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  1. So do we quote John Mellencamp yet? And the walls, came tumbling down....
  2. What do we know about Norma Hernandez, and does the R running against her, Anthony Airdo have any chance?
  3. Well appears that Feinstein, in the house can't not be Feinstein, and added an amendment that might just sink it when it goes back to the Senate. She had to add on the ban on mag size and semi-autos sales to under 21 EVEN after her own State's versin was struck down as Unconstitutional. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_Q9H-eAxfY
  4. Intersting arbitrary round count on the mag ban, max of 14. It;s beyond stupid. It would make illegal a vast majority of even handgun mags, that most have, as they are generally 15-17 rds if talking 9mm. BUT, I guarentee if law, there would be glock 14 rd mags in a heartbeat, for sale. And it solves nothing, nothing at all.
  5. Is this accurate? What is he referring to? He refers to some bill in the middle of the night outlawing 80% lowers in Illinois https://youtu.be/ArHGODkzMP8?t=107
  6. Nope, just a letter informing of when my CCL expires, and related stuff to renewal.
  7. SO, over/under on the date of the first filed lawsuit against?
  8. They are saying WALMART did that. Though the State's new FFL licensing law did force a lot of Mom and Pop FFLs out of business completely, as they couldn't afford to implement everything it demanded.
  9. Npt signed yet. But as written, technically it would outlaw Sig P320s and P365s and just about any AR15 even if bought assembled.
  10. Considering Joe Friedbrain'ss announcement yesterday, this part is ominous " For models of firearms in which 11 multiple parts provide such housing or structure, the part or 12 parts that the Director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, 13 Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has determined are a frame or 14 receiver constitute the frame or receiver."
  11. Didn't seem like any leeway on the magazine. Perhaps you can elaborate and illuminate.
  12. Well HB4386 Wildlife Cd – Rifle – Deer Hunting is a useless law. How many rifles are single shot rifles? at a minimum almost every hunting rifle has a 3 rd internal mag. Unless you get it jury rigged, can't use it. Who the heck is going to do that. Could in theory use a Henry lever action, by pulling the tube out and leaving it behind. Then it can only be breech loaded I really do not get the thinking on this. It is stupid. It provided no real expansion for hunting.
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