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  1. There are "proprietary" technologies for the stamping, only one of which is a special firing pin. Basically that means any industry that implements the technology has to pay a license fee to the patent trolls. These technologies exist only on paper.
  2. When I took the CCL class, the instructors rented out a Ruger SR22. It didn't have a red dot, but the red dot is irrelevant. I've heard other instructors do similar things.
  3. It was a panel decision. It'll be appealed for en banc and overturned, the same as the mag bans. As with many Circuit Court of Appeals cases, this decision only applies to whether the original complaint could be dismissed. If this ruling stands (which it won't), it only means that the case would return to District Court to be heard. It wouldn't necessarily prohibit Ventura county (or any other county) from closing all gun stores and shooting ranges again. If/when the en banc Court of Appeals re-dismisses the case, the plaintiffs still have the US Supreme Court, but I would expect the Supreme Court to deny it certiorari as moot, echoing the NYSRPA case on transport. The county's order to close all gun stores and shooting ranges has long since been rescinded. I could be wrong. CA9 might refuse to hear the case en banc. Or it might hear the case and not overturn the panel decision. Or SCOTUS might grant it certiorari and not rule it moot. But I don't think any of those things will happen.
  4. If I understand correctly, the "Act" authorizes the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority to establish funding for a microstamp program, which doesn't necessarily create, test, or issue microstamping firearms. I believe that the ICJIA doesn't do anything other than apply for federal grants and shuffle money from grants to various law enforcement agencies. Presumably if law enforcement agencies wanted to issue or test microstamping firearms, they'd ask ICJIA for funds to buy them and/or test them (whatever "testing" means). There still have to be agencies which want to issue microstamping firearms to their personnel and presumably personnel who want to carry them. If we as private individuals buy firearms that have been issued to police by their departments, will we be accused of using "police-style" weapons? With some police personnel having trouble with P320 adoption (although still an extreme minority, I think), why should we trust the outcome of some other (extremely small) weapon adoption? I'm not sure this bill does anything, even if it passes, other than waste whatever money it manages to control, especially since there are no microstamping firearms. No number of emergency rules are going to summon them into existence.
  5. By November 1st, you'll be walking around with a bright, shiny, new, combined FOID/CCL that has no expiration date on it. Hilarity ensues.
  6. It's not comprehensive (Clenzoil, Break Free CLP, Slip 2000, Frog Lube, Hoppe’s, Extreme Force, Hoppe’s 9 Kit, Ballistol, and Fluid Film), but it's pretty good.
  7. No. It's an Urbana municipal ordinance, if anything. I'm not even sure it's that. Presumably the judge and jury took possession of the laser into account for sentencing, which is ridiculous enough that I can't imagine that the sentence would not be appealed.
  8. Pritzker issued the first disaster proclamation in March 2020, so a card that expired in 2019 shouldn't be covered. Nevertheless that's probably what happened. Even if it was a screw up that it was covered, I doubt that you'll get anywhere good by fighting it.
  9. "Until" is already in the current law. The bill basically just defines what "public" and non-public means.
  10. CWBChicago So apparently the point of the Zoom quasi-Town Hall was a power grab by Dart and Feigenholtz against Evans. They make Evans look like the good guy.
  11. CWBChicago The CWBChicago article has several stories about monitoring subjects cutting off their monitors and committing more crimes. I'd have to quote the whole article to get all the good parts.
  12. Just round up to the nearest million. It's not like numbers mean anything anyway. Time, budgets, pharmaceutical dosages, ... There are so many uses for meaningless, arbitrary numbers.
  13. It's also a misdemeanor Illinois CCL violation (carrying a loaded firearm in one of the 23 prohibited zones), which is a state law. if the prosecutor can ever figure it out, that's how he'll be charged. Meanwhile, they're probably still looking for their ass.
  14. TSA arrested him and turned him over to CPD. I suspect the peanuts are too small for a federal prosecution. He's not a terrorist. He's just a numbskull who doesn't know the law, apparently just like the judge and prosecutor.
  15. Actually not, but read on for what happens in court when neither the judge nor the prosecutor knows the law. CWBChicago
  16. The audience for this announcement isn't FFLs. It's people who know absolutely nothing about FFLs. It makes Biden look to them like he's doing something.
  17. That's by design. The NRA doesn't want another 1977 Revolution. The ISRA followed suit.
  18. I don't believe any courses expire, but they are single use only. To get the most value out of the class, though, it's worth taking the class just before applying.
  19. I am beginning to suspect that the "security code" on the new cards is effectively the new FOID number. At some point, no security code = not valid.
  20. Euler

    30 Super Carry

    https://www.federalpremium.com/30supercarry.html It appears to be a heavier 32 ACP bullet (100gr vs 55-73gr) with a longer case, loaded to a higher chamber pressure. The only firearm I can find chambered in it is vaporware Shield EZ. Davidson's lists them, but has no info on them. The S&W site doesn't even list them. Maybe it'll become a viable option to 380 ACP if more manufacturers chamber firearms in it, but I don't see it replacing 9mm.
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