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  1. I think this is another overreach by the ISP. Just like when they attempted to make the "hits on target " on the B27 silhouette inside the 7 ring. The way I read and interpret (a-25) is that the ISP is supposed to be compiling a list of serial numbers in a database for US to search. Not us inputting serial numbers for them to establish a database. Another reason I think the EPA ruling should apply to the ISP.
  2. Color me silly but if they're asking for that much information then why does the seller have to keep their documentation for 10 years and why does the buyer have to find an FFL to keep theirs for 20 years. This is so stupid .
  3. 👍 I sure hope there's alot of suits being drawn up in Illinois. Thanks for the update
  4. Do you have a link to those opinions. I can see people's heads exploding now.🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. If I may ask, what is the purpose of posting all of these amici briefs
  6. I'm curious about the "substantially similar " language and the lack of reciprocity amongst the states. Crossing a state line voids your second amendment right if there's no reciprocity. I think and hope this gets challenged.
  7. Hey Todd V After you have had time to read and digest this opinion. Would you be willing to share your thoughts with us on where you think area's of Illinois law could be challenged and overturned. KING
  8. I am not making any assumptions. I clarified your statement as being incorrect, which it is. I'm also not going to get into the "what if" discussion. I suggest you read that law and then do whatever you want to do.
  9. You are completely wrong about this. You need to read HB4383 which was signed into law on 5/18/22. As of that date it is illegal to offer for sale or sell an unserialized receiver. Doesn't matter whether it's an 80% or finished receiver. The penalty is a class 4 felony.
  10. I see that as handguns and long guns could be carried also. Which questions conceal carry vs open carry.
  11. I was thinking this same thing. But a screen like this will just make people look behind it. Then I thought, go to an appliance store and see if you can get a couple of refrigerator boxes. Slide them over the top and voila. Covered.😁
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