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  1. Maybe they got some side-channel info that the judge wasn't going to grant it, so they want to try better. And that really is just speculation.
  2. Consideration for the motion for a temporary restraining order has been postponed at the plaintiff's request. Defense's response brief is due December 5. Plaintiff's reply brief is due December 9.
  3. Judicial Second Amendment Case Discussion > morse v raul
  4. There was some previous discussion in Illinois Politics > Highland Park just announced a lawsuit against Smith and Wesson. It's not the City of Highland Park that is suing S&W. It's 12 private parties, each filing one lawsuit. The lawsuits were originally filed in Lake County Court, most (but not all) of them on September 27. On November 7 and November 14, S&W had them removed to the Federal District Court of Northern Illinois. I'm not going to create a separate topic for each of them. If the mods really want it, they can do that. Roberts v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6169 Bennett v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6171 Sundheim v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6178 Straus v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6181 Rebollar Sedano v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6183 Rodriguez v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6185 Tenorio v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6186 Vergara v Smith Wesson 1:22-cv-6190 Toledo v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6191 Zeifert v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6193 Turnipseed v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6359 Chupack v Smith & Wesson 1:22-cv-6361
  5. The case was filed in the Federal District Court of Northern Illinois on September 7. (Docket) Susan Goldman is a private individual who owns firearms and magazines of the types that are banned. On October 7, plaintiffs filed motions for preliminary and permanent injunctions. On October 11, the court held a hearing on the motion for a preliminary injunction (among other things). A hearing on the motion for a permanent injunction is scheduled for March 8, 2023. (The court has not issued a preliminary injunction.)
  6. The case was filed in the Federal District Court of Northern Illinois on September 7. (Docket) Robert Bevis owns Law Weapons & Supply. On November 18, plaintiffs filed motions for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. On November 21, the court held a hearing on the motions. It expects to issue a ruling on them on November 28.
  7. TL;DR: Greco was/is the subject of a "red flag" order. When Greco sued NJ in federal district court regarding the constitutionality of the "red flag" law, the district court ruled that it could not rule, because Greco was the subject of a civil order covered by the challenged law. The appeals court affirmed the district court decision. Greco seeks merely to be able to proceed against NJ in district court. Meanwhile, even the NJ Attorney General apparently thinks the law is unconstitutional. BTW, the ex parte hearing for the "red flag" order lasted two days and resulted in a no-knock warrant entry into his home to seize one rifle, which was legally owned and registered (because NJ requires registration), and some ammo.
  8. Filed in Federal District Court of Southern Illinois (Docket)
  9. The organization that would normally be the one to bring such a lawsuit within Illinois can't really, at the moment, be trusted to do so, though.
  10. Christian v. Nigrelli (1:22-cv-00695) District Court, W.D. New York (docket)
  11. The following is from an article discussing the denial of a preliminary injunction. Putting 2 and 2 together, I'd say Defense Distributed dropped the case rather than lose and have to appeal. The Reload
  12. Retailers need to use the ISP site. Training certs never expire, but you can only use each one once, and sometimes they change design. No. Even though there's only one card, there are still two expiration dates (which in some cases may be the same).
  13. It's essentially a batch number. Maybe it could be used to help the ISP detect counterfeits. The "security" features on the card are really not well-designed.
  14. On November 21 (today), the judge agreed to dismiss the claims. The case has been terminated.
  15. You can't renew before 180 days before expiration. You should get a notice by email, text, USPS, or whatever notification options you have selected. (I got text and email within a day, USPS a month later.) You should be able to renew even if you don't get a notice. Unless you expect to have difficulty renewing (like you moved, changed your name, etc.), there's no special hurry within the 180-day window. Also with the COVID emergency rules still in effect, there's no special hurry after the expiration, either, but you probably shouldn't rely on that.
  16. Take a CCL renewal class. Go online. Upload your cert and pay the man for a new CCL. (FOID is included for "free.") Wait.
  17. "Printed" to ISP just means approved. It takes about a month to print and mail it for real.
  18. On November 17, the parties reported to the judge that they had reached a settlement agreement, although it has not been finalized. There were no other details.
  19. You can check on the ISP website, but your FOID has almost certainly been extended. I leave a small chance for bureaucratic mismanagement and technical glitches, although I haven't heard of any myself regarding expiration dates. There's the normal amount of bureaucratic mismanagement and technical glitches covering everything else.
  20. US filed an appeal on October 24. On October 26, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals assigned it docket number 22-4609.
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