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  1. I've heard stories of fingerprints being rejected because they were older than some probably arbitrary age. Also, each TCN has a given purpose. You can't use fingerprints taken for one purpose, even if unused for that purpose, for another purpose.
  2. i have no experience with a similar situation, but if I were you I'd ask for the fingerprint fee back from someone. The ISP thinks you haven't submitted prints, so they can require them from you at some point, for which your current TCN won't be recent enough. Trying to use this set to jump to the fingerprint queue, assuming the ISP cares to look again, would probably set your processing back to day 0. Meanwhile the fingerprint vendor took your money for a service you can't use through no fault of your own, whether it's the ISP's or the vendor's.
  3. Alternative story #1 He attempts to comfort the 11-year-old like the story says. When the guy turns his attention to him, he tries to draw a pocket pistol, scattering the wallet and keys that he had in the same pocket, but he's slow or he fumbles it. The guy pushes him to the ground, making him drop the firearm if it wasn't already dropped, and pounds the crap out of him. Alternative story #2 (which I favor) Same as story #1, but he's unwilling to use his firearm, thinking the mere appearance of a firearm will save him, or it doesn't have a round chambered. The guy pushes him and pounds the crap out of him. Either way, he may or may not have even had a holster. Adding a wallet and keys to the same pocket as the firearm is ... sub-optimal. As for becoming involved at all, there's no law that prohibits you from trying to stop a man beating on a woman and infant, even though he wasn't actually attempting to stop the man in this case. There's also no law that says you must stop it. Some people would walk on by. Some people would try to help the woman and children. It's your choice. I think this guy's first error is that he didn't seem to think that a man who was already violent would become more violent.
  4. Every state, including Illinois, has laws that permit the justified shooting of dogs that attack livestock. Livestock is defined by law, as well. It includes the usual things, like cows, pigs, chickens, and (as in this case) horses. Some states include sheep or other animals. Curiously, Illinois includes ostriches. I guess the ostrich lobby was strong on the day that law was passed. BTW, "livestock" does not include household pets in any state. So if you're out walking your dog and another dog attacks it, lethal force is (probably) not an option (depends on location). OTOH if you're out walking (or riding) your ostrich, you may defend it with any amount of force the situation requires.
  5. Because if you aren't invited (and don't have a CCL and there's no sign), it's a UUW.
  6. By posting the "no carry" sign, the owner makes it illegal for everyone to carry. So, yes, the owner has determined that no one may carry.
  7. Wasn't that one of the anti-2A bills last year? Applicants, including renewals, had to apply at ISP offices. Online was to be eliminated. Now they've made you think it was YOUR idea.
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