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  1. Did the court issue a stay for 6 months while the money grabbers get a chance to appeal it?
  2. The instructor had one. He was the only one handling it. The class got green dummy 1911's for whenever they were handling.
  3. Because I am both dumb and lazy, sometimes simultaneously, when my CCL was set to expire in 2019 I didn't make the time to take a renewal class. There were plenty available just none when it was convenient or close to me. I recently decided to find a day 2 class that would get me back to where I need to be, given my prior credits. Shoot Point Blank offered the day 2 only class for $99 plus tax and their website is super confusing about what you're getting but it turns out you're just dropping into the 2nd day of a full 16 hour class already in progress. We did the shooting qual first thing in the morning. I was one of two or three people in the class who had to rent a firearm and the instructor hapented to ask if I knew what I wanted to rent. It raised an eyebrow when I responded with either a P226 or P229 Legion. The firearm rental was included in the class, the $26 box of 9mm was not. We got a warm up target and two real targets; one to put at 10 yards and 7 yards, and one to send out to 5 yards. Upon suggestion from the instructor we sent the warm up targets out to 10 yards and sent 10 rounds down range. I kept all 10 inside the 9 ring. As I was bringing it in that caught the attention of some folks around me. From what I can see the majority of the group put their rounds all over the silhouette. I can't tell if they were just doing that because that's all they needed or if that's just the best they could do. We charged our magazines again, hung first real target, sent it to 10 yards, did the needful. For the sake of brevity I did the same for all 30 of my qualification shots. My classmates, not so much. There was one girl who had some ridiculously long fake fingernails who struggled with her shooting qualification and didn't come back to the class for at least another 10 minutes after us. I'm not sure what happened with her except it seems as though she satisfied the requirement. After shooting we went back go class and the instructor started going through his presentation. The good news is that having done this with two different instructors now at two different facilities I can say that no matter who is teaching this is some absolutely boring material. I joined some other students at lunch to find out that I was literally the only person in class with any actual experience with firearms. Most of these folks had FOID cards and that's it. Some of them had bought guns but didn't really shoot them. None of them had ever taken any kind of training. Now, the instructor did not paint the picture that it was almost impossible to legally carry in IL because of no guns signs but that's what they took away from the section on prohibited places. I found it interesting because these people were from the SW Suburbs like Mokena, Orland Park, Tinley Park which are all places I've gone and found next to no gun busters signs. I honestly can't think of any place I've gone to that would have prevented me walking in with my gun on my hip. I on the other hand live on the South side of Chicago and worked up North for a decade and unless it was a statutorily prohibited place I rarely ran into a business where I couldn't carry. They seemed to be particularly interested in forest preserves, and I was like "do you live in Cook county?" No. "Then it's not a problem". So of course they asked me what I do for protection in a forest preserve and I said jokingly, stay out of forest preserves. But the real answer is pepper spray. I carry it everywhere. Good discussions outside of the class and inside the class. Those are some of my observations. I just felt like sharing.
  4. I've got it taped for now. Thanks for the info about the lost/stolen report invalidating my FOID. Definitely don't want to do that. I'm going to keep the taped version til it expires.
  5. I'll see how gluing it works out. I do not mean renewing my CCL. I let it lapse a couple of years ago so I have to take 8 hours over again.
  6. My FOID cracked straight across the top between my FOID number and my name. Presumably from having it in my wallet and sitting on it all these years. I'm going to be taking the class to get my CCL again this weekend. I'm going to just tape it back together for the short term but on the ISP website it has an option to report lost/stolen/destroyed FOID cards. I'm guessing that falls under the destroyed category. Should I do that at the same time I apply for my CCL? or wait until after I get my CCL? My FOID still has 2 years of being valid.
  7. Hey I appreciate the offer, very kind of you but I found out that I can take day 2 of the class at Shoot Point Blank for $99. Thank you again for the offer.
  8. That would work too. I've never seen anyone pitch it that way but I'm all for that. I just need to line it up and see what they'd charge me.
