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  1. I suspect this will fail for the same reason the eviction moratorium and employee vaccine mandates failed: They constitute an attempt by the executive to extra-legally legislate in a manner solely and exclusively limited to Congress, Second Amendment aside. Some will retort, "Well, they did it with bumpstocks so they can do it here, too." Except that bumpstocks are technically workarounds to an existing prohibition on unregistered machine guns (or so it could be argued). It's a bit more complicated than that, but I don't want to bore anyone with a long-winded analysis. But with receivers, these new rules constitute a wholesale rewording of federal law, one that is at odds with the very clear definition of a "receiver" under the GCA. Key difference. This is precisely why the FBI, amongst other agencies, have been very leery of prosecuting illegal possession of AR lower receivers since some judges have, correctly, pointed out that such items do not meet the strict legal definition of a receiver under the law. The FBI even dropped one case because it was clear the judge was going to rule against them and they wanted to avoid setting a negative precedent. To me, this nothing more than an attempt to be seen as "doing something" regardless of whether such an action is truly advisable, just as it was with the vaccine mandate (since Biden wanted to be seen as "doing something" on COVID, regardless of whether it would stand). The gun control movement genuinely believed (as did many gun owners, both incorrectly) that their entire laundry list would've been enacted by now. They failed to understand, as the Progressives still do, that they did not have the necessary support in the Senate. So now they're scratching their heads trying to find a way to get something enacted while failing to ask whether such an action will actually survive court scrutiny. They genuinely don't know what they're doing here, in spite of the frequent claims that, "They know exactly what they're doing!" If that were true, they might try banning unserialized lower receivers instead, although that's legally dubious at best. Attempting a total re-write of federal law, particularly one so clear-cut as the GCA, is a fool's errand and evidence that they haven't really thought this one through. It wouldn't surprise me if the FPC files in the same circuit where the moratorium and vaccine mandate cases were filed (The Sixth Circuit?). It also wouldn't surprise me if the judges are the same. Also, just to get it out there: This is no different than when they complained about handgun violence in the 1980's or "assault weapons" in the '90's or even their never-ending whining about concealed carry. It's their latest shiny object and they'll just move onto something else when the whole thing falls apart.
  2. Here's what I'll be using this scope for: *Steel targets, generally half-size and 1/3rd IPSC silhouettes, along with some gongs and random animal-shaped steel targets; *Distances from 150 to 300 yards, perhaps upwards of that on occasion; *Daylight use, with rare nighttime range sessions with the aid of truck headlights; *Range use only; won't be used for hunting; *I might want the ability to dial down to "zero" for sub-100 yard shots, but most of my shooting will be done at distances beyond that; *It would be nice if the scope could be as lightweight as possible, but that may or may not be possible depending on the scope and it's features. I had originally looked at the Leupold Freedom 2.5x fixed power scope and was amazed at how light it is (6 oz) but questions remain about its usability on steel at 300. I'm not a bullseye shooter looking to see the holes at that distance, I simply want to see the gong and watch it ring. Then there's the various types of hunting scopes and LPVOs. The latter allows you to dial down to one, but I debate how much I need that feature. And while 3-9x and 3-12x scopes can be had for cheap, I wonder about the weight and if I need that much top-end magnification. Illumination is another mystery: Do I really need it for my purposes? Leupold makes a 1.5-4x scope which weighs slightly more than their fixed-power scope (9 oz) but I wonder if 4x magnification will be enough for 300. It does dial down to 1.5, nice but perhaps not strictly necessary for my needs.
  3. I find this part confusing. Upon my initial reading (and my re-reading today) this seems to imply that FFLs must certify that they follow safe storage requirements in the normal course of business. Not the customers to whom they sell. That strikes me as...unnecessary. What FFL doesn't follow safe storage rules, even if only for pragmatic business purposes (loss prevention)?
  4. I'll DM you my location. While I understand that 10mm can be "downloaded" to .40 S&W specs, I can't help but find myself thinking "go big or go home": Either use the traditional Cooper load (200 grain bullet at 1,200 FPS) or get a different caliber. But that doesn't mean I won't give it a try.
  5. ...and might be willing to join me at the range so I can give it a whirl? I've always wanted to give 10mm a try but good luck finding any ranges that have one in the rental cabinet. Just wanted to throw that out there and see if anyone bites. I'll provide my own ammo; I don't feel comfortable wasting other people's ammo when availability is still sketchy in places. A part of me wants something chambered in the vaulted caliber, but I also don't want to drop $600 on something I may hate. I find 45 to be a bit of a handful depending on the gun in question (the 1911 is difficult to shoot, the Glock 21 is tolerable, and the FNX-45 is fairly controllable) but that begs the question of how 10mm compares. Plus it's 10mm; just get a white suit and some Wayfayers and you can feel like Sonny Crocket.
