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  1. So I guess when the ISP says it is doing better with processing time this is the isolated example they are referring to. - My wife's FOID card became eligible for renewal 4/1/21. Figuring there is no rush to renew I waited to send in her renewal application and fee on 4/15/21 figuring nothing will happen if she's lucky until next year. So this morning I went to get todays mail and found a envelop from the ISP. Can you guess what I found? My wife's FOID card was inside with the issue date of 4/22/21. That is 7 days to process a FOID renewal and 7 days to mail it and have in her hand. That's right 14 days from start to finish. Unbelievable! Now on the other hand my FOID card renewal became eligible to renew 6/1/2020 in which I sent in my renewal application and fee 6/4/2020. As of today 4/29/21 my FOID card status is still "Under Review". I even have fingerprints on file from my CCL I renewed in 2019 in which ISP reissued an updated FOID card but at that time it was an unexpired FOID. Again Unbelievable! My question is should I continue to be patient and wait for this insane process to continue? Or? Should I do something that I don't believe will change anything in this broken, by design, system? And what could I do that would possibly work since they refuse to answer their phones or respond to emails?
  2. Especially when we are talking about - " "Illinois the second most corrupt state, Chicago most corrupt city, UIC report says" https://www.newsbreak.com/illinois/chicago/news/2168289321041/illinois-the-second-most-corrupt-state-chicago-most-corrupt-city-uic-report-says
  3. You are not alone in this bureaucratic mess. I submitted my renewal on June 4th and as of today am still under review. I realize your applying for the first time which makes this needless delay even more painful for you but hang in there. The second 6 months should get it processed.
  4. 88 days to go active - 91 days to receive license in the mail. Renewal application was 1/24/19 - with originally submitted fingerprints on 1/26/14 with original application Expiration date - 3/28/19 Finally went active - 4/22/19 - My new renewal date is 4/22/24 (I expected it to be post dated back to 3/28 - but I was wrong) Received in mail - 4/25/19 Now waiting on updated FOID card. All for the nominal cost of $150+
  5. FYI I just received the response below from the ISP regarding updating NRA instructor certification renewals. I had emailed a question about updating my certificate to Instructor_Docs@isp.state.il.us which produced this response today from ISP. So I guess we can either send by snail mail to the address below or email to the address above. Mr. , Yes, we do require you to keep your NRA instructor certification current in order to remain a valid ISP Firearms Concealed Carry Instructor. Please forward the updates to this address as they are expiring. We have updated your instructor profile. Thank you for the information. Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor/Curriculum Section 801 S Seventh Street, Suite 400-M Springfield, IL 62703
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