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  1. When renewing FOID cards without an address or name change, the card remains valid for purchases, correct? The issue is only when dealing with an address or name change?
  2. If I'm looking at this correctly, all this talk of fingerprints doesn't apply for mere FOID renewals, but only FCCL renewals, correct?
  3. What about firearm purchases made between when you applied and when you receive your renewal, assuming no address or name changes? From what I gather, your FOID is still active, all you did was submit an application for renewal. Obviously, if there is a name or address change, or you have passed the original expiration date and are awaiting your renewal, then yes, that's a problem.
  4. I wonder if this could cause this case to stall as the court awaits on the SCOTUS decission, these mostly mundane cases pending before the SCOTUS could turn out to be 2nd game changers. The way I see it, the Illinois State Supreme Court is likely watching the New York case currently pending before the US SCOTUS. They're also likely to see the writing on the wall in that case, and what a ruling there portends for gun control nationwide. While its temping to be pessimistic and assume the court will uphold the FOID Act, it's also likely they they see where this is all headed, and avoid a future appeal to the Supreme Court by simply striking the FOID Act and avoiding a potential legal showdown. Remember, the gun control movement is panicking over the New York case for good reason: Thomas would never let the court take any 2A case if he wasn't confident that he had the votes needed to issue a tough 2A ruling, and the gun control movement knows this, and they know it spells doom for their cause. The lower courts likely know this as well.
  5. No, it was a while ago and doesn't come up in a search. Maybe the guy it happened to would want to tell the story again, or not. I'll leave it up to him. It happened to a member whose firearm had been stolen and turned up in the city. Chicago PD traced the firearm back to him and came calling with a list of other firearms he had purchased and wanted to see them. This situation is different. Main thing is that his FOID is still valid and has not been revoked. OK that's still stinking garbage. Where exactly did they get a list? Unless he was a Chicago resident and registered them with city hall at some point they shouldn't have any way to compile a list. If Chicago police came to Dupage and rang my bell...I wouldn't answer. I don't answer my door for anybody who hasn't called first. I might call 911 and have my local PD intercept them though. I'd bet they wouldn't be too happy about CPD making housecalls here. Did they go to a Cook County gun store and pressure them to give up 4473 data?
  6. I don't sign slips because I can't afford for my employer to find out.
  7. Honestly don't know how the yuppies justify staying in this city, I really don't. If you've lived here most or all of your life I can understand why you'd stay, but if you had other options why bother? Why? I don't get it. And I'm the bad guy when I question the narrative.
  8. This. This needs to be shoved in the face of every single anti-gun person who thinks that nobody should be allowed to carry on public transportation. They're morons. All that matters is their ideology that guns = bad and guns on public transit = massacre waiting to happen, and they'll never budge. They have to be forced to accept it through a lawsuit challenging the ban on constitutional grounds.
  9. There are statistics if a crime happens in Chicago: https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/Crimes-2001-to-present/ijzp-q8t2/data That's why I vastly prefer taking Metra. Since they have conductors on board they'll readily remove unruly passengers, plus those same passengers can't as easily get on, commit a crime, and get off at the next stop. There have been a few times when my train was delayed because of "police action".
  10. And my friend refused my offer to get their concealed carry license...
  11. Any dealers here have a relationship with SOG (Southern Ohio Gun) or AIM Surplus?
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