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  1. That’s because the Biden administration doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. They make them an ally. Coming soon.
  2. Former ATF Colleagues Write Letter Opposing Biden Director Nominee: ‘Wrong Man for the Job “David’s strong personal beliefs on firearms issues will create serious and long-lasting problems for the Bureau and the effective execution of its law enforcement mission,” the agents said in the letter. “We relied on effective partnerships with industry, stakeholders, and other law enforcement agencies to execute our missions. Unfortunately, if David were confirmed, ATF partners would see someone who is coming to the agency with his top priority being to implement a divisive gun control agenda.” “Having been at the Bureau at the same time as Mr. Chipman and having followed his career after he left the Bureau, we are very familiar with his leadership style and his approach to leading the agency,” the former agents said in the letter. “While an agent, David did not exhibit the collaborative and respectful type of leadership required of an agency Director that must manage a diverse workforce with challenging issues. While we can say without hesitation that David is very smart, we can also say without hesitation that he was very often not a team player and had a troubling tendency to think he was always right.” (Psychiatrists/Psychologists have a name for that...) https://thereload.com/former-atf-colleagues-write-letter-opposing-biden-director-nominee-wrong-person-for-that-job/
  3. The one thing that would hurt Mexico would be to restrict money transfers to families in Mexico. Their economy would collapse. Trump mentioned this several times, but never acted. I suspect there was heavy duty corporate bank opposition, or he used it as a bargaining chip to get that border closing agreement he made with Mexico.
  4. I started out with a Lyman Turret Press. It came as a kit. Everything you needed to get started except components. I read the instructions twice through, and then started reloading reduced load 38 special. I upgraded when the original Dillon 450's came out. I always used a Rock Chucker for rifle ammo...
  5. Probably more than a few ATF Agents got their fingers crossed he doesn't get confirmed.
  6. Then the Rinos have won. You have to have voters and true elections to win...
  7. Based on history and the fact the nation is do divided, I expect a red wave in two years... We are a country divided and even though I'm seeing all these liberals believing that Biden is going to magically unite the country and are now all about promoting unity and working together, they are dreaming if they think that is going to happen after the last four years I wouldn't count on a red wave. The Rinos might think they have their party back. They don't. Millions of people just got shown their vote doesn't count. And the Rinos are just standing there saying nothing. So if the Rinos don't support us, and the system is rigged...why bother.
  8. Michigan Court Strikes Down Ban on Open Carry at Polls On 27 October, 2020, Judge Christopher Murray, at the Michigan Court of Claims, issued an opinion striking down Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's edict banning the open carry of guns at all polling places on election day. The edict was issued on 16 October. Tom Lambert and several right to bear arms groups sued to stop the order extral-legal order on 22 October, 2020. From freep.com: "The court’s duty is not to act as an overseer of the Department of State, nor is it to impose its view on the wisdom of openly carrying firearms at polling places or other election locations," he said. "More importantly, its constitutional role is properly limited to only declaring what the law is, not what it should be." Murray handed down his ruling the same day the Detroit branch of the NAACP said its members and area attorneys will monitor polls across the city and state on Election Day and will report to police and prosecutors any instances of voter intimidation or voter suppression, including voters feeling threatened by gun-carrying individuals “watching” the polls. Radical leftist Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and elected in the anti-Trump wave in 2018, and Attorney General Dana Nessel, issued statements saying they will appeal the decision. https://gunwatch.blogspot.com/2020/10/michigan-court-strikes-down-ban-on-open.html
  9. Why would you think that? Trump is no friend of the 2nd Amendment and neither is Barr. Remember bump stocks? The President and United States Attorney General don't decide what cases the SCOTUS takes and/or how they rule on that case. And to be blunt, I will argue all day that Trump is the most 2nd friendly presidents we have had in decades, and his court nominations back that up, regardless of the static to the contrary. These Trump is anti-2A screeds, occupy the same level of credibility that Russia Russia Russia and its purveyors have achieved. Pathetic level credibility.
  10. Weird debate takeaway... Blue Check/SJW Twitter doesn't know what "coyotes" are. C'mon Man
  11. Overheard in debate room from a well-known correspondent from a leading anti-Trump network “It’s going to be a long 2nd term” Jack Posobiec
  12. You are correct. It passed out of the House 2017 and Mitch didn't have the 60 votes and let it sit. I thought it didn't pass out of the House. We still had a lot of Never Trumpers during this time, another reason why we lost the House. Now that my memory is jogged, I recall a thread in here, where several believed Mitch could have used the "nuclear option" to get it through the Senate. That's not how it works. But if someone actually believes that's how it works, and can't be convinced otherwise...
  13. I'll put it my perspective. Trump had 2 years where he could of pushed this through but he didn't. Simply not true. If the current Republican Leadership in the House were running it back then...maybe. But that's not who was in charge then. There is theory and there is reality. I always find you'll be less disappointed, and have a better view of what's down the road, if you pay more attention to reality.
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