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  1. You have 60 days from denial to appeal. You got denied for a reason. The reason isn't going to go away.
  2. NY Post Notes: There has been no mention of body armor (which was the original concern of this thread). Police already have the power to act when there's probable cause. Red flag laws are used when there's less than probable cause. Were the state police not already monitoring social media for extremism? (They might not have been doing a very good job, but I'd bet they were doing something.) Microstamping won't suddenly start working by legislation in NY any more than it would anywhere else. (I believe that CA is the only state with a microstamping law currently.) Have police been keeping firearms seized at crime scenes a secret in NY? (Also, why do people keep saying that firearms were "recovered" when nobody lost them?) Are airguns and spring guns about to become "firearms" in NY? The perpetrator had a Mossberg 500, a Savage Axis XP, and a Bushmaster XM-15. All of them are already considered firearms. Except for banning all firearm sales, since nothing supports microstamping, (good luck with that, too) these actions don't do anything that isn't already being done. The non-firearm firearm restriction is pretty nebulous. I haven't found any details in any news report anywhere.
  3. There's a city ordinance on the books in Chicago making body armor contraband for anyone who isn't a cop or a movie star. Chicago decided not to enforce it as soon as the city council passed it, because the city council thought that the ILGA would make it a felony to possess armor under any conditions. (There was a bill once upon a time, but it died of neglect in committee.) Currently it is illegal in IL to possess body armor only while committing some other crime with a firearm. Most states have laws like that. Of course, legislatures can always decide to make body armor illegal-er. BTW, the law in IN doesn't specify what kind of crime makes possession of body armor illegal. Theoretically if you run a red light in IN with body armor, the body armor could make it a felony, although I doubt anyone has ever been charged that way.
  4. As of May 10, Demetria Powell is withdrawing from the lawsuit, because she has moved to Milwaukee. Shanice Mathews is the only remaining plaintiff.
  5. The regulatory interpretation still has to be based on the law.
  6. Regulatory agencies, not courts, decide what laws that they enforce mean.
  7. The property owner's/manager's rights are supreme over yours. The sign notifies you of how he chooses to exercise those rights. The sign has no rights of its own.
  8. I'm not sure why you think there is a blanket restriction on tube magazines. The language of the law is as follows: The law is completely unchanged regarding shotguns.
  9. The ban on handgun sales by FFLs to people under 21 is federal (GCA 1968). There are other things in GCA 1968 that could do with being overturned, too.
  10. It only eliminated semi-auto pistols, multi-shot derringers, and pistols with internal magazines (e.g., Henry mare's leg). (I'm not sure anyone was hunting deer with derringers, anyway.) It did not eliminate any shotguns. It added centerfire rifles, which were previously entirely prohibited, but added them only with conditions that are comparable to those in other states. It also clarified that rimfire rifles are prohibited. One of the conditions on centerfire rifles is that both semi-autos and bolt-actions are allowed as long as a magazine is nowhere nearby. (So rifles with internal magazines are not allowed. I find it ironic that semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines are considered "good" in this context.) Semi-auto pistols didn't get the same condition, although I think not getting the same condition might have saved lots of extractors from undue breakage.
  11. How to Appeal Revoked or Denied FOID Refer to the section "If you were a patient in a Mental Health Facility less than five years ago." I've never done it myself or personally known anyone who has.
  12. The question presented by the case is only whether the NY state government violated the plaintiffs' rights by denying them carry permits. The remedy sought is for the state to issue them carry permits. For the court to rule that carry permits are unconstitutional, they'd have to be asked whether carry permits can be required. As of now, they haven't been.
  13. https://www.notaryofficial.com/waco-tx/ (TIL: UPS Stores are notaries. I wonder how long I'll remember that.) The way Section 50 of the FCCA is written, a renewal application is only different from an initial application in that fingerprints submitted with a previous application are used for subsequent applications. TexasGrillChef appears to be the only IL CCL instructor in TX teaching classes. He also appears to be in the DFW area. HTH
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