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  1. I said the same about "smart guns". Until it's issued to every law enforcement agency and our fighting forces and is good enough for them then it's not good enough for me.
  2. Isn't microstamping that thing California mandated for all new firearms to be on their roster? And I thought because microstamping doesn't actually exist, it's why California doesn't have any new firearms on its roster.
  3. Short Answer: Because they want to. Long answer: Because they want to and they don't feel the need to ring every last cent out of their residents while simultaneously screwing them over.
  4. Hooboy...$1200+ That's a decent chunk of change.
  5. Yep, those folks can pay near new retail prices for used guns. I'll pay for a new one with some changes because I don't have any sort of attachment to the original.
  6. This year there will be the FN High Power, the Springfield SA-35, and the Girsan MPC-35 on the market. Supposedly the Girsan pistols are starting to trickle in at $400, the Springfields are around $700 which leads me to believe the FN is going to be somewhere between $900 and $1100 because why not? What will actually be interesting is seeing a detailed video of all three of them side by side and to see the differences fit and finish and then one of those torture tests where they like dunk the guns in mud and wet sand and such then shoot them.
  7. I must concede that I live a boring life because outside of the places that are prohibited by statute, I very rarely encounter places I need to go that don't allow me to carry. This is in Chicago no less and primarily the South and West sides, though I do on occasion find myself in parts of the loop, RN, and the Lakeview/Wrigleyville/Ravenswood area. People seem to see these signs everywhere they go.
  8. My dog got attacked at a campground some years ago while we were on a walk. My dog was on a leash per requirements and the other dog was not. It came running over to us and we were not going to avoid the situation no matter how you slice it. Anyhow the loose dog had clamped down on my dog's neck and wouldn't let go despite me kicking it and smacking it with my hand. In an instant I decided to smash the slide of my gun over its head and it let go and ran toward its owner who only came over because he saw my gun come out. His dog attacking mine was of no concern. For those wondering this was also not in Illinois and it was also before IL had a CCL so I was carrying with a Utah non-resident license.
  9. Why is there no option of carrying unloaded in a backpack? I did it for years on the Red Line and Brown Line. I'd duck into a Starbucks or something around the corner from my stop, use the head to holster up and leave. Besides that, carry pepper spray. It's gonna suck, a lot in a train car or on a bus but you won't get your stuff stolen.
  10. The instructor had one. He was the only one handling it. The class got green dummy 1911's for whenever they were handling.
  11. Because I am both dumb and lazy, sometimes simultaneously, when my CCL was set to expire in 2019 I didn't make the time to take a renewal class. There were plenty available just none when it was convenient or close to me. I recently decided to find a day 2 class that would get me back to where I need to be, given my prior credits. Shoot Point Blank offered the day 2 only class for $99 plus tax and their website is super confusing about what you're getting but it turns out you're just dropping into the 2nd day of a full 16 hour class already in progress. We did the shooting qual first thing in the morning. I was one of two or three people in the class who had to rent a firearm and the instructor hapented to ask if I knew what I wanted to rent. It raised an eyebrow when I responded with either a P226 or P229 Legion. The firearm rental was included in the class, the $26 box of 9mm was not. We got a warm up target and two real targets; one to put at 10 yards and 7 yards, and one to send out to 5 yards. Upon suggestion from the instructor we sent the warm up targets out to 10 yards and sent 10 rounds down range. I kept all 10 inside the 9 ring. As I was bringing it in that caught the attention of some folks around me. From what I can see the majority of the group put their rounds all over the silhouette. I can't tell if they were just doing that because that's all they needed or if that's just the best they could do. We charged our magazines again, hung first real target, sent it to 10 yards, did the needful. For the sake of brevity I did the same for all 30 of my qualification shots. My classmates, not so much. There was one girl who had some ridiculously long fake fingernails who struggled with her shooting qualification and didn't come back to the class for at least another 10 minutes after us. I'm not sure what happened with her except it seems as though she satisfied the requirement. After shooting we went back go class and the instructor started going through his presentation. The good news is that having done this with two different instructors now at two different facilities I can say that no matter who is teaching this is some absolutely boring material. I joined some other students at lunch to find out that I was literally the only person in class with any actual experience with firearms. Most of these folks had FOID cards and that's it. Some of them had bought guns but didn't really shoot them. None of them had ever taken any kind of training. Now, the instructor did not paint the picture that it was almost impossible to legally carry in IL because of no guns signs but that's what they took away from the section on prohibited places. I found it interesting because these people were from the SW Suburbs like Mokena, Orland Park, Tinley Park which are all places I've gone and found next to no gun busters signs. I honestly can't think of any place I've gone to that would have prevented me walking in with my gun on my hip. I on the other hand live on the South side of Chicago and worked up North for a decade and unless it was a statutorily prohibited place I rarely ran into a business where I couldn't carry. They seemed to be particularly interested in forest preserves, and I was like "do you live in Cook county?" No. "Then it's not a problem". So of course they asked me what I do for protection in a forest preserve and I said jokingly, stay out of forest preserves. But the real answer is pepper spray. I carry it everywhere. Good discussions outside of the class and inside the class. Those are some of my observations. I just felt like sharing.
  12. I've got it taped for now. Thanks for the info about the lost/stolen report invalidating my FOID. Definitely don't want to do that. I'm going to keep the taped version til it expires.
  13. I'll see how gluing it works out. I do not mean renewing my CCL. I let it lapse a couple of years ago so I have to take 8 hours over again.
  14. My FOID cracked straight across the top between my FOID number and my name. Presumably from having it in my wallet and sitting on it all these years. I'm going to be taking the class to get my CCL again this weekend. I'm going to just tape it back together for the short term but on the ISP website it has an option to report lost/stolen/destroyed FOID cards. I'm guessing that falls under the destroyed category. Should I do that at the same time I apply for my CCL? or wait until after I get my CCL? My FOID still has 2 years of being valid.
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