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  1. The content of her character should have barred her from ever having weapons in the first place.
  2. I simple sign on the door used to keep things civilized.
  3. Nursing? Probably only useful as a Walmart worker.
  4. All everyone needs to know about "gun violence" From heyjackass.com today. Victims Vast majority had no foid and were felons/under age prohibited from owning or carrying guns in the first place. If they weren't only shooting and killing each other, racism would be all over the news.
  5. It's obvious things are only getting worse and the woke seem to love it.
  6. Full auto 10/22 wiff dat silencer. They don't need to know where dem boolits b comin from in cases like this. Blend in with the background.
  7. They do that with ghetto ponies so they can fight them in basements and garages.
  8. Pitbull that attacked me was debarked... Sounded like this The big black dog
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