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  1. I'm surprised it's taking this long in FL. They're way behind other states.
  2. Notice they don't have "Average CCL Renewal Times" in there, probably because it would be too embarrassing. The average would be over 500 days.
  3. That's about what I got out of what I found as well. The school carry is only by permission. Since TN is a constitutional carry state, I think you really only need the permit if you want to travel outside of TN and need reciprocity. I don't plan on ever doing open carry. Adjacent states like NC, AL, KY and GA still require permits, although GA might pass constitutional carry soon from what I hear.
  4. Got the same letter with the wrong dates. So, the letter says my FOID doesn't expire until 2025, but the date on the card says 2022. Do I renew, or not?
  5. Lingering for 10 to 15 seconds in his car was the justification for a stop? I think not. Totally 100% unconstitutional. Something is seriously wrong with the Fifth Circuit for them to think otherwise. It doesn't matter if the guy was found to be a felon. The stop was illegal and his rights were violated.
  6. I just applied for a TN permit and I must say, it's confusing as heck, unlike the IL process. One thing about the IL permitting process is that there isn't any ambiguity about what you need to apply. For TN, I can't really figure out what the major differences are between the standard and enhanced permits, besides the ability to open carry. Some people say you can carry in "more places", but those places aren't listed anywhere. What are they? According to some people, they say you can carry in hospitals and in schools, but then I find other information that says those locations are still prohibited. The reciprocity map doesn't appear to be any different for a standard or enhanced either. To get an enhanced permit, you need to go to almost IL like training, but with only 8 hours instead of 16 (and incur training costs), pay bigger fees and get fingerprinted. With the standard permit, you can do the training on-line which is free and the permit cost is much lower. I'm not sure if you need to be fingerprinted for the standard permit, since that part is unclear. So, is the enhanced permit really worth all the extra trouble and costs? It seems like it's not.
  7. Yeah, they lightly knocked on the door and in under 2 seconds were bashing it open. That hardly counts as "knocking".
  8. The CCL's are probably all cancelled. I'd be livid and probably sue the guy. He wasted 16 hours of my time with a fraudulent class. I charge $250 per hour for my time, so that's $4000. Now I have to waste another 16 hours taking another class, which is another $4000. Add in the wasted range time and ammo, say $80. Then the CCL application fee of $153. Court costs and filing fees, maybe $1000. Grand total $9233. Multiply that by 800 students = $7,386,400. Pay up.
  9. But you don't see these kinds of problems in states dominated by Republicans. I'd argue that we don't want the checks and balances of a two party system that includes Democrats. These days, Democrats do nothing but cause problems in every level of government.
  10. Yes, they do work. I practice with my laser both on and off. When it's on I'm noticeably more accurate and can even put a few bullets through the same hole in the paper. It's also a good training tool, since you can see unwanted motion with the laser on.
  11. That seems crazy. A bunch of time must have elapsed before the gun arrived on the scene. The dogs could have completely eaten the jogger by then.
  12. Well, we already have indefinite incarceration for alleged "trespassing" in DC, which include solitary confinement, torture and other abuses.
  13. I've worked in the loop area for decades and unfortunately was required to take public transportation. Over those years, I've been assaulted many times. In my opinion, FOID carrying is worthless since assaults usually happen very quickly and you're not going to have enough time to extract your gun, load it and have it ready. On top of that, nearly every building in the loop is a GFZ. I carried pepper spray in a belt holster and a backup knife. That's about the best you can do in Chicago. Avoiding the city altogether is the best plan of action.
  14. Don't complain, you might have just set a world record for quickness. Most people are waiting over 500 days for their renewal.
  15. I wonder what the underlying motive and endgame is here? I assume it will be some type of firearms restrictions or confiscation for vets.
  16. The law said a probate judge, police chief, or sheriff "may" issue a license "if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear injury to his person or property, or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol." As the National African American Gun Association notes in its Supreme Court brief, Southern states historically used that sort of discretionary carry permit law to disarm black people ... This obviously has evolved over the years, so they're using it to disarm everyone now.
  17. The average wait seems to be about 500 days, which means you've got about 105 days to go, so maybe around Feb 2022. Be patient for a little while longer.
  18. Most people are waiting over 500 days for a CCL renewal, which seems about average. You have a long way to go yet.
  19. That's insane. Hopefully the cop will get what he deserves and Soukaneh will take him to the cleaners. We as gun owners don't need cops like this on the streets.
  20. The more people I hear about finally getting their CCL's, it looks like 15 to 16 months is the average number, or about 500 days. That's about as long as it took to get mine too.
  21. Have we sent in an inquiry for you? Have not sent an inquiry yet. It's good to know that we can do this though. I have some friends who have been waiting just a bit longer than me and they are now finally getting their renewal CCL's, so I'm hoping I'm going to be next soon. Let's wait one more month or so and see what happens. If I still don't have it at around the 500 day mark, then we should probably do an inquiry.
  22. I'm at 445 days and I'm still "under review" for my renewal. At this point, I don't think I'll ever see a new card.
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