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  1. This. Goodbye online ammo sales for IL. Only IL can figure out new way to screw gun owners! I'm guessing this will even affect local sales as well. Some big box store may not want to deal with this mess either. I could see all ammo having to be bought at local gun stores now at an inflated price.
  2. No she won't, he was a concealed carry card holder and a foid card holder. He must be made and example of. Now if he did not have either, then she would let him go.
  3. Yep. We drive up to Woodmans in Kenosha. The cheese aisle must be 50 yards long. The separate entrance for the beer/wine/spirits section is efficient. Theres a Woodmans opening this fall at the site of Stratford Square mall in Bloomingdale. Heard nothing but great things about it. Huge store, large inventory, good prices. They just built a new Woodman's a few years ago in Buffalo Grove as well. I love that place!!
  4. You can use a progressive like a single stage only loading 1 case at a time. That is what I did with my SDB until i got the hang of it and loaded several hundred rounds and made sure I was doing it correctly. You can still take each round out and look at it if necessary. I'm not saying someone shouldn't buy a single stage, only that it is not absolutely necessary if you know you want to go progressive. This is what I did when I started out.
  5. Primers can be had, but you are going to have to pay inflated prices. I have bough mine on gunbroker. I have not been able to source primers during this shortage at any other online store at reasonable prices. Even at inflated prices, it's still cheaper to reload than buying factory ammo (as long as you reuse your brass). I use Xtreme bullets. They are copper plated and not jacketed, but they are available. https://www.xtremebullets.com/ As for powder, I have notifications set on Midway, Midsouth shooters, powder valley, Natchez shooter supply, and/or any other place that sells reloading supplies. Powder does become available, you just have to be patient. Or if you can't wait, you buy from gunbroker at higher prices. As I said, I started out on a progressive. The Dillon square deal B is very easy to setup and use as far as progressive presses go. But Dillons are cheap. if you only load handgun ammo, it's a great press. I load 9mm on it. I shoot about 500 rounds a week and it works well for me. For other calibers, I use a Lee Classic turret (I don't shoot as much in any other calibers.) Take your time and go slow. Good luck!
  6. I agree. Skip the single stage, go right for a Dillon. Buy once, cry once. I started out on a Dillon SDB progressive and never looked back.
  7. You can't go wrong with a Dillon. Their customer support is outstanding and their presses are top notch. I started out with a Square deal B in 9mm. Very easy to set up and get running. I also have a lee turret and a Lee breach lock pro as well but still use my SDB the most. Only thing is SDB only loads handgun calibers and you have to use their proprietary dies. But it is very simple to set up and easy to use. It only need a few minor adjustments (one assembled) to be up and running. At a slow leisurely pace (weighing every10th powder charge) I can put out about 300 per hour. I know it could at least go up to 400-450 an hour if I pushed it, but I'm not in that much of a hurry. If I needed to crank out rifle rounds, I would probably go with at least a Dillon XL750.
  8. I only use standard pressure 124 or 147 grain ammo (HST and Gold dots). Looking at most test results, seems like a negligible difference between standard pressure and +p for expansion and penetration. I prefer less recoil for faster follow up shots. As some have said, shot placement is more important than anything else.
  9. Being a Republican. if you are a Democrat, you can vote along with the dead.
  10. Not to mention, if you have the same name as someone else that has has a legitimate reason to be objected to, they might object for that as well. I had that exact situation happen as mine was a case of mistaken identity. Crook County sheriff (Tom Dart) likes to play games and objects to anything they can for any reason. Good luck.
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