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  1. Right? Nobody wants to be on the tail end of "fornicate around and find out".
  2. I think using a signal jammer is illegal period, of course I'm not a lawyer.
  3. Did I read in this garbage that pistols over 50 oz are banned? That would mean a Desert Eagle is an assault weapon, probably doubly so if it's in .50 AE right? I don't have any guns but if I did, I would be super cautious about taking them to the range or out of the house or even carrying a pistol anymore. It pretty much sounds like most modern firearms are assault weapons under this. No?
  4. I live in Cook County so that works for me. I tend to forget that there are other counties and that people live in them or go to them for anything.
  5. It's that last part that seems to be the problem. As long as there's an option to drop the charges it's going to be a possibility for some state's attorney who sees this as "just" lying on a form, or considers this a "victimless crime".
  6. I bought shot shells at Walmart a few weeks ago and used my new FOID. This must be an IL Walmart problem because Indiana doesn’t care
  7. Cash grab, taking advantage of the ill-informed or otherwise stupid.
  8. I thought possession of a firearm was not reasonable suspicion of a crime? I also thought reefer was “legal” now?
  9. What's in our safes is one issue, what's already on the shelves at gun stores is another. Are manufacturers going to take back their inventory so they can serials slides and uppers?
  10. Given they're trying to get us to believe an upper should be considered the firearm as well what would the alternative be?
  11. Sounds like that makes sense and you can just hand over the firearm as it's a loan and you don't have to do anything. Glad I was wrong about that.
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