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  1. Mine lays either between the console and the driver seat or at times it’s just flat in the passenger seat (barrel facing the passenger door grip down). I have a slightly over sized wash cloth I found some years ago in black. I drape this over the firearm to conceal and have never had any issues. People and such have been up to my car and have never given it a second glance or asked about it. Two things here....when I exit the car it goes into my already on holster or the car gets locked caked if it’s a gun free zone. YMMV
  2. Not me. Those buying now. Might be D. So saying that we (republicans) are gaining a larger base. Might not be true. But I’m m sure most believe I hate guns and R too! Lololololol
  3. All gun owners aren't listening and voting how you would think they are. Those purchasing guns now are doing so since they can because of their great D leadership! May they live long and prosper! They may be seeing the light but that doesnt mean they will vote against the Great and All Powerful D!
  4. Hear it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it was what’s his name!
  5. Does it have to be in a case? In the glove box maybe? Locked. Or can it be willy nilly laying behind the car seat accessible to you?
  6. Heard this morning at 8:00am on WBBM they were explaining this and stated that if the CC or Shipper suspect anything wrong (hinkey, my word) that the shipment can be diverted to a law enforcement facility for further review! Just FYI.
  7. This e-card is some how going to bite someone some way. Yes but still a rule etc but I just want to get it n record.
  8. Fake news. Virtue signaling. Is there a list of how this has helped someone yet? Gun owners have this huge pile of weapons at their disposal (based on the left). But we have NO huge pile of money or organization to use it! 300 million weapons? 400? And MDA can shut down a town and move boulders if they chose. Lets face it fellas and gals, we have our guns and we are happy, slap happy.
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