  6. What makes the address thing unusual is that some of my leases terminated and others began in the middle of the month, making it easier to figure out. But there was one that ended at the end of the month and the other which began the next month, which sorta begs the question of, "what would I put there?"
  7. Talk about weird, I always thought it was $75. Thank you for the clarification. It's especially weird because I was on here the day that they finally voted on the bill, surprised I didn't catch this. Also, FCCL = remains valid after listed expiration date as long as renewal has been submitted, yes? Oh, one more thing: I've changed addresses numerous times in the past ten years. How accurate do the dates of individual addresses need to be? They should be correct; I had to locate copies of old leases to confirm the dates. Particularly confused by the "end dates". Do they mean the month the lease ended? What do you put if the first lease ends March 31st but the second lease begins April 1st? Do you say "End: March <year>" or "End: April <year>"?
  8. I haven't been on here in awhile, but when I went to go renew my FCCL tonight the fee is $150. I may have missed something (again, I never come on here anymore) but is this correct? Couldn't find anything with a cursory search of the forums. Also wanted to confirm that the FCCL does remain active/valid even after the listed expiration date as long as the renewal application has been submitted/is pending.
  9. When renewing FOID cards without an address or name change, the card remains valid for purchases, correct? The issue is only when dealing with an address or name change?
  10. What about firearm purchases made between when you applied and when you receive your renewal, assuming no address or name changes? From what I gather, your FOID is still active, all you did was submit an application for renewal. Obviously, if there is a name or address change, or you have passed the original expiration date and are awaiting your renewal, then yes, that's a problem.
  11. I wonder if this could cause this case to stall as the court awaits on the SCOTUS decission, these mostly mundane cases pending before the SCOTUS could turn out to be 2nd game changers. The way I see it, the Illinois State Supreme Court is likely watching the New York case currently pending before the US SCOTUS. They're also likely to see the writing on the wall in that case, and what a ruling there portends for gun control nationwide. While its temping to be pessimistic and assume the court will uphold the FOID Act, it's also likely they they see where this is all headed, and avoid a future appeal to the Supreme Court by simply striking the FOID Act and avoiding a potential legal showdown. Remember, the gun control movement is panicking over the New York case for good reason: Thomas would never let the court take any 2A case if he wasn't confident that he had the votes needed to issue a tough 2A ruling, and the gun control movement knows this, and they know it spells doom for their cause. The lower courts likely know this as well.
  12. No, it was a while ago and doesn't come up in a search. Maybe the guy it happened to would want to tell the story again, or not. I'll leave it up to him. It happened to a member whose firearm had been stolen and turned up in the city. Chicago PD traced the firearm back to him and came calling with a list of other firearms he had purchased and wanted to see them. This situation is different. Main thing is that his FOID is still valid and has not been revoked. OK that's still stinking garbage. Where exactly did they get a list? Unless he was a Chicago resident and registered them with city hall at some point they shouldn't have any way to compile a list. If Chicago police came to Dupage and rang my bell...I wouldn't answer. I don't answer my door for anybody who hasn't called first. I might call 911 and have my local PD intercept them though. I'd bet they wouldn't be too happy about CPD making housecalls here. Did they go to a Cook County gun store and pressure them to give up 4473 data?
  13. I don't sign slips because I can't afford for my employer to find out.
  14. Any dealers here have a relationship with SOG (Southern Ohio Gun) or AIM Surplus?
  15. They, on the one hand, deny she had a "temporary" FOID card but by doing so tactically acknowledge that they saw that wording used in the original complaint, but then double back and state "oh, well, she didn't bother applying so she can't sue us."
  16. Having grown up in the Chicagoland area, I'm so used to seeing Walmarts without ammo that I was shocked to finally see an ammo section at a Walmart. But this was in Wisconsin, and it was during the height of the Ammo Scares several years ago...so it was actually a pretty depressing sight. I'm still surprised that Gander Mountain's ammo is stored on open shelves, along with the discounted firearms. I'm so used to everything being behind glass or under lock and key that it was an amazing sight to behold.
  17. Yesterday morning I visited one of those express Walmarts in Chicago and lo and behold, there was a "no guns for employees or reps" sign in the window. I was going to speak with or email the manager later that day until I returned that evening to find the sign gone. Surprised they removed it so quickly...
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