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  1. Why not offer free noose tying lessons and give out a free box cutter at the end? That might reduce the suicide with a gun violences.
  2. Need to start a thread reporting only knife violence.
  3. Meanwhile this has done nothing to reduce the increase in acid throwing attacks. Worst one I've heard of yet. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/23/berlinah-wallace-jailed-years-sadistic-acid-attack-mark-van-dongen
  4. Don't get involved with 3rd world idiots is the moral of the story.
  5. Maybe just pick something from here? https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/self-defense-ammo-ballistic-tests/#9mm
  6. They made his birthday, June 19th, a national holiday.
  7. Could big money possibly be doing the same thing with ammo as they are doing with single family houses? https://therealdeal.com/2021/05/21/institutional-buyers-are-flooding-single-family-market/ More info https://youtu.be/oX_GsnYzYYs
  8. Probably just like this one that they released early. https://abc13.com/devyn-holmes-facebook-live-shooting-man-shot-in-head-during-and-cassandra-damper/6231472/ The video of this woman shooting a fellow passenger is at yenisafak.com just google "woman shoots man in the head on accident video" and its at the top of the list. The guy survived getting shot in the head. Guess the bullet didn't hit anything important.
  9. Neck tattoos https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/woman-arrested-after-sister-accidentally-shot-in-car-in-miami-beach-police/2467525/
  10. Just saw it on WGN news. Google search comes up with nothing. Anyone have any other info?
  11. My thoughts exactly. Sent you the link to the 30 second youtube video that I can't get to post here.
  12. Expired 7/1/2020. Applied as soon as allowed so first week of April 2020. Card in the mailbox today.
  13. Its long past time to make America Mayberry again. They never had stupid crap like this on that show.
  14. Seems like she knows her stuff. "Instead, Judge Ursula Walowski, who regularly sits in the Criminal Division, stepped in and ordered Laureto held without bail, saying he poses “a real and present danger” to the public." Man charged with breaking judge's window with snowball ordered held without bondhttps://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-met-snowball-broke-window-no-bond-20180220-story.html
  15. https://cwbchicago.com/2021/02/man-gets-probation-in-cta-robbery-foiled-by-concealed-carry-holder.html
  16. Someone should send this to her and ask how any of her "new" ideas would have stopped this. https://cwbchicago.com/2020/12/video-carjackers-bail-from-running-car-that-crashes-into-uptown-building.html
  17. Just get rid of foid and go constitutional carry. Look how effective those laws are... Repeat gun offender, free on bail for gun possession, is charged with murdering teen in drive-by https://cwbchicago.com/2019/06/repeat-gun-offender-free-on-bail-for.html
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