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  1. Yep...thats the jamoke. He went silent when I told the whole world what he was up,to. Im sure he is back somewhere because hucksters cant help themselves.They must be seen and heard.
  2. Cant remember the goof that owns the companynthat does this but he was coming on CWB page on FB touting this technology and wetting his diaper over the crime happening. Then I called him out and let everyone know this clown owned the company and was ginning up support and was in it for the money and no one uses his stupid technology. Havent seen him come around in a while.
  3. Sounds like a vague slap in the face to the illustrious Kim Foxx. Hopefully there will be heat coming to this useles and lawless ASA.
  4. My first thought was that they wouldn't try to do this under a Trump admin. He would have turned it around likely something like King suggested, or worse. By what authority could he have done this? Other than appointing federal judges with consent of the Senate, a President has no authority of the judiciary. I would agree.... Authority over the judiciary would allow anybody to simply defy any court decisions... Oh wait... So now the Dementia in Chief has the CDC do his illegal bidding ? We elct people to make these decisions not some fools pretending to do science in an office building. This is outrageous.
  5. I am done with ISRA until there is a leadership change
  6. What an unsavory situation. Im not re-upping this time around. I understand politics is a messy business but either you stick to your values or you get compromised.
  7. Frank, you should have gotten you “rap” sheet before you applied so you knew where you stood and to be certain whether you actually had felonies. You may not have needed to check the felon box.
  8. Seems like they pointed their weapons at each other a time or two. She looks kind of wild eyed there. Luckily she didnt pull the trigger while she was walking arou d pointing it with her finger fully on that trigger.
  9. My granddaughter applied late Feb for the first time and just got the card a week ago.
  10. This is a very tangled web to unravel. If this is not a criminal enterprise then there is no such thing as a criminal enterprise.
  11. They'd never go for that, makes too much sense. You are correct it does make sense, it is also the first time I ever agreed with soundguy. Worlds are colliding! Jim. Until the FOID is voided this is a good idea. As it is now Kelly is just using a big bad number to make people think they need more money and its a dire situation. With all the folks blowing out of this state or aging out and letting their cards expire there should clearly be distinctions to keep these idiots honest. Whats that special word they all use now....TRANSPARENCY
  12. Kelly said that Ptitzker has stabilized the funds so they wont be swept anymore. But they will need more thru the 1966 bill to help other agencies train and carry out revocations. So now the funds will not be sweptt but the need much more money to do the job correctly and help other agencies. i may be mistaken but my taxes fund other agencies already. All this guy was doing is being a politician. No more no less. There were many great questions probing this guy and asking why law abiding citizens have to foot the bill . Seems like most of the folks there were not happy.
  13. ISP and not Feds actually serving a warrant at Madigans ???? Hmmm....He must have p***** JB off .
  14. Yes get your record clear and 90 days after do the background check just to make sure it is actually cleared before you apply. Beats waiting years for an appeal.good luck.
  15. No. I’m at 35 calendar days. Nothing. Well, my app moved to “QC Verified” status yesterday...The law does not say 30 business days it says calendar days. I called ISP yesterday and the lady I spoke to was apologetic and told me they would be working on it... You actually spoke to the only person working there apparently. They just dont have the money for staff or process i provements. /s
  16. I also went thru supervision in 1974. It never affected my FOID but it was definitely still on my record and still is. Cook County couldnt find it for me to expunge before I applied for my CCL and it is so old it didnt affect my CCL either. But may I suggest to the OP right now is that you get that expunged if it as expungeable offense. Get it out of there now if you have any intentions of getting your CCL.
  17. Reading the Coli article its just amazing how deep this stuff goes and no one is in jail yet. Everyone is connected to someone . Its just mind boggling.
  18. Oddly the press seems to be throwing knockout punches too. We can hope. Seems every single move these crooks make is with a relative or friend or relative of a friend etc. sooner or later it unravels. Unfortunately for Illinois its later.
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