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  1. That's insane. Hopefully the cop will get what he deserves and Soukaneh will take him to the cleaners. We as gun owners don't need cops like this on the streets.
  2. Will there be any interesting new features that the upgrade will bring?
  3. These days being able to drive a manual transmission is a lost art. If you have a stick shift car, it's like a built-in security system since no thugs know how to drive it.
  4. carefull of the Buttstock…. Indeed. Don't let your barrel enter the breach.
  5. The more people I hear about finally getting their CCL's, it looks like 15 to 16 months is the average number, or about 500 days. That's about as long as it took to get mine too.
  6. Because guns = Bad That's all the reason they seem to need these days.
  7. I think that when cops respond to a call, no matter the circumstances, opening fire on the first person they see holding a gun is not the best policy. I don't know if they are trained this way or are just trigger happy due to all the general negative sentiment towards cops, but I still think it's a good idea to re-holster and move away from the scene if you're involved in stopping a threat like that. Why risk becoming another "cop kills good guy CCL holder because he had a gun" statistic.
  8. I think what we can learn from this is if you have to take down an active shooter, once the threat is eliminated, re-holster and conceal your piece immediately and don't pick up the perp's gun. In fact, don't be near any visible guns at all.
  9. Ok, so my new CCL FINALLY showed up. Total wait time was about 500 days. This seems to be the magic number as I know of a few other people who have been waiting about the same amount of time and they also got their CCL's, including some people here.
  10. My CCL pic is the one from my old DL and not from my new DL. Interesting. I wonder if that will be a problem.
  11. Interesting. Mine now shows issued on June 23 as well (finally!), yet I still don't have it.
  12. Need more details about why your gun was confiscated to begin with. If it was solely based on your age, maybe a lawyer would be the best route since you gun was unlawfully taken from you.
  13. Was thinking the same thing. Based on the what the article describes, I wouldn't vote to convict this guy.
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