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  1. Them swiping the mag out of my pistol was the pretty much the last straw for me but they do have low prices and some deals that might be hard to pass up so I can kind of see why someone would do business with them. Sig Sauer would not ship 17 round P365 X Macro magazines to me either. I had to have those shipped somewhere outside of Cook county.
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    I filled out the ATF copy this morning. Funny thing, typical government, they made the ATF copy fillable but the CLEO copy is not fillable so I have to hand write all of that out. I detest filling out forms by hand, that will be the hold up in me getting it done. Usually it's envelopes and stamps but I actually have those this time. I'll get my C&R and then I'll SBR one of these spare lowers I have sitting around and call it a day.
  3. So...they're willing to help anyone from any country while attacking the rights of citizens of the United States of America?
  4. There are approximately 1300 people worldwide with my surname. Due to the uncommonality of the surname, I know that I am related to all of them. Of those 1300 worldwide there are approximately 200 in the United States. I know for a fact that I am related to those 200 people. Of those 200, I also know for certain that none have my first and last name. That said, given that I am the only person in the United States with my name, I have been delayed on a background check but not so long as to extend past my 3 day waiting period. I do seem to notice that it happens when I deal with a FFL who instructs me not to use my SSN on the 4473. Every time I've used my SSN I get an instant "Proceed" status.
  5. I think there's a couple things here, that unless your attorney has his head up his keister, he should hammer home. 1. Whether I am afraid or not has nothing to do with my attacker being determined to or at the very least capable of taking my life. 2. Just because I am not afraid doesn't mean that any other reasonable person in this situation should not or would not be afraid. 3. The law (of my state, this state, where the incident occurred) does not require me to attempt to de escalate the situation. The back part of the video, with regard to training...yeah training is always going to be attacked. You're always going to have either not enough training and you're careless or you have too much and you're a lunatic. They made the point, that keep your training private. I think that's the only correct answer. Your business is your business and not everybody else's.
  6. ok so buying a gun wasn't a crime, because being under indictment is not being convicted of a crime. Good, good. I'm with you there. He did however lie on the 4473 when answering 21 B. So my question there is, what type of crime is lying on the 4473 and is it enough to prohibit him from owning a firearm now? I would assume even after the judge ruled that it's not illegal to own a firearm while under indictment, that the crime of lying on the 4473 still stands. My last question, and probably the most relevant, was the guy ultimately convicted of the felonies he was indicted for and now cannot own a firearm anyway?
  7. That has to do with obtaining an IL non-resident license to carry a firearm. It has nothing to do with passing through the state, remaining in your vehicle while possessing a license to carry a firearm from your home state and having said firearm on or about your person.
  8. I've held a Utah non-resident license to carry for several years now. My favorite thing to do is to hand that one over for anything that doesn't specifically require identification or licensing issued by the state of IL. People get super confused and ask me if it's an actual ID and "fake" since it clearly says UTAH at the top but has an IL address. My favorite was a traffic stop in Indiana where they asked if I was armed and to which I naturally replied "Of course". So they asked for my license to carry and I handed them the Utah license which was right next to the IL license. Anyway my point there was how funny it was that they had to actually call Utah to verify my license was valid.
  9. Just those three? or are there more? To be honest this sounds like a good thing, gun owners steadily complain that we don't need new laws and that we need the existing laws enforced so I hope this gains momentum though I don't know how you measure enforcement of a law or how you measure the success of it unless it's simply a measure of arrets, citations, and forfeitures or whatever penalties are allowed under the laws.
  10. The whole thing is weird and dangerous territory to me. If someone has not committed a crime that bars them from owning and possessing firearms how do you deny them the right to carry the firearm? At the same time if none of the below constitutes a crime serious enough to revoke your right to own a firearm, how do you deny them a license to carry? But then...over here in IL was the Highland Park shooter legally allowed to own a firearm? Wasn't he at least found to be making statements that would had NY deny him the license to carry? I realize different states but as a basis for comparison the guy had a FOID and went out and shot up a parade. Or was I imagining that? I can't keep all the trash in the world straight anymore.
  11. Just close the door, call the police and tell them someone is impersonating a federal agent and asking to come into your home and "see your guns". I think a wave of these videos will make the evening news. Good times will be had by most.
  12. I can tell you for a fact that Palmetto State Armory will not ship magazines over 10 rounds to anywhere in Cook county. They stole the mag out of my pistol because it was a 15 round magazine. Their customer service linked me to a section on their website that said they were going to steal my magazine as though that somehow made it ok and then when I asked to escalate the matter they stopped responding to my emails.
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