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  1. Good question, I got the same email this afternoon. But I did login just prior to that from my laptop.
  2. You are being given bad information. You do not need a FOID CARD to take the FCCL class. I would suggest finding another instructor in your area.
  3. Maybe the U.S. needs to sue Mexico for the drug deaths in this country.
  4. I don't plan on renewing my membership either. Pearson needs to go. Maybe IC should take a vote of confidence also and send them the results. I vote "No Confidence " There's the start.
  5. I don't understand the mentality of an antigun politician and the stupid legislation they pass either. But I think you are right in your last sentence.
  6. There are like 7 states that only honor permits from residents of states they honor. If you look at the website I referenced you will see below the picture of the United States those states.
  7. Colorado will not honor your Florida permit. You must be a resident of Florida for them to honor it. When I was in Colorado in 2016 and if I remember correctly I was able to carry in my vehicle concealed and when I exited the vehicle I had to open carry as Colorado allows open carry except Denver I believe. Their laws are a little goofy, check www.handgunlaw.us for current information about this.
  8. NO MORE COMPROMISING. PERIOD When will they learn that we always get the shaft. SMH
  9. Well if Todd V is truly retiring, how about we get rid if Pearson and put Todd in his place. I'm sure things would get done the right way.
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