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  1. Does anyone know when this actually takes effect? I also see it says Visa, Mastercard and American Express, does that mean Discover is not participating in this? It may be time to break out the Discover card for all online gun and ammo purchases.
  2. I have the same issue. However, mine does correctly have the CCL indicator at the top. Since my CCL does not expire for a few more years, I wonder if they will send me a corrected combined card when I renew.
  3. I just did a transfer 2 days ago and that was not there. As a matter of fact, the link I used is still working. IL Firearm Applicant Portal (ispfsb.com)
  4. How is this even going to work? The are thousands if not millions of guns already out there that don't have serial numbers on the slide/upper. At least half of what I have in my safe doesn't. Are they going to require people to go out and get those slides/uppers serialized? I can't see how they could even enforce that. I could see a ton of lawsuits on this. Another stupid law that will do nothing to stop crime and only punish law abiding citizens.
  5. Is that only neighboring states (like WI, IN, IA, etc) or any state that should not sell you handgun ammo? I have been trying to find out if we can still order ammo online with the new foid cards without the exp date.
  6. That's what I was thinking as well. But Natchez Shooters Supply took my new foid (with no exp date) and said I'm good to buy ammo from them. Now whether or not they are actually running the foid check is another story. I'm going to try a few other places as well and see what they say (Target sports, SGammo, Midway, etc). Hopefully I'll have good results there too.
  7. Here's an update. I just received and email back from https://www.natchezss.com/ that said my foid card has been updated on my account and I'm good to go. So it looks like at least Natchez Shooter Supply is willing to use the new foid cards and do the foid check. This is good news as I though nobody would be willing to sell to IL anymore if the our foid card didn't have an expiration date anymore. If anyone has experience with any other online sellers that are willing to sell ammo using the new foid cards, please share. As I upload my foid to other sellers, I'll update this thread.
  8. I just submitted my new foid (without the expiration date) at https://www.natchezss.com/. I guess I'll see shortly how they handle it. Nobody tried to buy ammo yet online with the new foid cards?
  9. Has anyone purchased or tried to purchase ammo online with one of the new foid cards without the expiration date yet? Just curious if online selling are actually following the process and doing the foid card check. I suspect many online seller will stop selling to IL (I hope I'm wrong). Anyone have success?
  10. Renewed on 11/30/21. Went active 1/24/22. Received my card today (02/09/22). Both the issue date and expiration date are not on the new card either, so I guess goodbye online ammo purchases. Figures the state would figure out a was to take more of our rights away all while disguising this as a good thing. I don't believe for a second they didn't know what they were doing or that this was unintended.
  11. This. Goodbye online ammo sales for IL. Only IL can figure out new way to screw gun owners! I'm guessing this will even affect local sales as well. Some big box store may not want to deal with this mess either. I could see all ammo having to be bought at local gun stores now at an inflated price.
  12. Not to mention, if you have the same name as someone else that has has a legitimate reason to be objected to, they might object for that as well. I had that exact situation happen as mine was a case of mistaken identity. Crook County sheriff (Tom Dart) likes to play games and objects to anything they can for any reason. Good luck.
  13. Tucker Carlson is going to have them on his show tomorrow night (Tuesday 6/30). It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.
  14. I had the exact same thing happen to me. For some reason, the ISP never printed and sent my new FOID when I renewed my CCL. I did not find out until I went to buy a gun as well. You have to call the ISP to get it sorted out. It took me a few weeks to get through to them. Once I finally got through and got into the hold queue, it took me almost 2 hours on hold. Once I talked to someone, I was told that they did in fact issue me a new foid, but for some reason it never got printed and sent. You must be diligent and keep calling. Eventually you will get through. But in the mean time, you should be able to use your CCL (since it is the same number as you foid). Good luck.
  15. That's how I did it. I actually got through after about 30 minutes of constant calling. But you won't get through to a person, you just don't get hung up on and you go into the hold queue. Once in the hold queue, be prepared to wait another 1-2 hours on hold. Eventually, a live person will come on.
  16. I had the exact same issue. When I renewed my CCL, my foid card number changed to the same number as my CCL. But the ISP never sent me a new foid card (only a new CCL). When I went to purchase a gun, my card came back as expired. The FFL was really good and let me use my CCL (since it's the same number as my foid), but I had to call the ISP (It took my a few weeks of calling to get through and then 2 hours on hold). I spoke with someone and they told me that for whatever reason, my new foid card did not get printed (but my foid number was changed in the system to my CCL number). You will need to get a hold of the ISP to find out what is going on. I would say that either your new foid got lost in the mail, or like me, for some reason they never printed it. Once I spoke to the ISP, I had my new foid card in about 2 weeks. Good luck!
  17. I believe that 30 over is considered reckless driving https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/illinois-speed-limits-laws-and-fines-by-valerie-mellema
  18. I called Freedom Munitions a few days ago to ask their policy on behalf of a friend (their website says they won't ship to Chicago). They said that as of a few months ago, they will ship to Chicago as they have reviewed the new laws in IL and saw it was legal. The woman I spoke to was not aware that their website still reflected that they won't ship there. She said they will be changing that on their website shortly.
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