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  1. A number of families who were victim to the shooting are attempting to sue S&W:
  2. Maybe when he said cool, he was talking about dead bodies? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-appears-look-deceased-congresswoman-crowd-wheres-jackie
  3. Easier to get a C&R then file the paperwork and pay a poll tax.
  4. F that. The state should reap what they sow. More tax is just more cronies winning.
  5. A vote for Bailey has nothing to do with making changes to our God forsaken state. Just like Rauner, they are there simply to stop or slow the continuous carnage. It wouldn't matter who got the spot if we are trying to make the place better. We'll be detroit before we become Florida.
  6. Hard to avoid it at times. I fit every bill other than where I reside. I'd rather be dead.
  7. I couldn't say I've heard or know much of anything about Schluter but, what a jerk off for entering. JB Privileged must have hired him to siphon some of the R vote.
  8. Can a mod change the thread title to purple?
  9. <---thought the same thing. Bobpistol, what 4 are so special?
  10. Didn't the last poll's tell us we were getting Hillary for a new boss? I don't listen to them very much anymore. I prefer to listen to the truck driver that makes a pick up from my shop, a supplier that is 800 miles away, a customer 2000 miles away. Seems that everyone I talk to is not happy with any decisions being made at the moment.
  11. In typical fashion a democrat completely ignores the past. Never mind the countless hours of video/audio/etc. of them. It was only months ago that the top few dems were all out telling us they don't have the legal authority to just delete college loan debts yet here we are. Also, the Cornholio reference is absolutely spot on. They even kind of look alike.
  12. You might want to consider bringing some of them with you. Az is pretty 2A friendly.
  13. Congrats, now change your location below your S/N.
  14. The flamethrower is a nice touch. Maybe the strap could also be wired to the battery so they can fry before they burn.
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