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  1. Went at 10. And at my polling location, was heavy when I got there, and heavy when I left.
  2. I'm not entirely sure this year. In almost every ad I see on TV, or youtube, for Dems running for US House, or the State rep or senate positions, the are not mentioning their party.
  3. Is it possible this person has done a few password changes? Also, how long ago were they last on?
  4. EVERY single video I have watched on Youtube, today (when I turn my VPN off), has embedded, can't cancel out of, anti Bailey ads on them PARTICULARLY 2A related producers. SOMEONE seems to be worried about Bailey.
  5. Combined license made it. Odd though, on the ISP site, my FOID is now set with a new expiration date of 10 years from the printing date of the new combined license, yet the CCL is now 5 years from the prior expiration date (still over a month from now).
  6. It means there aren't the votes in the Senate. Though I think he needs more than 2 more Senators, it would still be a 60 vote bill. IMHO, the AWB bill was 100% political, meant to be a Nov tool to rally their base.
  7. Subject is the question. Currently it is mid 20s in days, though my current doesn't expire for 2 months after that. Is this the alleged time they have to finish?
  8. SO who has brought a suit against this ZERO due process "Clear and Present Danger' utilization?
  9. I agree, that that seems to be what is happening. They are throwing both a bunch of stuff and initiatives, and extreme stuff. I THINK as a last ditch effort AND to hopefully get some less harsh against them rulings at lower court levels, to somehow mitigate recent rulings. AND, to overload our side. Those that fight in the courts DO have limited resources.
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