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  1. There is a Federal Lawsuit filed against these officers and others, and the Normal PD. False arrest and excessive force. February 2023. https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2023-02-27/normal-police-officers-accused-of-excessive-force-in-lawsuit
  2. I once used that “route” to get from downtown to the west side of Peoria. In the daytime. I vowed to try not to be that stupid ever again.
  3. ‘They could retail package it, and open their own dispensary? Punch up the state budget a little?
  4. Her father may have told her she was Queen, as many fathers do. But unlike most, she still believes it.
  5. I read a blurb this morning that I can’t find. It said that something like 230 thousand Israelis had applied for firearm permits. The minister in charge of that, was urging that he wanted more to apply.
  6. ‘It’s a mental illness. Commonly referred to as Cluster B Personality Disorders.
  7. Takes him off the board during the impeachment inquiry.
  8. If the folks at Liberty Safe were hoping that their new policies allowing customers to remove the factory-set access code from the company’s “secure database” would quell the furor over the release of one gun owner’s code to federal law enforcement officials, they got a rude awakening on Tuesday when Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced his office is now formally investigating Liberty Safe’s policies and practices. https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2023/09/12/missouri-ag-wants-answers-from-liberty-safe-n74746
  9. The AG of NM says he won’t defend Grisham in court. https://nmpoliticalreport.com/2023/09/12/ag-says-he-wont-defend-lujan-grisham-administration-in-gun-order-lawsuits/
  10. Liberty Safe reminds me of an NPD that realizes he did something wrong, but can’t quite figure out why there’s such a red hot reaction to it. Nevertheless he realizes he has to make amends and start hoovering his victim back. When he figures out they ain’t coming back, he’ll blame the victim.
  11. No money changed hands. The private flight was a donation. It sounds to me like the Marine Corps Assistance Team fell down, by not providing the husband with better options in a timely manner. There are military cargo flights criss crossing the U.S. every day.
  12. Well they are a little different, but share many of the same traits. Charles Manson was a sociopath. Your description of a sociopath is an NPD.
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