  9. I have a Utah LTC and a Hunter Safety card and passed NRA Basic Pistol. When I originally got my IL CCL I just needed an 8 hour class and to do the shooting portion. I let my license expire a couple of years ago now and have been meaning to get it back. Is anyone doing an 8 hour class in the South Suburbs or South Chicago area? or willing to do one in the next couple of weeks?
  10. Eagle always has inventory it's just a question of what you want and how much you're willing to pay for it. I bought my last two guns from there because they had them in stock when nobody else did and they were actually about on par with online (when in stock) pricing before tax. I've also seen them be over priced on regular stuff like Sig, S&W, and Glock compared to online pricing. As far as the clientele, it can be hit or miss which crowd you get but usually looks like one of two groups of people that are most likely going to shoot themselves in the leg/junk/butt or shoot someone else in the leg/junk/butt or head because they can't stop playing with themselves/their clothes/holster/whatever OR they don't understand "don't handle loaded firearms outside the booth" or "don't load your firearms behind the firing line". The staff is hard pressed to pay attention to me for some reason. It took a ridiculous amount of effort to make my last two purchases there.
  11. It's been a few months since I purchased a firearm but I have the unique fortune of being the only person in the country with my name and as a result I enjoy not having a delay ever. One of the very few good things about being me. Sorry. Just had to brag.
  12. So did he threaten her with the gun? If not, she had to understand the consequences of calling the police right? Or are they having some sort of marital issue where she's determined to wreck him? Seems malicious on her part. Or maybe she's just stupid. I guess never attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity. I guess we can ignore that she told the police everything was fine and they entered anyway and just skip to the intent of the law as written. Someone already questioned how they're defining intoxicated by I'm questioning the "carry or use any firearm". Does being in possession of an unloaded shotgun in your own home actually constitute "carry or use"? That seems like a stretch to me, intoxicated or not. That notwithstanding, this guy could have been sitting on his couch in his boxers drinking his six pack of Natty Ice watching the Beverly Hillbillies or whatever it is people in Ohio do when someone kicks in his door looking to score some crank or whatever it is people in Ohio do and Weber could have yeeted this fool and still been charged the same.
  13. Does this mean we can get a SBS in IL too? Just curious. I'd like to turn one of those "not a shotgun" things into a SBS. If I go through all the effort of doing an SBR lower I'd do the shotgun too.
  14. Asking for a friend - How does a law banning "silencers" prevent someone who has decided to shoot and kill another person or persons, from deciding to use one anyway? Why would they ignore the law against murder but obey the one against using silencers? Your friend should ask the people sponsoring that bill
  15. I mean, it was the "victim"'s fault, had they just given the robber whatever they wanted, none of this would have happened. /s
  16. There's a brown line stop at the Thompson Center so I'm going to count this. https://www.google.com/amp/www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-off-duty-officer-shot-downtown-20180213-story,amp.html
  17. Weird...Looks like maybe someone's personal vehicle that they put the white flashers on...noticed the strobes when they pulled up. They all got out and at least one, I think two or all of them are wearing body cams and have real looking badges. Their vests clearly identify them as sheriff's police. NOW all of that can easily be fake too and you get no real sense of legitimacy from any of this and I wouldn't open my door to these guys or give them anything. BUT wouldn't you think that there would be some record of 3 sheriff's deputies showing up at someone's house if it were for some official purpose?
  18. If you're willing to share the video, I'd like to see it as well. This has my interest piqued.
  19. Detained him, how? You know what I know, but it's fun to guess so I'm going to say she tackled him and sat on his chest til police arrived.
  20. Not sure if this was posted yet... http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-purse-snatching-red-line-20180104-story.html
  21. Interesting that 95th is only #10 but I guess that has to do with the constant police presence. I am and am not surprised at the Belmont stop's rating.
  22. Trying to order a 15 round glock magazine, as soon as I confirmed my address on the checkout page this message popped up Due to our company policy, we do not ship firearms or magazines to your state with a capacity over 10 rounds (Includes Chicago). To order a gun without magazines, please call us 800-588-9500. The CDNN website is bunk. I had to call them and order my P226 mags over the phone. The guy was genuinely confused when I asked him about it.
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