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  1. Where do I send for my refund from that box of .22's I was so desperate to buy from Cabellas?
  2. Good luck with a call. Expect to talk to...no one home. Yes the new "norm."
  3. June/July 2018 saw massive upticks. All those peaceful assemblies of democrats burning, looting, and murdering couldn't have had anything to do with it.
  4. Not a great example as there are places all across the country and probably globe that you CAN drive 100+.
  5. Must be why my stock price is down so much.
  6. With that much oversight you'd think the crime problem would be down based on how they tell us gun owners are such a problem.
  7. I don't know anyone that has had a problem. I know more than a few that go into the local shop make purchases and have still purchased guns with a 4473 legally attached to it. No issues.
  8. Beyond F'ed that a "license" that has BGC's daily isn't good enough for the TSA.
  9. If I were a gambling man, I'd bet Pfake Pfather Pfleger had more guns protecting him that day than any on our side had.
  10. Probably because thats what they do. At least they aren't throwing lead.
  11. It makes no difference of the location or attendee's to the local MSM. We are the bad guys in any situation according to them. Make a date, announce the **** out of it on every media platform that hasn't booted you yet, let the people come. No permit? Who needs a permit for a group of people that decided to come to the same place? Last I checked, the sidewalks are still usable by anyone willing no permit necessary. Let the media put out their typical useless drivel how a bunch of people with no negative police records clog an intersection. I'm sick playing nice..
  12. We wouldn't be where we are today without the help of Molly and those working around her! Thank you!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Valinda at a townhall in Morris over a decade ago. Super sweet lady that wants nothing more than to preserve what is rightfully ours.
  13. I still make the trip most years but, 3+ hours to get to Springfield for me versus 35 minutes to the city... Your last sentence says it all unfortunately.
  14. There was a time the ISRA did this. IMO, this is just how IGOLD aught to be. Bring 6-7000 freedom loving civilians into chicago and block an intersection peacefully just like the LWW's do but without the violence. We barely make the 5:00 news when a few thousand march through Springfield. heck, the governor doesn't even bother going to Springfield, why should we?
  15. The new forum update needs a like button for posts like this^^^
  16. Chicago continues to get exactly what they vote for. Politicians and judges are all on the same ballot. Don't vote for an incumbent.
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