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Call to Action 3/6/2022! Witness Slips Needed!


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The Money Behind the Propaganda


Last week our attention was drawn to HB4729 DPH – Safe Gun Storage Campaign, Representative Willis' latest bid to deny us our rights. Through a more subtle than usual approach, we were told during House debate that she doesn't want to fine us over this, that she doesn't want to put us in jail. She assured us that the mass messaging to be developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health will be benign, comparing it to the seat belt campaign of decades ago. She did not mention that she wants to indoctrinate our children via coercion in schools, via coercion using medical professionals, via programs to measure “changes in parent behavior and perception”.


She did not explain that the seat belt campaign began as a movement to change public perception, just like her safe storage campaign. She did not explain that what was once a campaign to promote the voluntary use of seat belts became, for Illinoisans, a mandate to use them. She did not explain that what was once a secondary seat belt mandate law has become a primary law, allowing enforcement even in the absence of another violation. And enforce it they do, with military-style checkpoints set up along roadways to catch and fine unwary drivers who dare defy them in the most minor ways.

So it is with gun control. The long game. The slow erosion of our rights when more rapid destruction cannot be accomplished.


Freedom is choice, in this case the choice to store your firearms in a way that best suits your circumstances. After years of trying to coerce Illinois into ignoring the principles established in DC V Heller, Ms. Willis is now taking the long term approach. She would turn our doctors against us. She would turn the schools against us. She would turn our own children against us, if allowed to do so.


Her propaganda campaign, HB4729, passed out of the House on 3/1/2022.


Unsurprisingly, Representative Jay Hoffman, of FOID Modernization infamy, voted in favor of this bill.


In a shocking move State Representative and candidate for Lt. Governor Avery Bourne, perhaps influenced by her running mate Richard Irvin who applauded the FOID Modernization fiasco becoming law, also chose to replace a parent's input in their children's' firearm instruction by voting to replace it with the political agenda of Illinois politicians.


The bill is subject to appropriations meaning, if the sponsor's estimated $3.5 Million two year cost is not funded, it cannot happen. The bill to provide that funding is posted to the 3/10/2022 Appropriations – Human Services Committee hearing. Join us in our fight against HB5086 $DPH – Safe Gun Storage Campaign funding, by filing a witness slip in opposition today!


Join us, IllinoisCarry, a group that reliably defends your right to keep and bear arms. A group that still understands the meaning of “shall not be infringed”. A group that still knows the difference between gun rights and gun control.






HB5086 $DPH – Safe Gun Storage Campaign




Read More About This Bill


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