at last!
  11. The eCard should never have been rolled out. The merging of the FOID with the CCL was and still is half baked. Placing your rights and what is or will be assumed legality of firearms and the conceal carry of same was and is stupid. Without the topic of they never should have happened aside, we were considered mature enough to carry a FOID and a CCL card responsibly. Carry the FOID don’t carry the FOID was another rule no one wanted or needs! The small number of residents losing everything was what? 0.002%. Stop and think about it. The system was running along smoothly and as reported sales were through the roof. One would have to assume that ammo sales matched guns at the same time. But now they have thrown in the monkey wrench as they can’t just do away with gun ownership but they can bottle neck it for us and possible make it very difficult for new owners. Dealers have to run the FOID instead of just looking at it! They and we will stand around waiting on a computer system which the state has control over to actually work. Are they tiring to thin the FFL heard even more? And then there’s the eCard. Why? I’ve had several pieces of identification in the past which had a eFactor card where a picture or an app would show my access to insurance etc. But I for one never reach for a phone to scroll through my photos when and if ever stopped. Men keep their cards in their wallets right? In the pants pocket! Its to just another you/we/everyone can’t see it as a slow down, road block to what THEY want us to have....our rights. Rant off I guess but we will continue to lay out disinformation and soon NOT later some one is going to get caught in this tangled web of bu**sh** we walk through. Living in The Republic of Illinois but moving to merge with The Peoples Republic of Pritzker.
  12. But if the FOID is now the CCL and the physical FOID is lost would not the CCL be lost too? Losing one single physical card would place you in the Republic of Illinois with hard proof of either unless the eCard ID is now going to be acceptable to purchase, posses, carry etc. Will that be acceptable? Burning question with no definitive answer. Unless I missed the link stating the same!
  13. Surprised that gun manufactures can stay in business. And local gun stores is even a bigger mystery. With everyone milling n drilling their own guns and after reading just a few forum threads about the same, one would conclude that 90% of all guns are being hand made in America.
  14. There is a smell. But the CoC will not allow me to pass it along.
  15. Dear Tampa Bum Rays and New Joke Yankees. We will follow your lead if we can assist you. Once you remove all local law enforcement from around your facilities. Once you remove the security companies who roam the interior of your facilities. No, zero employee can own or come to the facilities with a handgun, nor any armed body guards. And once you and MLB has decided to have ALL employees to show up AND stand for the National Anthem of the United States of America. Thank You and #F MLB
  16. Log in to the portal. Snap the eCard and keep that until you get a physical card. Im repeating this from another thread which seems to indicate that having the eCard will suffice. IANAL YMMV
  17. The ISP never said to leave at home. They just said we didn’t at the time need to carry both! iirc it was a rules thing.
  18. Point I think we are trying to make here exactly. Will stores start accepting these as they already have struggled with the no expire date issue. With any photo save to the phone and photoshop pros out there this will become a show multiple ID’s to match or a no sale. It would seem they are attempting to make the use of these cards more and more difficult. First we are told to leave one card at home to not lose. Now we are talking about leaving both at home to not lose and to use a picture of the card. We have now reached the “IF ZONE” again. Think “Twilight Zone”. We haven’t a clue and someone else is setting us up! JMHO.
  19. A picture of the card can be saved to the phone. There is a front and back. I took pictures of both. I now have a separate album just for these. But I’m still wondering if these pictures will be valid if stopped and or we try to use to purchase ammo etc. If we have to have access and login to use each time it really negates the ease of use like our insurance policy ID’s. When the hold their presser later next week will there be a link to explain the ways these can be used? And if it’s allowed by law can we get that link as I can’t find anything. Thanks
  20. Two simple words that make any news, anything, everything fake, uninformative, and useless in any form............Al Sharpton!
  21. I knew it. You knew it. We all knew it was coming. AR’s and now to 9mm’s. So glad I moved half my 401k into 9mm. I’m going to need the extra cash to get gas n food. Incoming classified ads in 4,3,2,1..........
  22. Another switched tracks thread. Gun Show, Open Burning, Who has the ability to live in the wild! Wheres the conductor in these cars? Tickets, tickets please!
  23. Ha ha ha jokes gonna be on them. I have no doors to knock down as they helped me default on my home, it’s gone. And I have no porridge to eat as they again fixed to prices to such a high level I can’t afford, there is none. Ha ha my one used lawn chair is already broken and sags under my azz. Take it you commie. Sleep in our beds. We don’t sleep in our beds anymore we crash in the tents they hand us on cardboard while injecting the RFID tags under our skin. And my guns? Laughable right? Stolen by a homeless person just last nite while sound asleep on my cardboard slip covered in coats under the deluge of rain pounding on my leaky azz tent (gov tent why not).
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