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  1. If my two younger kids were allowed, they'd give them the finger. Having little ones around while putting together a receiver is almost mandatory. Their eyes are way better than mine to find that flung spring.
  2. When you have no morals, it's easy to get behind the top guy. Democrats vote for convicted wife beater aldermen, governors who wear black face, etc. R's have so many different groups that stand up for their beliefs. 2A and abortion are pretty big right now. Those that are deep in these belief's will vote for the best candidate to their cause, not just because that was their only option. If they don't have a candidate, they wont click the ticket.
  3. Clueless people doing clueless things. I wish someone had the balls to lock up actual criminals. Illinois is ferked.
  4. Only Chicago. Clear bags to make sure they aren't bringing guns into the school. No one told them there are other ways to carry it. Armor should be part of the school uniform inside Chitcago.
  5. Not if both candidates are supporters of that crowd. I'll still vote for the local races.
  6. So just keep going with the same old, same old.. I could never give my vote to a guy that hates the police.
  7. We moved to another church when ours posted. Couldn't be happier today where we are now.
  8. No facts I can provide but I personally like shiny things. What an items actual value is is up to a buyer. There's a seat for every sucker.
  9. I hear ya 2A. As much as I'd like to, it still functions as a great tool for a marketplace. Buying and selling cars and motorcycles through there is easier than picking up the ol tradin' times. Plus it covers much more area than just the midwest. But I know where you're coming from. I've just gotten to the point in my own life that I think if I were to cut off every business we all have gripes about, I'd have no where to go. There's just always something to bish about.
  10. Came across this quick video of RINO Aurora Mayor out telling people at a police protest back in 2020 how he can't breath: https://fb.watch/cN8W87tvOR/
  11. Not exactly the outcome I prefer reading. I wonder who the next victim was. Lord knows altar boy didn't call it a night after the exchange.
  12. Money moves from Chicago to Chicago. Removing all the corruption and graft of Chicago might actually save money from those downstate. The info Chicago shares as it relates to spending I compare to taking China's word for it.
  13. So then when there is no one left, will we finally be able to divide the District of Chicago from the rest of us?
  14. Chicago continues to lose population year after year. Their tax revenue goes up thanks to raising taxes. Sooner or later the tipping boat sinks. F Chitcago.
  15. Demand everything seems to be the way to get noticed lately. Although the end result might not always be what you hoped for.
  16. He could condemn the action without also condemning Sr. Just give your mission statement being that any new law taking guns/parts out of hands of law abiding citizens they'd oppose. Searching around most forums including this one, most are not in deep favor of NRA or ISRA related to us. We need a new dog in the fight and based on previous experience I strongly believe Jr. has all of our best interest. To write off this new group over something that had nothing to do with any of them would be a mistake and missed opportunity.
  17. Not to mention the drug smuggling, crime beyond being here illegally like murders robbery rape etc. all of which is happening. How many dead kids from drugs alone?
  18. Illinois R's could take a majority and still nothing would change. Illinois is/was done for a long time ago.
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