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  1. "police received reports of a two-man catalytic converter theft crew" implies this is a regular thing. Is it?
  2. THIS is what those 3 voted to add tho the 2022 county Legislative Agenda, and it still appears to be in draft. And in the rest of the doc lists what that support means, which is things like witness slips.
  3. I really suspect there is a prohibited person with the same name, and upon requesting a review, likely had to prove his identity, and thus was issued the UPIN when it was determined he is not the prohibited person.
  4. And now 4th District to rehear the Bianchi Case on the Maryland AWB, by the new Bruen stated scrutiny, by end of year.
  5. Aren't those 'workshops' ran' by Moms against and similar groups?
  6. Not just holster companies, it appears Ammo too
  7. Thank you for that. It gets real depressing these days. It's nice to see a positive story ocassionally.
  8. So 12 Democrats and NO Republicans on this Double Secret Probation Committee. oops, I mean, House Firearm Safety Reform Working group.?
  9. Yep. They will lie about the content of the bills, then try to use it to pressure Manchin and Sinema to eliminate the Filibuster. That and it's meant to motivate their core base and some suburban woman. I think it may hurt them as much as it helps in those regards.
  10. It likely never goes for a vote in the Senate. Schumer knows it won't pass Filibuster. He's been historically against 'on the record' useless votes when they can hurt elections of his side, AND he knows there are a few Dem Senators, that will be hurt in November IF they are forced to vote on it, on the record.
  11. Then they can't read. AWBs were shot down by proxy, as they fail the new standard of scrutiny laid out AND even in Heller would be considered in common use, with at least ONE lawful use. THe larger semi-auto category is even MORE protected under those rulings and reasons.
  12. They were going against the stats on abortion BECAUSE when they did, there was 2SCOTUS precedents, Roe V Wade and the later one based on Roe V Wade. THat precedent is also gone now. Only if they do so NOW, after the overturning of those 2 precedents, would your argument, imho, hold water.
  13. So do we quote John Mellencamp yet? And the walls, came tumbling down....
  14. What do we know about Norma Hernandez, and does the R running against her, Anthony Airdo have any chance?
  15. Well appears that Feinstein, in the house can't not be Feinstein, and added an amendment that might just sink it when it goes back to the Senate. She had to add on the ban on mag size and semi-autos sales to under 21 EVEN after her own State's versin was struck down as Unconstitutional. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_Q9H-eAxfY
  16. Intersting arbitrary round count on the mag ban, max of 14. It;s beyond stupid. It would make illegal a vast majority of even handgun mags, that most have, as they are generally 15-17 rds if talking 9mm. BUT, I guarentee if law, there would be glock 14 rd mags in a heartbeat, for sale. And it solves nothing, nothing at all.
  17. Is this accurate? What is he referring to? He refers to some bill in the middle of the night outlawing 80% lowers in Illinois https://youtu.be/ArHGODkzMP8?t=107
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