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  1. I completely support SB3128 - Firearm silencers and will not pull an ISRA and take a neutral stance. 🤬🤬🤬
  2. You can not have an Illinois FCCL as a Florida resident because Illinois does not recognize Florida as a state that is substantially similar.

    Glock 43

    Welcome to the forum. As an FYI, magazines don't require a FOID card
  4. She did vote NO for the conceal carry act.
  5. For starters I believe the FOID card should be found unconstitutional and go away. With that being said. Until that happens and now that the expiration date is being removed from the card, along with the fact that your card will be renewed when you renew your FCCL and it's renewed when you purchase a firearm, what's the use of the expiration date. Considering our cards are background checked nightly for disqualifiers 360 days a year. Why have an expiration date. Why shouldn't they be valid until they are either suspended or revoked. If they're renewed automatically as stated above, does that mean we pay every time they're renewed. I think their plan is a total cluster ****. In Todd we trust. The only way I would renew my membership with the ISRA is if Pearson is gone and Todd takes over the ISRA 😁👍 Stay on them Todd
  6. A few questions Has JCAR approved these new rules, if so, where can we find this? By reading the OP, I am under the impression that this new FOID card will also be your CCL because of the CCL endorsement in the top corner of the new card. Am I right? If I'm correct on the above, then will there be 2 expiration dates that we have to be worried about? FOID = 10 Years FCCL = 5 Years Does anyone see how this is going to work logistically or realistically? I think it's time we all start calling our representatives and senators. 🤬🤬
  7. You get what you vote for. It's about time these libs had a rude awakening. KARMA 😱
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