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  1. My condolences for being in Crook County. 😁
  2. 👍 voted for every Republican I could. 😁
  3. I have Vortex 10x42 binoculars. I bought the crossfire and then the diamondback models. Depends on what your budget is, but I'm happy with both models. I think the Vortex Diamondback is a little better than the crossfire but both work great.
  4. Joyce also voted for HB562. He was campaigning this summer at a car show I was in. I had a conversation with him about the FOID Modernization bill and he really didn't care what we thought. His attitude really sucked. He basically told me too bad and that we need to vote in more Republicans. 🤬🤬 I'm so glad I dropped my membership with the ISRA.
  5. As John Q posted. You don't need an FCCL to carry openly or concealed. Just a FOID card and the ILCS that covers this is under 720 ILCS 5/24-1 (a) (4).
  6. Sorry but I really don't understand why someone would even ask, Bailey or Pritzker.
  7. That is not correct. Only states that are substantially similar is where those residents can obtain a carry license from Illinois. A resident from any state with a permit from their home state can carry a firearm in their vehicle.
  8. https://www.wcia.com/news/new-bill-to-require-foid-card-owners-to-reapply-at-21/
  9. I agree If my memory is correct, I think there was a lawsuit on this subject. I'm thinking a judge ruled that the carriage of a firearm was not a reason to stop and search someone . There had to be probable cause such as the commission of a crime.
  10. 👍 thanks for following up on this. Good information to know. I have alot of my students asking me about these issues and now I can answer them hopefully intelligently 😁
  11. Thanks for this information. I have read and reread what you posted and it makes sense in theory but I will be curious how the actual implementation turns out. Also the automatic updates for your FOID as I understood it was only if you have fingerprints on file. Lastly the question still remains. For those such as lilguy that have their FOID and CCL cards expire on the same date. And that's because this is the beginning of this new program. Can they renew just their FOID card if they decide not to renew their CCL. Will the renew button be active for both or just the CCL. I understand the ISP long range plan but we're not there yet. If both renew buttons aren't active then realistically those people that decide not to renew their CCL could have expired FOID cards. Then what, a visit from ISP to confiscate your firearms. 🤔
  12. As the law is written you are right. But lilguy has a good point. If anyone has the answer please chime in. When it comes time to renew his CCL and FOID, will the Renew button be available for both or just his CCL. If it's not available for his FOID then you MUST renew your CCL or be in jeopardy of losing both cards per se. Now would be the time to find out. Not when you expire. And I'm not going to make any assumptions on what will happen considering the past practices of the state and the ISP.
  13. Wait, WHAT I thought the ISP said they didn't keep those reports. Isn't that what they said in reference to the Highland Park shooter or am I missing something 🤔
  14. The sooner they pass this legislation the better That way the sooner it goes to court and gets shot down and found unconstitutional, the better.
  15. OR if the person accesses his Electronic version of the FOID card, why not just look at their dashboard on the ISP website which shows the expiration date.
  16. Already posted in the second amendment topic 😁
  17. If I can throw this out there If you're looking at Taurus, you might want to look at the G2C. I like their size, it's a nice shooting gun and it has a 12 round mag capacity. I personally know 4 people that have the G2C and they really like them. Best part is Palmetto State Armory has them on sale for $199 with a $25 Mail in rebate.
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