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  1. Obvious CCL cards with expiration dates are the norm Nation wide. this is more Illinois 2nd amendment infringement. FOID CARDS without expire date will only jam us up to carry out of state and buy ammo.
  2. i can only hope the feds can make all this stick. hope they got something on Lisa .
  3. At some point the FOID-ACT must be judged for what it really is. A Total / Blanket Ban. Making contraband of all firearms and ammo in the Illinois Jurisdiction.
  4. Lawful gun-owners in Illinois are subjected to the UNAVOIDABLE-JEOPARDYIES of the FOID-ACT. -------------------- --------------- Chicago Gang & Drug Criminals are Granted PLEA-BARGINS.
  5. ------------------ Yes I Agree. My Only Prohibiting Facture to the 2nd Amendment IS My Illinois address !!
  6. FOID-ACT 1/ conceived to limit firearms held by black-folks. 2/ originally legislated as Public-Safety. 3/ infringed by continuous political legislation and administration rule-making. 4/ Today FOID-ACT is UNAVOIDABLE-JEOPARDY to lawful gun owners !!
  7. the 5 year issue Foid card was good for private sales. the 10 year issue the ATF said not good.
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