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  1. Sounds like a vague slap in the face to the illustrious Kim Foxx. Hopefully there will be heat coming to this useles and lawless ASA.
  2. My first thought was that they wouldn't try to do this under a Trump admin. He would have turned it around likely something like King suggested, or worse. By what authority could he have done this? Other than appointing federal judges with consent of the Senate, a President has no authority of the judiciary. I would agree.... Authority over the judiciary would allow anybody to simply defy any court decisions... Oh wait... So now the Dementia in Chief has the CDC do his illegal bidding ? We elct people to make these decisions not some fools pretending to do science in an office building. This is outrageous.
  3. I am done with ISRA until there is a leadership change
  4. What an unsavory situation. Im not re-upping this time around. I understand politics is a messy business but either you stick to your values or you get compromised.
  5. I wonder what the 10 shot with one dead at 75th and Prairie thinks of MsFoxx.
  6. Done x2. Such a corrupt bunch of lowlifes doing things in the middle of the night to supress the people of this state.
  7. Misread post. Will keep an eye for witness slip filing time
  8. That sums it up nice and succinctly. Nice to have a blank taxpayer funded checkbook.
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