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  1. It's that last part that seems to be the problem. As long as there's an option to drop the charges it's going to be a possibility for some state's attorney who sees this as "just" lying on a form, or considers this a "victimless crime".
  2. I bought shot shells at Walmart a few weeks ago and used my new FOID. This must be an IL Walmart problem because Indiana doesn’t care
  3. Cash grab, taking advantage of the ill-informed or otherwise stupid.
  4. I thought possession of a firearm was not reasonable suspicion of a crime? I also thought reefer was “legal” now?
  5. What's in our safes is one issue, what's already on the shelves at gun stores is another. Are manufacturers going to take back their inventory so they can serials slides and uppers?
  6. Given they're trying to get us to believe an upper should be considered the firearm as well what would the alternative be?
  7. Sounds like that makes sense and you can just hand over the firearm as it's a loan and you don't have to do anything. Glad I was wrong about that.
  8. I don't have any concrete evidence to back it up but I think it counts as a transfer and you have to do all that jazz the same way you would for a private sale.
  9. I have no interest in bump stocks, binary triggers, or FRTs either. I don't shoot that much ammo that fast either. I can't afford it. Regardless of whether or not we find a use for them I think we, as shooters, have a vested interest in pushing the limits of the law or the "opinion" when it comes to the ATF of what is legal. Either they are just blowing hot air or they're trying to force our hands and it does shooters a disservice to just sit back and let it happen.
  10. solareclipse2

    Sig Sauer P322

    I was waiting for this to show up at Cabela's or BassPro and I missed it. Drat!
  11. I wish I had experience with a CZ but I can say I've put a 1000 rounds or more through a few Sig pistols and my slide stops are still in tact and show no signs of needing replacement. That said I also only use my slide stop as a slide stop, I don't use it as a slide release so maybe that has something to do with it.
  12. Not gonna lie I have been looking at the hot end upgrade to print nylon but for other reasons. I may do the upgrade this year, I still have a partial roll of nylon G from something else but I wasn't happy with the results without the enclosure though I was able to get a print with it.
  13. Shucks, I'm not a criminal and have the time, money, and resources to build my own gun and I'm just too cheap and lazy to do it.
  14. It's the Ender 3, I guess there's no harm in saying it. The bed temp will get to 65C without an enclosure and 70-75C with, so high enough for printing PLA, PETG, ABS, and those nylon variants. The $60 microswiss hot end upgrade is a direct replacement that will give you a nozzle temp up to 265C with no monkeying around with firmware or wiring but you don't need it for PETG or ABS. Nylon requires it. I have printed two. One out of PLA and one out of carbon fiber infused high temp PLA on a stock printer with no mods. The CF HTPLA requires annealing in an oven though. I printed them and destroyed the CF model and I threw the PLA one in a bin in my workshop. I'm entirely too cheap to spend the money on a parts kit to finish a Glock when the PSA Dagger is $300 and a basic parts kit will cost me the same retail and entirely too impatient to hunt for deals.
  15. You can print several things (Glock frames, Hi Power frames just to name a few) just out of the most common and least expensive filaments such as PLA, PETG, and even ABS on a $200 printer that regularly goes on sale for $100. ABS does generally require an enclosure just to keep ambient temps up but still that's negligible. The same printer I'm making a vague reference to only requires a $60 upgrade to get into printing nylon variants. So we're probably talking $300 for hardware and your first roll or two of consumables. The quality of your print is really the result of understanding your printer, it's capabilities, and the materials you're using. On average I know that a Glock frame takes about 18 hours but depending on your setup but it can be done faster and look good even with the equipment I alluded to above. As far as durability, sure mag dumping multiple mags on a PLA frame will cause longevity problems but I just saw one that was made out of temperature color change material where the owner indicated the frame where it meets the slide didn't even get hot enough to change the color (110 degrees F). BUT what I was getting at is through normal use your basic PLA glock frame will last hundreds or thousands of rounds and nylon will be close to or on par with factory strength.
  16. No sell, only buy. Also microcenter regularly has coupons for $100 3D printers if you're near one.
  17. I wish I remember where I saw it. It had to be on youtube because that was the style at the time but I don't remember how I came across it.
  18. I saw a video with a K9 handler some years ago where the cop was actually honest and said he could get the dog to alert on anything he wanted and I don't doubt that. Otherwise why say it? As far as the electronic bomb sniffing devices at airports...I went through the screening line with sunscreen on me in I want to say Ft. Lauderdale heading home from vacation two years ago and got flagged for explosive residue. It was of course a false positive. Last year at Miami airport a woman behind us in line got a much more thorough screening for the same reason, but I honestly wouldn't have put it past that old lady to be up to something shady.
  19. lololol no. Feel free it ignore that. The law specifies the formatting of the signage required to be valid. One could argue that they'd ask you to leave and if not you'd be trespassing but until then there's nothing you need to worry about WRT that sign. I always wonder if someone got told to put up a no guns sign and grabbed the first one they could find on the internet or if they don't know that different states have different requirements for signage or if they do know and don't care or are counting on nobody else knowing, caring, and/or just following the sign's implicit direction.
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