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  1. this appears the court is maybe looking for SHALL NOT INFRINGE issues.
  2. good info for all shotguns please see shotgun world.com
  3. At some point the FOID-ACT must be judged for what it really is. A Total / Blanket Ban. Making contraband of all firearms and ammo in the Illinois Jurisdiction.
  4. it appears to be more ways to tighten the infringement of an already over regulated right.
  5. DRIVE BY Congressman He Drives by the voters and asks for support . (Rino) Kinzinger has gone off the conservative reservation. I dont think I will entrust him with my Vote.
  6. Yes in the late 1960s, the FOID-ACT is rooted in the hopes to keep black-folks from having firearms.
  7. Your Experience in this Area of Work is well need here on this forum and across this FOID - INFECTED State of Illinois.
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